Friday, June 28, 2013

Laa tak habis lagi citer ni???

.............Is what you guys are probably thinking eh hehehehe

Yes yes, okkkk..this is the last one..I promise...

The 3rd day , Saturday, was the actual seminar day..The other half was going to give a talk wooot!! I was so mega excited. We went to breakfast and we were JUUUUSTTT about to sit down, when the rep came and said Dr you must come NOW or words to that effect . Basically , Dr, you cannot eat breakfast! Let's go on an empty stomach! 

So he rushed with nary a peck on the cheek. Never mind, I had my cereal and juice so I continued to eat..but ,since I hate to eat alone, I soon left the buffet table and loitered downstairs.....

They told me that they had planned a day out for us to historical outing to Gyeongju and that it was the place of the Empire Silla (pronounced Shila ok! hehe) ...well, it beats having to look at my laptop and do work right I was excited! I was to wait for the HK Lady and daughter. ni kira last minute trip for wives and kids who tagged along lar... 

When we were still in KL I didn't know that they would plan a trip for me, so I had actually wanted to go to Seoul by myself and come back by night time..I really wanted to see the palaces...and Seoul was just 3 hours by bus apparently. SO CLOSE! But since they took the trouble to organise the trip.. just go lah kan..

So there I was, with HK family , waiting for the tour guide . Suddenly this man, Mr Kim, tall , kinda cute and ENGLISH SPEAKING(!) suddenly appeared after a while clearly searching for us. Later, joined by this ENGLISH SPEAKING girl who introduced herself as Ida (pronounced Aida) . She had spent 1 month plus as an exchange student with UM so she knew about Malaysia (and yes she knew it was not in Penang ha ha) . The lady from HK came and Mr Kim said ahah today your itinerary is to go xx place. Madam HK said immediately- oh it's not. (It's not?) it's been changed. today we are gong SHOPPING. 

I was like - huh?? I would have been more excited , if not for the fact that I was actually in town the very night before (while they were all at the boooring faculty dinner)  and had gone exploring the shops and the streets. Nothing new to me, jaded allready hehehe (after one day)

BUT! SInce HK gal wanted to shop, shop we did...we went to the same streets I had gone to, ie Rodeo Street, and at 10.30 am all the shops were JUST about to open.Certainly a different scene than the night before. The HK Lady darted into the shops happily shopping. I malehhh....

Most of the time I sat outside of shops with Mr Kim ,finding out that he was actually in Australia for a year, considering to migrate, except his mom said no, And that explains why he says nO Worries a lot. 

We discussed how similar our cultures are, where parental views are no 1 and kids cannot object. His mom said no to staying in Australia after staying for 4 days. Keciannnn

And the other lady accompanying us, Ida, was  a graduate student in english and mandarin and wants to be a tourist guide for medical tourism . She was asked at the v last minute, to take us around. She comes from the place we were supposed to go (that historical place) , and she lives in the town area which we were at that morning, so being with us wasn't work for her, it was more like going to KL with a couple of friends, with the daughter! I was busy trying to match her with the still unmarried supervisor for Daegu guy, Mr Kim

Of course with the little 4 year old around our activities  were slightly limited. For eg there was a 2nd hand street where all the retro/second hand stuff shops were, but unfortunately we couldn't go because the child was tired. Ida was ecstatic that I love 2nd hand stuff too! (lived off them in the UK) So to cool down the child, off we went to the nearby park  Not bad! This park was the old government location, so I read, and now turned into a park- Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park. 

 By the time we reached the park, we had walked for an hour plus and were tired.....I played with the little girl for a while, and we walked around the area. We were ready for lunch! Which although I insisted that we should just go McD (so I can eat FishFillet Please!!) Mr Kim in turn insisted that we go to another K traditional off we went.

Another table laden with food. I ate cold noodles with nothing and also I ravished some mushrooms on a plate . It was only after I finished that I saw meat at the bottom of the mushroom. Throw up time! After trying so hard to NOT eat meat, I could not believe I ended up eating the mushrooms that was resting so nicely on the hidden meat. Next time I am just going to drink water! I was SOOOO upset but outside senyum je. 

Anyway after that we just went home...little girl was sleepy . Once we reached the hotel Ida turned to me and said what do you want to do? I said hmm whatever you want. I just want to feel local. I actually wanted to check out husband's talk but Ida and I got lost in the exco convention centre, trying to find him. And I found out that I had to pay if I wanted to go in, so that was no go. 

So, Ida looked at me and I looked at her and we decided to just TAKE THE BUS! And I tell you, I had a lot of fun just hanging out with her that day! We went to the university where she went, I walked past her favourite haunts. We went to the sherbert place she loves, where you get to climb a little loft and eat your yoghurt and fruit pieces..And you get served books with your food! They are called book cafes!  So nice. We spent about an hour just chatting. She is from a wealthy family and can afford to think about finding herself. Wise old me told her, there is no one "me" . You are made of many many versions. They are all you. You can be introverted as well as extrovert. tengok circumstances lah. 

Anyway end of me being a psychiatrist tak bertauliah. 
And where can I find a book cafe in KL?

We were about to catch another bus to go to the market place (yay!) when suddenly I got a text from the other half telling me I was invited to the BIG BANQUET DINNER that night! And I have to be back NOW!!! Wahhh...When my husband, the original stingy person when it comes to  using phones abroad, sends me a text, this must be really important! 

So Ida and I caught the next cab! All our plans for the day (market place, etc) gone. We  sped to the hotel! Laa tak lah jauh daripada Uni! Heheh..sampai je kiss kiss mwah mwah wiht my new pal then ran up to change clothes. NASIB BAIK I had bought a formal office wear thing - can wear to dinner! Takdalah macam some wives who didn't expect to be invited, and turned up in casual wear ! Heee action  ! hehehe. 

The dinner was- guess what..Steak , Now i'm annoyed..Kenapa tak tanya if  the ppl you invite to the dinner are vegetarian, if not Muslims pun...heeee..So we ate nuts etc..LAPAU oiii...

Right after that (husband got cenderamata) ..which was 8 pm, still v early . (Banquet dinner started at 6-apakah!) we went out looking for sisterinlaw likes a particular brand  Ida had told us where to find them in downtown Daegu . 

The concierge at the hotel wrote down the name in Hangeul and asked us to show to the cab driver. He hailed us a cab but none came. He asked us to wait, and then he disappeared inside. Finally one came but you'd think he was forced to fetch us. The cab driver asked us where it was, in Korean..and got mad at us because we could not answer him. We were also mad at the concierge because they saw that we were having trouble with the cab and didn't help. Interb*urgo sucks. Sigh. Anyway then we arrived, and the nasty cab driver got mad at us because we were trying to find money. I was so tempted to say Blardie Korean guys!

We found the mall that Ida recommended. It was horrible. HOmeplus. If we had more time, maybe we would have loved it. But we thought it was crowded, and we ran out of there. Ida texted us to go to another place. We walked, and promptly got lost. So scary because we were walking in deserted places, in front of dubious looking hotels, past some really dubious looking character who stared very hard at my swathes of scarf  - and it was dark. And we landed at the empty subway. And my other half said let's walk through that park he spied on the other side of the subway. 

Are you mad?? Walk through a park at night??  I am sure it's safe. but nooot risking it. 

We ended up calling (I insisted ) Ida. RM6 per minute RM6 lah . We hailed a cab and she instructed the guy where to go. Another place called Emart. Big like anything with 70 billion floors (tired and hungry it sure felt like it). No skin care either.And for the first time we felt so harrassed,  being pushed etc. 

Somehow we were rather crabby to each other ..dont know why. Maybe tired?? We saw sign that said FOOD on the 5th floor, we went and only after that we cheered up. Ah ye lah, didn't eat at all while watching ppl eat lovely steak and toast each other. 

NANTI KO aku balik Malaysia nanti satu KEGHEBAU aku makan hahahah

Anyway yes. We went home early got up next day at 4 am...excited to go home! Ahhh so nice to have Malaysia to go home to! 

The end of my trip...(I found the skin the airport!) 


Anonymous said...

Hi SW, you seem to be coping well with bad encounters. I would have gotten upset and reacted to my feelings.

Perhaps it will be good if your hubby can feedback to the conference organizers about muslims needing halal food and some others like Indians and Chinese could be vegetarians. Perhaps they were not ignorant, but they just didn't know.

Here, in Singapore, each time we have a workshop or function, wemdo offer people two types of meals, international buffet and vegetarian and we do make it a point to order from halal caterers. Unless it's a small event just involving office staff and we are sure there is no muslim staff, then we just cater from any caterers.

Even in Singapore, a lot of local people are unaware that muslims can only eat halal food. Sometimes, they say, hey, there is no pork and lard in this restaurant, but we have to explain to them, halal means the way the meat is slaughtered. Once they understand this, then it is no problem, they will be accommodating.


Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi vivy!

Yes I think it's a case of them not knowing, rather than doing it deliberately. Just strange that they would not think of other dietary requirements- eg there may be vegans etc. I was very upset and went to the toilet for a loong while.

Yes,halal means the way meat is slaughtered, and also the place being clean , eg, the cooking utensils cannot be the same for cooking non halal and halal food. Maybe in Daegu v rarely see Muslims!

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