Sunday, June 30, 2013

bye baby nadine


my daughter has fled the nest.

ok ok i will stop being dramatic...she is only in Shah Alam..we registered her there this morning..

but , you know her room is now empty.

And she will only be back this weekend

Ok i realise this is ridiculous.

Its only until this weekend right..

But I bought her a rice cooker! and a kettle! Hisk hisk hisk sobs sob sob

and she's going to be there for two-whole-years!

You never know with this parenting gig- it throws up the weirdest emotion.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Laa tak habis lagi citer ni???

.............Is what you guys are probably thinking eh hehehehe

Yes yes, okkkk..this is the last one..I promise...

The 3rd day , Saturday, was the actual seminar day..The other half was going to give a talk wooot!! I was so mega excited. We went to breakfast and we were JUUUUSTTT about to sit down, when the rep came and said Dr you must come NOW or words to that effect . Basically , Dr, you cannot eat breakfast! Let's go on an empty stomach! 

So he rushed with nary a peck on the cheek. Never mind, I had my cereal and juice so I continued to eat..but ,since I hate to eat alone, I soon left the buffet table and loitered downstairs.....

They told me that they had planned a day out for us to historical outing to Gyeongju and that it was the place of the Empire Silla (pronounced Shila ok! hehe) ...well, it beats having to look at my laptop and do work right I was excited! I was to wait for the HK Lady and daughter. ni kira last minute trip for wives and kids who tagged along lar... 

When we were still in KL I didn't know that they would plan a trip for me, so I had actually wanted to go to Seoul by myself and come back by night time..I really wanted to see the palaces...and Seoul was just 3 hours by bus apparently. SO CLOSE! But since they took the trouble to organise the trip.. just go lah kan..

So there I was, with HK family , waiting for the tour guide . Suddenly this man, Mr Kim, tall , kinda cute and ENGLISH SPEAKING(!) suddenly appeared after a while clearly searching for us. Later, joined by this ENGLISH SPEAKING girl who introduced herself as Ida (pronounced Aida) . She had spent 1 month plus as an exchange student with UM so she knew about Malaysia (and yes she knew it was not in Penang ha ha) . The lady from HK came and Mr Kim said ahah today your itinerary is to go xx place. Madam HK said immediately- oh it's not. (It's not?) it's been changed. today we are gong SHOPPING. 

I was like - huh?? I would have been more excited , if not for the fact that I was actually in town the very night before (while they were all at the boooring faculty dinner)  and had gone exploring the shops and the streets. Nothing new to me, jaded allready hehehe (after one day)

BUT! SInce HK gal wanted to shop, shop we did...we went to the same streets I had gone to, ie Rodeo Street, and at 10.30 am all the shops were JUST about to open.Certainly a different scene than the night before. The HK Lady darted into the shops happily shopping. I malehhh....

Most of the time I sat outside of shops with Mr Kim ,finding out that he was actually in Australia for a year, considering to migrate, except his mom said no, And that explains why he says nO Worries a lot. 

We discussed how similar our cultures are, where parental views are no 1 and kids cannot object. His mom said no to staying in Australia after staying for 4 days. Keciannnn

And the other lady accompanying us, Ida, was  a graduate student in english and mandarin and wants to be a tourist guide for medical tourism . She was asked at the v last minute, to take us around. She comes from the place we were supposed to go (that historical place) , and she lives in the town area which we were at that morning, so being with us wasn't work for her, it was more like going to KL with a couple of friends, with the daughter! I was busy trying to match her with the still unmarried supervisor for Daegu guy, Mr Kim

Of course with the little 4 year old around our activities  were slightly limited. For eg there was a 2nd hand street where all the retro/second hand stuff shops were, but unfortunately we couldn't go because the child was tired. Ida was ecstatic that I love 2nd hand stuff too! (lived off them in the UK) So to cool down the child, off we went to the nearby park  Not bad! This park was the old government location, so I read, and now turned into a park- Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park. 

 By the time we reached the park, we had walked for an hour plus and were tired.....I played with the little girl for a while, and we walked around the area. We were ready for lunch! Which although I insisted that we should just go McD (so I can eat FishFillet Please!!) Mr Kim in turn insisted that we go to another K traditional off we went.

Another table laden with food. I ate cold noodles with nothing and also I ravished some mushrooms on a plate . It was only after I finished that I saw meat at the bottom of the mushroom. Throw up time! After trying so hard to NOT eat meat, I could not believe I ended up eating the mushrooms that was resting so nicely on the hidden meat. Next time I am just going to drink water! I was SOOOO upset but outside senyum je. 

Anyway after that we just went home...little girl was sleepy . Once we reached the hotel Ida turned to me and said what do you want to do? I said hmm whatever you want. I just want to feel local. I actually wanted to check out husband's talk but Ida and I got lost in the exco convention centre, trying to find him. And I found out that I had to pay if I wanted to go in, so that was no go. 

So, Ida looked at me and I looked at her and we decided to just TAKE THE BUS! And I tell you, I had a lot of fun just hanging out with her that day! We went to the university where she went, I walked past her favourite haunts. We went to the sherbert place she loves, where you get to climb a little loft and eat your yoghurt and fruit pieces..And you get served books with your food! They are called book cafes!  So nice. We spent about an hour just chatting. She is from a wealthy family and can afford to think about finding herself. Wise old me told her, there is no one "me" . You are made of many many versions. They are all you. You can be introverted as well as extrovert. tengok circumstances lah. 

Anyway end of me being a psychiatrist tak bertauliah. 
And where can I find a book cafe in KL?

We were about to catch another bus to go to the market place (yay!) when suddenly I got a text from the other half telling me I was invited to the BIG BANQUET DINNER that night! And I have to be back NOW!!! Wahhh...When my husband, the original stingy person when it comes to  using phones abroad, sends me a text, this must be really important! 

So Ida and I caught the next cab! All our plans for the day (market place, etc) gone. We  sped to the hotel! Laa tak lah jauh daripada Uni! Heheh..sampai je kiss kiss mwah mwah wiht my new pal then ran up to change clothes. NASIB BAIK I had bought a formal office wear thing - can wear to dinner! Takdalah macam some wives who didn't expect to be invited, and turned up in casual wear ! Heee action  ! hehehe. 

The dinner was- guess what..Steak , Now i'm annoyed..Kenapa tak tanya if  the ppl you invite to the dinner are vegetarian, if not Muslims pun...heeee..So we ate nuts etc..LAPAU oiii...

Right after that (husband got cenderamata) ..which was 8 pm, still v early . (Banquet dinner started at 6-apakah!) we went out looking for sisterinlaw likes a particular brand  Ida had told us where to find them in downtown Daegu . 

The concierge at the hotel wrote down the name in Hangeul and asked us to show to the cab driver. He hailed us a cab but none came. He asked us to wait, and then he disappeared inside. Finally one came but you'd think he was forced to fetch us. The cab driver asked us where it was, in Korean..and got mad at us because we could not answer him. We were also mad at the concierge because they saw that we were having trouble with the cab and didn't help. Interb*urgo sucks. Sigh. Anyway then we arrived, and the nasty cab driver got mad at us because we were trying to find money. I was so tempted to say Blardie Korean guys!

We found the mall that Ida recommended. It was horrible. HOmeplus. If we had more time, maybe we would have loved it. But we thought it was crowded, and we ran out of there. Ida texted us to go to another place. We walked, and promptly got lost. So scary because we were walking in deserted places, in front of dubious looking hotels, past some really dubious looking character who stared very hard at my swathes of scarf  - and it was dark. And we landed at the empty subway. And my other half said let's walk through that park he spied on the other side of the subway. 

Are you mad?? Walk through a park at night??  I am sure it's safe. but nooot risking it. 

We ended up calling (I insisted ) Ida. RM6 per minute RM6 lah . We hailed a cab and she instructed the guy where to go. Another place called Emart. Big like anything with 70 billion floors (tired and hungry it sure felt like it). No skin care either.And for the first time we felt so harrassed,  being pushed etc. 

Somehow we were rather crabby to each other ..dont know why. Maybe tired?? We saw sign that said FOOD on the 5th floor, we went and only after that we cheered up. Ah ye lah, didn't eat at all while watching ppl eat lovely steak and toast each other. 

NANTI KO aku balik Malaysia nanti satu KEGHEBAU aku makan hahahah

Anyway yes. We went home early got up next day at 4 am...excited to go home! Ahhh so nice to have Malaysia to go home to! 

The end of my trip...(I found the skin the airport!) 

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Well, the 2nd day was City Tour. Which actually was everything but NOT the city. hahaha. We all grouped up in the lobby after breakfast. There were 2 other Japanese docs, 1 from Thailand, 1 from Hongkong. Thankfully for me, because I would have felt like such a fish out of water otherwise, the HK guy brought his wife and his 4 year old daughter. Phew!  We left to visit the DongHwa Temple and then later the er..some brass museum. On the way the scenery was flat but rather interesting, we passed quite a lot of greenhouses.

I was at first annoyed at the tourist guide because she was more interested about where each of us came from and telling us that she had been here, there and everywhere, rather than telling us where the heck we are now  and what WAS that huge boulder stuff we just passed? She confessed to me later that this was her very first day on the job! Her husband was also a professor and her kids have left the nest to be in the USA and so she was feeling lonely so she decided to take up this job. Er yes. A tip? Learn about the places you are supposed to show ok hahaha. And no, Kuala Lumpur is not in Penang. Haiishhhhhh. Funny how your country is so mega in your mind, and then people ask you that.

Anyway up we went to DongHwa Ssa ..beautiful scenery. Ok I got some pics but it's in the other pc so I will dig around and put up later k. Having watched enough historical drama, actually seing the temples   was so EPIC. I felt like Queen In Hyun heheheh in that drama. (oh by the way you ask anyone about the Kdrama, they will look at you blankly because they don't know the english names, OBVIOUSLY Shila..duh!) I was soooo excited , and it was like meeting an old friend. I will sound like a pratt, but it was the same when I saw NY city. It was like- hey! I've been in this scene many times on telly! And here it was , larger than life.

So yeah, it was a Bhuddist temple. Abt 20 percent of Koreans are buddhist I was told. There was this HUMONGOUS statue of Buddha. I found out Buddha was Indian! The Thai doctor said funny how India became Hindus instead of Buddhist . Perhaps I can go google this. Rather bimbo of me not to know.

It drizzled a bit which made it nice (to me) and apparently this was a welcome change as Daegu is known as the hottest city in Korea.

After about an hour or so there we left for lunch.


They took us to the nearby Korean traditional restaurant. Shoes were required to be off, and you sit on a raised platform. I think all of us there were quite used to sitting on the floor and eating, so no prob there. What was a problem was that we were the only 2 who  were not eating beef or meat . We were given veg and also fried fish which was very nice. Which was also the favourite of the Japanese Doctors who fought us over the fish hahahaha..hey you can eat everything else what..

We spoke about how Thailand was about the only one amongst us not ever to have been occupied. Malaysia was under Japan, and Korea was also invaded a couple of times . HK was under British rule. Then someone chirped up ..yeah Thai only let the Japs through so they can get to Malaysia. How do you respond to that ? I just fixed a grin on my face! The Japanese doctors all did! Oooh uncomfortable topic, and husband whispered to me later that they were soo hated in this part of the world then..and were unaccountably cruel. Anyway anyway I got a chance to practise my non existent Japanese with the docs telling them the soup (we got the veggie one, while theirs was normal. So they told us) was totemo karai (very spicy!) ..My japanese is seriously suffering after lack of practice, but I think I spoke just enough to make them nervous hahahah . I found the entire thing very interesting . I love meeting new people! And learning about them! I like asking more than telling about myself! And people loooove talking about themselves!

Anyway then, fully stuffed , (free meal yay!) we went to the Brass museum, where they showed us how they fashioned beautiful very highly prized and very highly priced also! Husband got lost (hahah was waiting for that) and everyone waited for him . I told them he was in the gents, and someone actually looked for him. turned out he  decided to go and explore the grounds. Did I tell you how he got "lost" in Tokyo for 2 hours , on the first day that we got there. leaving me and my japanese resident brother, 2 minutes away from calling the cops? He strolled back as easy as anything later, explaining that he was just walking around the area. Ha ha!

Museum done, we went back to the bus. I think they were going to take us to the baseball stadium, very famous. but the delegates were In the end you know where the lovely Juni the tourist guide took us? (by now we were firm friends, having bonded over how alike our husbands were while we were looking for Dr Husband) . She took us to LOTTE RETAIL OUTLET! Whoooot! So excited. Firstly because Lotte was endorsed by my husband-in-another-world (once upon a time, when I was very young ha ha) Bae Yong Joon. Anyway yes. We got dropped off and given an hour. The HK family shot out and was soon happily shopping.

Being typical ahjumma and ahjussi, we went to...the grocery store. Husband got no razor mah. We also bought toothpaste, all the while praying that it's not denture glue or something. I learnt to say Eolmayeyo which meant how much. Too bad I didn't learn the answer. Ha ha!

Then we had coffee at Krispy kreme ...not much of a shopper I am (ha!) ..penat anyway after all that walking . The temple was set on a hill so a lot of walking up and down steps. Phew! (i am unfit, yes I do know that)

We got dropped off at the hotel after that. Everyone went into their rooms  but husband and I went directly away from the hotel to the nearby 7E, thinking we could stock up on biscuits etc. There was a "faculty dinner" planned so we knew we had to get back to the hotel by 5.30 . Boy they eat dinner really early here. Husband and I explored the nearby department store. NC Outlet was kind of a discount branded place. due to my very bad maths and lack of coversion skills (and an active credit card) I "ter" accidentally bought a lovely lovely blouse three times the price I thought it was. And I bought another blouse for work , again for 3 times the price ! Erks! When Husband asked why did i get them, I , realising the mistake I made and how very expensive the blouses were, had to put on a very challenging face -what, i cannot buy expensive BCBG or Max Mara blouse meh?? I'm also working what! Sebenarnye -eeepppps!! Anyway he bought 10 ties, so there.
The Convention Centre


 Takda apa pun kat sini..
 Walking behind our hotel

 NC Outlet! 

 This was called the Textile Centre

 Can go crayzeee with the selection of fabric and comforters here

We came back, no one was around at the lobby. We assumed the dinner was off, so we stayed in our room .I told husband to call the organiser , he was shy - what if it was faculty meaning not for him? And why didn't they call him? At 8 we went out, deciding to go to town. Rodeo Street was supposed to be hot and happening , so we decided to go get a cab. On the way out we bumped into Mr Lim the same guy who had met us at the airport. He was horrified that we had missed the dinner, held in our honour . He helped us get into the cab though . Reaching downtown Daegu, I was so glad we missed dinner! I would have missed the chance to see nightlife in Daegu otherwise! It was so vibrant. Everyone was beautiful. And so stylo. They wore jeans and teeshirt and they still looked so stylish. The guys were all coiffed and the women all coloured their hair. The dresses were short and the legs were so fair, you had ME Gawking. We managed to get a restaurant on the 2nd floor which served seafood pizza and had an English speaking waiter who once had an Arab friend so phew what a relief! I was kamsahamnida here there everywhere.  We had a lovely time watching people from the window. LOTS OF PEOPLE were out . We walked a bit after dinner (very nice dinner, i had mushroom soup in a bread bowl, veg pasta and also pizza with shrimp) , and then caught the cab home. Not knowing the language really hampers your adventurous spirit. Maybe if we were younger we'd be exploring more. But we found ourselves yawning !

The next morning we found out that everyone waited for us from 5.30 pm to 6.15 pm!! And they DID try to call him, but no reception! Aissshhhh , bowing down very low in apology time!

To be continued...

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Daegu Korea trip diaries ....

Hi !

I just came back from a 4 day 3 night trip to Daegu South Korea. The other half got invited to give a talk on his work, and he made the mistake of emailing me his flight schedule - Aida my travel agent cousin at worlddiscoverytravel, got me the identical flight plans (2 flights to catch) and hey, before you know it I was going. hehehe ...K drama land- was there ever a doubt..Kids were taken care of by my dearest dearest parents, and off we went.

Nearly killed my other half on the way there, though. For a flight that was about to leave at 11 pm, we were supposed to be at the airport by say 9 pm latest right. The other half had operations until late and arrived home just after 8. I nearly had a heart attack as I watched him deliberate which shirts to pack . I had packed just about everything else. Parents sent us there., and dad couldn't understand why I wanted to go in "so early" (10 instead of 10.30 when the flight was 11)  instead of lounging outside having dinner. I just could not relax until I'm safely in the never know with airports, there may be a long queue with security inside, the aerotrain may not be working, etc etc. And I don't want to be that passenger who holds up the entire plane.

Arriving at Seoul Incheon airport 6 hours later was equally anxious as the organiser's rep who was supposed to meet us, was missing. Not being able to wait, we ran to catch the next plane which was to take off in just another hour . Then he called and he was actually waiting for us somewhere else. And there you have it, we met our first Korean guy ha ha. He speaks english which was, I was going to realise, a real premium.

Hotel in Daegu was ok..not great but not bad. Ok I lie- it was WEIRD! It had a kettle and no cups. 3 types of lotion, but no shampoo. Apadah. Anyway it was free right? so enjoys and keep schtum !

We had lunch at the Hotel with the reps. 5 guys and me. The  I wish I can tell you that i sat by the corner demurely like a good wife. Noooo I just plunged right in and conversed. Mostly I told them of the hallyu wave. When I asked if someone was ok in Korean, he nearly fell off his chair ehehehehe..

First night dinner- they were horrified to hear we were vegetarians. Or eat only Seafood. Aishh..We kinda forgot to tell them. Never mind lah, we thought, we can always order seafood or just pick at veg.

NOT POSSIBLE, because they took us to a BBQ place. With individual slabs of meat. And it would be very obvious if we don't eat it. So what to do what to do.

What I did , was I chatted a lot to them, while quietly i passed the meat plates to other people (not the organisers). By now we were firm friends! And I was such an ahjumma anyway. Hahahahaha.. selamaaaatttt

End of Day 1

Thursday, June 13, 2013

War down the Hood


My neighbourhood association is having a war with the school. Sigh...

The Residents Association has this facebook page of which I am a casual member, keeping myself updated with whatever is going on. Someone got burgled, or rubbish not collected. Lately tengah sebok about putting up security system. Whether the entire neighbourhood agrees or not, the RA decided that heck it, we shall put it, and then get the neighbourhood to agree. Now more and more people are getting used to it and agree to pay the RM100 per month fee. When it first was mooted a lot of people were like- "never mind , you go ahead. we have our own CCTV etc" . I personally was ambivalent (which I think means not really caring one way or the least I hope it means that cause I havent checked the dictionary and for all you know it means to grow another limb or something) .

Anyway anyway so far the ladies who make up the RA have popped by the house to visit. I told them I came here cause the kids go to the school behind the house and they kept schtum.. rupanyer  they are very very unhappy that (a) the school is here and (b) with the things that the school has done and (c) the way the school seems to be expanding without any consideration to the neighbours.

I kinda know that they dont like the school - hmm, maybe the article in the press last few years tipped me off , but it was not important till now. Until this issue of the boom came. The RA has put up 3 booms (macam barrier lah) at 3 entrance point to the residents. They have skipped the school and the shops but basically where the school ends, they have cordoned off. the one on the trunk road they have a guard, but the other 2 will be unmanned. It seems that the residents are ok with this.

Anyway suddenly in FB there was a commotion- the school had cut down the metal boom gate! The one holding the barrier. On both roads! So loads of cursing the school posts etc how they are an arrogant bunch and how they abuse MPAJ etc and Ministry kids pun go there etc etc.

So lil ol me who hate any negative posts pun terpanggil lah nak defend the school- I said let's not jump to conclusions, and lets calm down and dont hate the school cause my kids go there!

I pun called the Puan LL the ED of the school and she said she had no idea what happened, and will update me later. (she didn't). Anyway that very evening I was visited by 2 ladies  to tell me specifically what the school had been doing. Ie, taking public area and making it their property etc etc.

Ok lah , I said , you have to wipe the slate clean, let's start again, negotiate with a few other people of the school who can make decisions, rather than the old person who would bulldoze everyone (there is one, in that school). Give the school a chance to redeem its image.

And in the meantime , Nadine and I agreed that it is very unislamic to not be neighbourly. School should have called the RA before they cut anything.

Dalam I tengah nak mood defend school ni, tiba tiba they pointed out (RA) that the school had paved the grass area in front of the school (yang ada pokok-pokok) - nak jadikan parking lot!! AND! the cement has gone down to the MRR2 so jadi these cars punya slip road. All without telling the RA or consulting anyone!

Aiyaaa ..I nak letak muka kat mana? That green strip is our green lung! Can simply  take and make car park ke? Now I'm mad at the school.

The RA pulak, has lodged police reports, called the MP, and probably going to call the papers soon. My goodness.

And frankly we are embarrassed because last last orang non malays kata Islamic school is no good!

Soooo itulah citer today....pening nak pikir ..maybe I can be intermediary. But I tengah pikir how...what is the best diplomatic way. I am all about trying to be nice, me.

Any ideas?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Bali !

We are baaaackkkk!!

 It was a good break- not too rushed, not too lepak. Probably didn't see all that we could, but we did enough. We had this driver (best driver in Seminyak) who was actually a tour guide. He came the 2nd day to the hotel, and had this itinerary planned out. Pic above was day 1 at Kintamani - well, going up there lah. Entah why lah he decided to stop here, because although the view was spectacular the tourist touts were horrible! The teeshirt sellers and the knicknacks were scary! They followed us to the car! We rushed away to lunch- where we had lunch facing the volcano and the lake- beautiful. Hubs was upset that the restaurant charged 21% tax and was nak mati punya mahal for some crummy buffet but never mind lar..part of jalan right. But we did kind of got turned off going to restaurants after that!

Day 1 also included the tour of their perkampungan- Bali architecture is very fascinating- the house is in one compound, in many sections- dapur one place, bedroom one house - memang takda concept rumah macam yang kita tau. And in a compound mesti ada temple punya.

We went to visit the coffee luwak (civet poo coffee) too.

Here we are trying out the coffee- there's ginger there's ginseng (which Johan liked So much!) - the coffee luwak would be extra charge so we didn't take it (actually we didn't take it because I couldn't drink a pooed out coffee- )

Our tour guide was passionate about his pura(temple) ..he was explaining about it and I get that Balinese's are hindus the way the Jews are Muslims- they only share the origins! Betul lah the husband say, we were once like them, dengan dewa dewa nya, dengan statuenya, dengan offering nya. A lot of their culture I recognise in ours- the yellow golden colour we associate with royalty- that is a very holy colour ! The potpourri we put in the renjis renjis = that is the offering they give to the gods for peace and harmony. The actual renjis renjis (blessing) at weddings- that is EXACTLY what they do at their temples. No wonder a lot of muslim weddings drop the practice now. It was hard in the beginning for my brain to accept that these Malays are NOT muslims! I kept going alhamdulillah etc etc ...

Anyway day 2 we were pooped. I had (and still am having) a bad back ache , probably because we sat so long in the van the day before. So we vetoed the trip to Bedugul (to see another temple in the garden) and voted for the Bali Safari...where we had loads of fun ! 

Petang we went to the SPA - where all four girls tried it out - that' ll be the last time for you in a while ok girls. I had to go , otherwise sure tak leh jalan .back was killing me. The masseuse was very very good though, targetting my back - pandai tol dia.

Day 3 Abang drebar nak bawak pi tanah lot and Jimbaran however we said we were staying in Seminyak, sayang if don't see what it was like. So we went to town (while the hubs got a massage at an ALL MALE place ha ha) - and it was a really pretty town, Seminyak. One whole day kat situ pun ok . Tapi tak da masa, so we had to go  back to the car , and headed for the beach. Putu said we stay here for a while, then he would take us to Uluwatu. Hmmm harammmm..the minute the kids saw the beach, they were stuck. Semua voted stay there. So Nadine Daya , Jojo and Dad went to the sea, while I had my foot massaged with Sophia and Sara next to me..and was also harrassed by peddlers .ARGHH!!

The night ended rather early- by about 5 we were home- nak kejar solat asar and zohor! Maghrib masuk really really early- abt 6! Thought we'd go out after that, but dad made maggimee and westayed indoors. Kids enjoyed the pool sampai 9 pm .

Next day , dah nak balik!! Aiyoo so fast. But so ready to go back. Penatlah , holiday > Could not wait for our own beds. That's age.

Seronok lah juga..orang kata Bali , now we finally know !

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Holiday coming !

Im so exited ! So excited , I cannot sleep and have been awake since 3 am! 

OK OK , I also have a lot of work that's pending and have become urgent all of a sudden, so yeah, my being awake MAYYYY have something to do with that. And the fact that I want to get one or 2 solats in.Boy am I really lacking lately. I was thinking of enrolling in one of those seminars etc. But the setan always whisper - no lah, you have other things to do, you are too bz, you can't possibly go..

Anyway anyway I digress. 

The reason I'm so excited is ..jeng jeng jeng- we are going to Bali! Weee!

Actually Bali is one of those places I takda lah teringin nak pergi sangat. Teringin means yearning.  Not like the Holy Land- or New York . But it was one of those places where the WHOLE WORLD has gone to, and their WIVES , You know, at the office (when I used to have more than 2 officemates hehe) every other break SOMEone would be going to Bali. 

Thanks to FB you can see these holidays, even when they are no longer in the same office as you are! Another place I see people go to is Laos, or Cambodia. and my friend Mrs N just positively made me drool over Bangkok! 

So anyway what was the point again ah? Oh yeah, going to Bali, because everyone has been when I saw the tickets were reasonably priced, I CLICKED! I wasn't really planning to take the kids somewhere , maybe we'd be going to visit KL Library ke, or Museum ke. I was HONESTLY trying to be a KL tourist this cuti skolah - What happened ah?? It's all a  blur. There was this screen with some flights, there was this ticket price and then there was this instruction to book, ..and the rest is a blur. Ehehe...

Takpa lah give the kids and the husband a break. He has been working so hard. Looking forward to this break, and I think knowing he was going away was helping to sustain him these last few tough days as he ran from one place to another. Sara pulak now getting better and better although I will NOT overdo things for her and if possible going to get her a wheelchair tomorrow 

Ok ok I am not facebooking my pics case my in laws and my siblings go- KAKLONG HOLIDAY LAGII???? visit kitorang tak mau ye!!! Or something to that effect. That's my guilty conscience talking , I'm sure they wont thik anything

Still...thank god I have a blog is all I can say ! Hehehe will update as soon as we arrive! 

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Sara continued. (Boy I can really ramble on!)


It's a lovely morning isn't it. Just the right weather to go to the seaside , or to the waterfall or some other outdoor activity!Too lovely to stay indoors!

It's just me and the kids today. The other half has gone for a golf tournament. Strange, I feel kinda liberated.  The maid has gone too. I feel like there's so many things we can do together the kids and I. Strange cause I usually am rendered motionless whenever the other half is not around, preferring instead to potter about the house and check out youtube vids.

Maybe cause I've been cooped up a lot lately. Last Friday Sara got readmitted for her wonky knee again. It was a simple follow up with Datuk Dr A^sri, and actually the first time Sara was going to see the right person . When the incident happened , she was seen by Dr Palani , who was a (very nice) hand surgeon- not exactly his cup of tea. In PCMC orthopaedic dept has many specialties. Anyway the good Dr As*ri tried to move her knee, and when she winced more than she did, he ordered an MRI for her as well - his suspiscion- that there is a floating cartilage which came apart when the patella moved. Plus she needed to reduce the swelling on her knee

The doc tried to find a room in his ward so he could visit Sara with his other patients but believe it or not his ward  was full! Even the other half's ward was full! Dr A pulled out the "This is Anak Dr so and so , please help" card (which I didn't use) but still tak berjaya so in the end we settled in a wad mommies and babies. ok lah for us, kita relaks je..tapi kesian the doc lah kena jalan jauh sikit. Sara was immediately given this wrap around her knee which was ice cold and to be put on like intermittently. That must have helped a lot cause the next day she could bear weight more comfortably. As soon as there was an opening in Dr A's ward, she was transferred.

The next day baru start the hoopla- the MRI, then followed by the Physio...and then me rushing to send Nadine to her appointment with MSRI (a UN affiliated body helping Syrian, Iranian, Iraqi refugees) and then me going to office for a while (after what felt like a long time) and then going back to the ward ,FUH!!

Anyway...we are home now..stayed for 2 night gak lah after which I am thoroughly SICK of the hospital. . Thank you though to Safia of Poetry of Flowers for the 2 lovely lovely bouquets sent. I have finished the chocolates thanks. I want to go OUT...mana ye,,,bangun bangun oi kids!!

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