Thursday, June 13, 2013

War down the Hood


My neighbourhood association is having a war with the school. Sigh...

The Residents Association has this facebook page of which I am a casual member, keeping myself updated with whatever is going on. Someone got burgled, or rubbish not collected. Lately tengah sebok about putting up security system. Whether the entire neighbourhood agrees or not, the RA decided that heck it, we shall put it, and then get the neighbourhood to agree. Now more and more people are getting used to it and agree to pay the RM100 per month fee. When it first was mooted a lot of people were like- "never mind , you go ahead. we have our own CCTV etc" . I personally was ambivalent (which I think means not really caring one way or the least I hope it means that cause I havent checked the dictionary and for all you know it means to grow another limb or something) .

Anyway anyway so far the ladies who make up the RA have popped by the house to visit. I told them I came here cause the kids go to the school behind the house and they kept schtum.. rupanyer  they are very very unhappy that (a) the school is here and (b) with the things that the school has done and (c) the way the school seems to be expanding without any consideration to the neighbours.

I kinda know that they dont like the school - hmm, maybe the article in the press last few years tipped me off , but it was not important till now. Until this issue of the boom came. The RA has put up 3 booms (macam barrier lah) at 3 entrance point to the residents. They have skipped the school and the shops but basically where the school ends, they have cordoned off. the one on the trunk road they have a guard, but the other 2 will be unmanned. It seems that the residents are ok with this.

Anyway suddenly in FB there was a commotion- the school had cut down the metal boom gate! The one holding the barrier. On both roads! So loads of cursing the school posts etc how they are an arrogant bunch and how they abuse MPAJ etc and Ministry kids pun go there etc etc.

So lil ol me who hate any negative posts pun terpanggil lah nak defend the school- I said let's not jump to conclusions, and lets calm down and dont hate the school cause my kids go there!

I pun called the Puan LL the ED of the school and she said she had no idea what happened, and will update me later. (she didn't). Anyway that very evening I was visited by 2 ladies  to tell me specifically what the school had been doing. Ie, taking public area and making it their property etc etc.

Ok lah , I said , you have to wipe the slate clean, let's start again, negotiate with a few other people of the school who can make decisions, rather than the old person who would bulldoze everyone (there is one, in that school). Give the school a chance to redeem its image.

And in the meantime , Nadine and I agreed that it is very unislamic to not be neighbourly. School should have called the RA before they cut anything.

Dalam I tengah nak mood defend school ni, tiba tiba they pointed out (RA) that the school had paved the grass area in front of the school (yang ada pokok-pokok) - nak jadikan parking lot!! AND! the cement has gone down to the MRR2 so jadi these cars punya slip road. All without telling the RA or consulting anyone!

Aiyaaa ..I nak letak muka kat mana? That green strip is our green lung! Can simply  take and make car park ke? Now I'm mad at the school.

The RA pulak, has lodged police reports, called the MP, and probably going to call the papers soon. My goodness.

And frankly we are embarrassed because last last orang non malays kata Islamic school is no good!

Soooo itulah citer today....pening nak pikir ..maybe I can be intermediary. But I tengah pikir how...what is the best diplomatic way. I am all about trying to be nice, me.

Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Just go back to the basic. Try to get a layout plan of the whole area, ie where the boundaries of the school and your taman are. Usually the grass area is within the road reserve. Only govt agencies allowed to do do anything reasonable on it.
Again about barriers on public road, its a no no unless specifically stated that the area is a gated community ( with strata -like title)
Oh gosh, who am I advising to?

Superwomanwannabe said...

so basically the RA is wrong la...and the school is also wrong...aishhh

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Superwoman, this coming to you from Canada....
I sure love your callsign, very original.
And really enjoyed reading your very stylish eloquence and your lively sense of humour.

Reading thru can see maybe you more busy, more headache than that fellow tau la mana, ha ha.
You know, ladies like you are very interesting....and judging from your this posting, I'm sure you can carry a conversation very well, macham badminton volley....
especially if ada goreng pisang and iced coffee. Ha ha, just joke joke, ya.
You have a nice day, and simpan satu lagu dalam hati.
Best regards and jaga tu Kryptonite that Superman takut.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Uncle Lee! I am soo honoured that you dropped by! Yes, Ice coffee and goreng pisang and you will never get me to shut up! Ha ha!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...