Bali !

We are baaaackkkk!!

 It was a good break- not too rushed, not too lepak. Probably didn't see all that we could, but we did enough. We had this driver (best driver in Seminyak) who was actually a tour guide. He came the 2nd day to the hotel, and had this itinerary planned out. Pic above was day 1 at Kintamani - well, going up there lah. Entah why lah he decided to stop here, because although the view was spectacular the tourist touts were horrible! The teeshirt sellers and the knicknacks were scary! They followed us to the car! We rushed away to lunch- where we had lunch facing the volcano and the lake- beautiful. Hubs was upset that the restaurant charged 21% tax and was nak mati punya mahal for some crummy buffet but never mind lar..part of jalan right. But we did kind of got turned off going to restaurants after that!

Day 1 also included the tour of their perkampungan- Bali architecture is very fascinating- the house is in one compound, in many sections- dapur one place, bedroom one house - memang takda concept rumah macam yang kita tau. And in a compound mesti ada temple punya.

We went to visit the coffee luwak (civet poo coffee) too.

Here we are trying out the coffee- there's ginger there's ginseng (which Johan liked So much!) - the coffee luwak would be extra charge so we didn't take it (actually we didn't take it because I couldn't drink a pooed out coffee- )

Our tour guide was passionate about his pura(temple) ..he was explaining about it and I get that Balinese's are hindus the way the Jews are Muslims- they only share the origins! Betul lah the husband say, we were once like them, dengan dewa dewa nya, dengan statuenya, dengan offering nya. A lot of their culture I recognise in ours- the yellow golden colour we associate with royalty- that is a very holy colour ! The potpourri we put in the renjis renjis = that is the offering they give to the gods for peace and harmony. The actual renjis renjis (blessing) at weddings- that is EXACTLY what they do at their temples. No wonder a lot of muslim weddings drop the practice now. It was hard in the beginning for my brain to accept that these Malays are NOT muslims! I kept going alhamdulillah etc etc ...

Anyway day 2 we were pooped. I had (and still am having) a bad back ache , probably because we sat so long in the van the day before. So we vetoed the trip to Bedugul (to see another temple in the garden) and voted for the Bali Safari...where we had loads of fun ! 

Petang we went to the SPA - where all four girls tried it out - that' ll be the last time for you in a while ok girls. I had to go , otherwise sure tak leh jalan .back was killing me. The masseuse was very very good though, targetting my back - pandai tol dia.

Day 3 Abang drebar nak bawak pi tanah lot and Jimbaran however we said we were staying in Seminyak, sayang if don't see what it was like. So we went to town (while the hubs got a massage at an ALL MALE place ha ha) - and it was a really pretty town, Seminyak. One whole day kat situ pun ok . Tapi tak da masa, so we had to go  back to the car , and headed for the beach. Putu said we stay here for a while, then he would take us to Uluwatu. Hmmm harammmm..the minute the kids saw the beach, they were stuck. Semua voted stay there. So Nadine Daya , Jojo and Dad went to the sea, while I had my foot massaged with Sophia and Sara next to me..and was also harrassed by peddlers .ARGHH!!

The night ended rather early- by about 5 we were home- nak kejar solat asar and zohor! Maghrib masuk really really early- abt 6! Thought we'd go out after that, but dad made maggimee and westayed indoors. Kids enjoyed the pool sampai 9 pm .

Next day , dah nak balik!! Aiyoo so fast. But so ready to go back. Penatlah , holiday > Could not wait for our own beds. That's age.

Seronok lah juga..orang kata Bali , now we finally know !


Anonymous said…
hi sheila...
i hv been to Bali 2 yrs ago. i don't want to go there again, unless it is work related. itu pun i tak pegi to any of the temples.
ummisara said…
kak sheila...

u nampak mcm kakak jer pada your girls.... hehe. awet muda. care to share the tips lah...pls pls
ummisara said…
oh, i've been there 2 yrs back, it was okay, would love to go again...bila ? ayooo bila poket kembung balik kekekekek
Hi Anonymous! wah you get sent there for work! Best! Y alah if I go again (IF) i would probably avoid touristy stuff and go to the shop and beach (oh wait a min, those are touristy stuff) Ah well!
Hi Ummisara! tu lah semua orang dah pergi least tak da lah kita dok heran kan ..! Tapi this time around I takdalah impress sangat ...paling menensionkan ialah the airport tax of RM50 per person you! Kita ada 7 orang! free free je donate kat airport..hissshhhh
Ummisara- ah tu dalam gambar je...luar nampak tua ...ha ha!
tiara324542 said…
uuh, mom.. only three girls went. the youngest girl didnt..
yaya pi mandi!
Nadine said…
best driver ke? :/

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