Thursday, May 02, 2013


Yesterday went by quietly

Had nice breakfast at about 7 something in Kg Baru..nice place RA Nasi lemak..crowded allready! ate lontong - consider this very heavy breakfast for me. Bawak balik 10 nasi lemak for the fledglings at home. some also for the guard - hubs always bribing them with food and fruits ahahaha! (taklah kita berbudi..orang berbahasa)

Arrived home with grand ideas of going to the park , FRIM etc..tengok tengok no one was awake and in the end we dozed off as well! When I woke up Nadine was gone- the father and Daya sent her to meet up with her friends (one of whom had just come out of National Service). They told me later (really later- they came back maghrib I think) that they spent the time at Borders instead of meeting up with the friends. Ah.. nothing nicer than spending time at a book store...they brought home loads of discounted books - tapi there was one called "French Children don't throw food" or something, which is exactly the same book as another one which they bought" Bringing up Bebe"..laa kenapalah Borders stock 2 titles which are actually the same? I told them nemmain, one can give as present.

Anyway anyway I booked a lohmentik dinner date last nigh..scratched head last last found one that is ok - Tanzini at G tower...aiyooo we alone duduk meja besar...and fine dining. kejap kejap ada orang datang, hantar food, pre-appetiser, appetiser, main, sorbet, pas tu desert pas tu coffee. macam tak banyak makan sebab slow slow dia hantar tapi by the end of the night mata tak leh bukak lah! It's nice to eat fine dining occassionally..tapi cannot often lah. tummy today complaining loudly - I think it's the liver pate!

Ok ok back to work - bye!

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