Sunday, June 02, 2013

Sara continued. (Boy I can really ramble on!)


It's a lovely morning isn't it. Just the right weather to go to the seaside , or to the waterfall or some other outdoor activity!Too lovely to stay indoors!

It's just me and the kids today. The other half has gone for a golf tournament. Strange, I feel kinda liberated.  The maid has gone too. I feel like there's so many things we can do together the kids and I. Strange cause I usually am rendered motionless whenever the other half is not around, preferring instead to potter about the house and check out youtube vids.

Maybe cause I've been cooped up a lot lately. Last Friday Sara got readmitted for her wonky knee again. It was a simple follow up with Datuk Dr A^sri, and actually the first time Sara was going to see the right person . When the incident happened , she was seen by Dr Palani , who was a (very nice) hand surgeon- not exactly his cup of tea. In PCMC orthopaedic dept has many specialties. Anyway the good Dr As*ri tried to move her knee, and when she winced more than she did, he ordered an MRI for her as well - his suspiscion- that there is a floating cartilage which came apart when the patella moved. Plus she needed to reduce the swelling on her knee

The doc tried to find a room in his ward so he could visit Sara with his other patients but believe it or not his ward  was full! Even the other half's ward was full! Dr A pulled out the "This is Anak Dr so and so , please help" card (which I didn't use) but still tak berjaya so in the end we settled in a wad mommies and babies. ok lah for us, kita relaks je..tapi kesian the doc lah kena jalan jauh sikit. Sara was immediately given this wrap around her knee which was ice cold and to be put on like intermittently. That must have helped a lot cause the next day she could bear weight more comfortably. As soon as there was an opening in Dr A's ward, she was transferred.

The next day baru start the hoopla- the MRI, then followed by the Physio...and then me rushing to send Nadine to her appointment with MSRI (a UN affiliated body helping Syrian, Iranian, Iraqi refugees) and then me going to office for a while (after what felt like a long time) and then going back to the ward ,FUH!!

Anyway...we are home now..stayed for 2 night gak lah after which I am thoroughly SICK of the hospital. . Thank you though to Safia of Poetry of Flowers for the 2 lovely lovely bouquets sent. I have finished the chocolates thanks. I want to go OUT...mana ye,,,bangun bangun oi kids!!

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