Thursday, June 27, 2013


Well, the 2nd day was City Tour. Which actually was everything but NOT the city. hahaha. We all grouped up in the lobby after breakfast. There were 2 other Japanese docs, 1 from Thailand, 1 from Hongkong. Thankfully for me, because I would have felt like such a fish out of water otherwise, the HK guy brought his wife and his 4 year old daughter. Phew!  We left to visit the DongHwa Temple and then later the er..some brass museum. On the way the scenery was flat but rather interesting, we passed quite a lot of greenhouses.

I was at first annoyed at the tourist guide because she was more interested about where each of us came from and telling us that she had been here, there and everywhere, rather than telling us where the heck we are now  and what WAS that huge boulder stuff we just passed? She confessed to me later that this was her very first day on the job! Her husband was also a professor and her kids have left the nest to be in the USA and so she was feeling lonely so she decided to take up this job. Er yes. A tip? Learn about the places you are supposed to show ok hahaha. And no, Kuala Lumpur is not in Penang. Haiishhhhhh. Funny how your country is so mega in your mind, and then people ask you that.

Anyway up we went to DongHwa Ssa ..beautiful scenery. Ok I got some pics but it's in the other pc so I will dig around and put up later k. Having watched enough historical drama, actually seing the temples   was so EPIC. I felt like Queen In Hyun heheheh in that drama. (oh by the way you ask anyone about the Kdrama, they will look at you blankly because they don't know the english names, OBVIOUSLY Shila..duh!) I was soooo excited , and it was like meeting an old friend. I will sound like a pratt, but it was the same when I saw NY city. It was like- hey! I've been in this scene many times on telly! And here it was , larger than life.

So yeah, it was a Bhuddist temple. Abt 20 percent of Koreans are buddhist I was told. There was this HUMONGOUS statue of Buddha. I found out Buddha was Indian! The Thai doctor said funny how India became Hindus instead of Buddhist . Perhaps I can go google this. Rather bimbo of me not to know.

It drizzled a bit which made it nice (to me) and apparently this was a welcome change as Daegu is known as the hottest city in Korea.

After about an hour or so there we left for lunch.


They took us to the nearby Korean traditional restaurant. Shoes were required to be off, and you sit on a raised platform. I think all of us there were quite used to sitting on the floor and eating, so no prob there. What was a problem was that we were the only 2 who  were not eating beef or meat . We were given veg and also fried fish which was very nice. Which was also the favourite of the Japanese Doctors who fought us over the fish hahahaha..hey you can eat everything else what..

We spoke about how Thailand was about the only one amongst us not ever to have been occupied. Malaysia was under Japan, and Korea was also invaded a couple of times . HK was under British rule. Then someone chirped up ..yeah Thai only let the Japs through so they can get to Malaysia. How do you respond to that ? I just fixed a grin on my face! The Japanese doctors all did! Oooh uncomfortable topic, and husband whispered to me later that they were soo hated in this part of the world then..and were unaccountably cruel. Anyway anyway I got a chance to practise my non existent Japanese with the docs telling them the soup (we got the veggie one, while theirs was normal. So they told us) was totemo karai (very spicy!) ..My japanese is seriously suffering after lack of practice, but I think I spoke just enough to make them nervous hahahah . I found the entire thing very interesting . I love meeting new people! And learning about them! I like asking more than telling about myself! And people loooove talking about themselves!

Anyway then, fully stuffed , (free meal yay!) we went to the Brass museum, where they showed us how they fashioned beautiful very highly prized and very highly priced also! Husband got lost (hahah was waiting for that) and everyone waited for him . I told them he was in the gents, and someone actually looked for him. turned out he  decided to go and explore the grounds. Did I tell you how he got "lost" in Tokyo for 2 hours , on the first day that we got there. leaving me and my japanese resident brother, 2 minutes away from calling the cops? He strolled back as easy as anything later, explaining that he was just walking around the area. Ha ha!

Museum done, we went back to the bus. I think they were going to take us to the baseball stadium, very famous. but the delegates were In the end you know where the lovely Juni the tourist guide took us? (by now we were firm friends, having bonded over how alike our husbands were while we were looking for Dr Husband) . She took us to LOTTE RETAIL OUTLET! Whoooot! So excited. Firstly because Lotte was endorsed by my husband-in-another-world (once upon a time, when I was very young ha ha) Bae Yong Joon. Anyway yes. We got dropped off and given an hour. The HK family shot out and was soon happily shopping.

Being typical ahjumma and ahjussi, we went to...the grocery store. Husband got no razor mah. We also bought toothpaste, all the while praying that it's not denture glue or something. I learnt to say Eolmayeyo which meant how much. Too bad I didn't learn the answer. Ha ha!

Then we had coffee at Krispy kreme ...not much of a shopper I am (ha!) ..penat anyway after all that walking . The temple was set on a hill so a lot of walking up and down steps. Phew! (i am unfit, yes I do know that)

We got dropped off at the hotel after that. Everyone went into their rooms  but husband and I went directly away from the hotel to the nearby 7E, thinking we could stock up on biscuits etc. There was a "faculty dinner" planned so we knew we had to get back to the hotel by 5.30 . Boy they eat dinner really early here. Husband and I explored the nearby department store. NC Outlet was kind of a discount branded place. due to my very bad maths and lack of coversion skills (and an active credit card) I "ter" accidentally bought a lovely lovely blouse three times the price I thought it was. And I bought another blouse for work , again for 3 times the price ! Erks! When Husband asked why did i get them, I , realising the mistake I made and how very expensive the blouses were, had to put on a very challenging face -what, i cannot buy expensive BCBG or Max Mara blouse meh?? I'm also working what! Sebenarnye -eeepppps!! Anyway he bought 10 ties, so there.
The Convention Centre


 Takda apa pun kat sini..
 Walking behind our hotel

 NC Outlet! 

 This was called the Textile Centre

 Can go crayzeee with the selection of fabric and comforters here

We came back, no one was around at the lobby. We assumed the dinner was off, so we stayed in our room .I told husband to call the organiser , he was shy - what if it was faculty meaning not for him? And why didn't they call him? At 8 we went out, deciding to go to town. Rodeo Street was supposed to be hot and happening , so we decided to go get a cab. On the way out we bumped into Mr Lim the same guy who had met us at the airport. He was horrified that we had missed the dinner, held in our honour . He helped us get into the cab though . Reaching downtown Daegu, I was so glad we missed dinner! I would have missed the chance to see nightlife in Daegu otherwise! It was so vibrant. Everyone was beautiful. And so stylo. They wore jeans and teeshirt and they still looked so stylish. The guys were all coiffed and the women all coloured their hair. The dresses were short and the legs were so fair, you had ME Gawking. We managed to get a restaurant on the 2nd floor which served seafood pizza and had an English speaking waiter who once had an Arab friend so phew what a relief! I was kamsahamnida here there everywhere.  We had a lovely time watching people from the window. LOTS OF PEOPLE were out . We walked a bit after dinner (very nice dinner, i had mushroom soup in a bread bowl, veg pasta and also pizza with shrimp) , and then caught the cab home. Not knowing the language really hampers your adventurous spirit. Maybe if we were younger we'd be exploring more. But we found ourselves yawning !

The next morning we found out that everyone waited for us from 5.30 pm to 6.15 pm!! And they DID try to call him, but no reception! Aissshhhh , bowing down very low in apology time!

To be continued...


Anonymous said...


Interesting trip! I always like to read what you read even though sometimes you ramble on and on (it's a compliment)

Nak tanya your opinion, do you feel it's right to eat fish/vege in a non-halal restaurant which serves pork? Especially when there are halal restaurants available?
I am asking because I don't think it's right because we have a choice and it is not darurat but hubby thinks it's okay as long as we stick to seafood. So recently when we went to the US, we ate at Red Lobster which serves 90% seafood and meat but adalah one or two pork dishes. I was not comfortable at first but I gave in to the reasoning that as long as I stick to seafood it's ok.. FYI, while we were there we either cooked at home of ate from zabihah-recommended places.
I am just wondering that' all. Because 20 years ago I would not mind so much because mana nak cari halal food especially if you are stuck in the Midwest of USA or something but nowadays is a the tip of your fingers.
Oh well, we strive to be better Muslims everyday. But one thing I was happy with myself is that we managed to arrange our activities around our solat so we did not miss or get carried away with activities (shopping especially :-))such that we missed solat. Kalau tak dulu, shopping kat Factory Outlet dari pagi sampai closing time. May Allah forgive all our sins.

P/s sorry for rambling and taking up your space


Superwomanwannabe said...

Oh my gawd Seri you read the entire piece?? thank you..(bowing down) . I do ramble's kinda of how I am in real life too..hard to stick to one topic..perhaps it's an illness. Anyway yes u know the answer to your question! I agree 10000 percent that if there is halal just go there and even though dia serve fish , pinggan mangkuk sama maaahhh..where there is a choice of course it' sbetter to make sure everything halal, so easy to take it easy...but kadangkadang when depan orang or orang yang arrange...aissshhhhh....kuatkanlah iman kuuuu Ya Allah...

Anonymous said...

Yes, in your case I know you practically had no choice. I read soemwhere that it is more berdosa to jatuhkan airmuka orang yang hidangkan kita makanan (syubhat) tu. I mean as long it is not makanan haram.

It's ok. I am like you too. Rambling too much. My only problem when I read your entries is that I feel tak cukup nafas. As if I was really there :-)


Anonymous said...

hi there!
can't wait for the next episode(s) of your daegu trip. in fact, I can't wait for all your posts. I am one avid reader tau.

keep writing!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Do not encourage me please Mismaz karang lagi berjela jela hahahahaha. Thanks very much for reading!

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