Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Daegu Korea trip diaries ....

Hi !

I just came back from a 4 day 3 night trip to Daegu South Korea. The other half got invited to give a talk on his work, and he made the mistake of emailing me his flight schedule - Aida my travel agent cousin at worlddiscoverytravel, got me the identical flight plans (2 flights to catch) and hey, before you know it I was going. hehehe ...K drama land- was there ever a doubt..Kids were taken care of by my dearest dearest parents, and off we went.

Nearly killed my other half on the way there, though. For a flight that was about to leave at 11 pm, we were supposed to be at the airport by say 9 pm latest right. The other half had operations until late and arrived home just after 8. I nearly had a heart attack as I watched him deliberate which shirts to pack . I had packed just about everything else. Parents sent us there., and dad couldn't understand why I wanted to go in "so early" (10 instead of 10.30 when the flight was 11)  instead of lounging outside having dinner. I just could not relax until I'm safely in the plane..you never know with airports, there may be a long queue with security inside, the aerotrain may not be working, etc etc. And I don't want to be that passenger who holds up the entire plane.

Arriving at Seoul Incheon airport 6 hours later was equally anxious as the organiser's rep who was supposed to meet us, was missing. Not being able to wait, we ran to catch the next plane which was to take off in just another hour . Then he called and he was actually waiting for us somewhere else. And there you have it, we met our first Korean guy ha ha. He speaks english which was, I was going to realise, a real premium.

Hotel in Daegu was ok..not great but not bad. Ok I lie- it was WEIRD! It had a kettle and no cups. 3 types of lotion, but no shampoo. Apadah. Anyway it was free right? so enjoys and keep schtum !

We had lunch at the Hotel with the reps. 5 guys and me. The  I wish I can tell you that i sat by the corner demurely like a good wife. Noooo I just plunged right in and conversed. Mostly I told them of the hallyu wave. When I asked if someone was ok in Korean, he nearly fell off his chair ehehehehe..

First night dinner- they were horrified to hear we were vegetarians. Or eat only Seafood. Aishh..We kinda forgot to tell them. Never mind lah, we thought, we can always order seafood or just pick at veg.

NOT POSSIBLE, because they took us to a BBQ place. With individual slabs of meat. And it would be very obvious if we don't eat it. So what to do what to do.

What I did , was I chatted a lot to them, while quietly i passed the meat plates to other people (not the organisers). By now we were firm friends! And I was such an ahjumma anyway. Hahahahaha.. selamaaaatttt

End of Day 1


ummisara said...

Kak Shiela..

wahhh u cakap korea gitu...cepat sambung cerita

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Superwoman, love your lively humour....
Wow! You in Korea.....
Last time I was there waaayyy back early '80s.
Love kim chi too.
And where we living ada juga Korean stores so can get fresh kim chi.
But I don't go overboard for these TV dramas. My wife does....selalu gadoh la, cry, In-law, out-law problems, ha ha.

I can imagine hubby packing what to bring, ha ha...
And bet you smoked your credit cards too, ha ha...
apa lagi, shoes, handbags.
Have a nice day, simpan satu lagu dalam hati.

SaraB said...

Can't wait to hear about Day 2!

My brother-in-law has been to Korea a few times on business. Until the last visit he was always in Seoul in very western hotels & had a great time. In January he went to an inland place, Daemyung Resort for a conference & had a shock. It was truly Korean. He walked into his room & there was no bed. After protesting that he would never manage to sleep on a hard mattress on a hard floor, they found him a room with a bed! Ditto for his colleague too! But all his eating was at low tables. He said his legs killed him & he had to keep making excuses to get up to go to the bathroom or to smoke so he could stretch his legs.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi SaraB!

Oh yeaaah that low table ...makes you want to finish eating very very quickly hahahahaha. I want to go back but this time to Seoul! Faisal said no, so you want to come with me??

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Uncle Lee

U are so lucky ! TO have seen Korea, I mean. It's so near actually. Kimchi - wow 130 jenis?? amazing...

I dont like shopping though (she says innocently) hahahaha

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