Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Holiday coming !

Im so exited ! So excited , I cannot sleep and have been awake since 3 am! 

OK OK , I also have a lot of work that's pending and have become urgent all of a sudden, so yeah, my being awake MAYYYY have something to do with that. And the fact that I want to get one or 2 solats in.Boy am I really lacking lately. I was thinking of enrolling in one of those seminars etc. But the setan always whisper - no lah, you have other things to do, you are too bz, you can't possibly go..

Anyway anyway I digress. 

The reason I'm so excited is ..jeng jeng jeng- we are going to Bali! Weee!

Actually Bali is one of those places I takda lah teringin nak pergi sangat. Teringin means yearning.  Not like the Holy Land- or New York . But it was one of those places where the WHOLE WORLD has gone to, and their WIVES , You know, at the office (when I used to have more than 2 officemates hehe) every other break SOMEone would be going to Bali. 

Thanks to FB you can see these holidays, even when they are no longer in the same office as you are! Another place I see people go to is Laos, or Cambodia. and my friend Mrs N just positively made me drool over Bangkok! 

So anyway what was the point again ah? Oh yeah, going to Bali, because everyone has been when I saw the tickets were reasonably priced, I CLICKED! I wasn't really planning to take the kids somewhere , maybe we'd be going to visit KL Library ke, or Museum ke. I was HONESTLY trying to be a KL tourist this cuti skolah - What happened ah?? It's all a  blur. There was this screen with some flights, there was this ticket price and then there was this instruction to book, ..and the rest is a blur. Ehehe...

Takpa lah give the kids and the husband a break. He has been working so hard. Looking forward to this break, and I think knowing he was going away was helping to sustain him these last few tough days as he ran from one place to another. Sara pulak now getting better and better although I will NOT overdo things for her and if possible going to get her a wheelchair tomorrow 

Ok ok I am not facebooking my pics tau..in case my in laws and my siblings go- KAKLONG HOLIDAY LAGII???? visit kitorang tak mau ye!!! Or something to that effect. That's my guilty conscience talking , I'm sure they wont thik anything

Still...thank god I have a blog is all I can say ! Hehehe will update as soon as we arrive! 

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