Sunday, July 28, 2013

What we did last Friday

 This was last Friday. decided to go to the sea side. KL was full of haze. Seaside was brilliant and skies were clear. Tercapai cita cita...heheheh

Checked in at 2.30 pm. Checked out at 6 am. Got into a tiff with the hotel. Because when checked in was told of X rate, when checked out was told of X2 rate. And when checked in was told sahur was part of breakfast which was part of the room. When checking out was told that we had to pay RM50 per room. For the sahur. Geramnye kena temberang like that. Next time when jual barang, must tell price upfront.

We didn't eat at the hotel. The buffet boasted 100 dishes. We ate Burger King je (mengidam and thats the only burger not banned or boycotted by the kids). Tu pun dah kenyang. Apatahlagi if 100 dishes. Where to put. Sure cannot get up one. hehehe.

Sahur was rice with a few dishes, arriving at 5 am. We were given a list to choose from the night before and told this was gratis as this was in view of there not being any breakfast. Tu yang I marah tu.

But otherwise it was a very good break- worth the drive. Memang tenang fikiran, alhamdulillah I absolutely love love the sea.

Sea was calm! Not that many people, which was good. I waded into the water, so got my pants wet. The husband spent a long time in the water itself, just soaking. Nak swim karang, takut lak air masuk hidung etc. But it was enough to just be floating in the water. Sophia and Nadine fell asleep on the beach. Sara Dahlia adn Johan played in the sand. Sara and Dahllia did THIS to their brother. hehe.

Good break!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

15th ramadhan

wah we have entered into the 15th day of ramadhan

is it too late to start trying to finish al quran?

meanwhile my daughter is doing iktiqaf at UIA. We are all planning on going, insyaAllah. But is it practical to go , with work etc? Can you go to work in the day time and then go to the mosque at night?

Still haven't joined the kakak-kakak for teraweeh. There is a teraweeh group being conducted at one of the ladies' house. My husband disapprove slightly because kenapa tak pergi masjidkan. But it's nice jugak sebab smaller group and more intimate...last year i joined, daily. This year???? Kenapa  malas nak jumpa orang ye. Rather pray at home. Plus side, boleh lagi khusyuk. can concentrate, in the middle of the night, then you are left with your iman and God. minus side, I miss all those long long surah that the Imam reads during the solat.   I malas the makan makan and the borak borak part. Although when I am actually there I lah yang paling kuat borak ..sigh...

3 girls were down with tummy bug yesterday. Me too. Bulan puasa macam tu lah..perut terkejut or you termakan cepat etc.

World news: wah dapat Prince of Cambridge (macam Prince of Persia je). I was super excited to find out that she had given birth ..sure baby was Made in Malaysia!

Malaysian news: Not good to gossip but just remember those who made their first wives unhappy- that is NOT Nice tau!!

Today a distant relative wants me to meet up with her..she wants to show off the product that she is selling. I have no heart to say no, although husband allready told me not to buy plus i have tonnes of work to do.

My uncle is sick in hospital. I have not gone to see yet, and better get my butt over.

eh i better sambung merapu later ok..back to work

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Boy yesterday was a real test of patience.

Somehow I kept my good humour

The maid wants to go back even though she has not completed her 2 year contract.

We said ok, and bought her ticket

And then we discovered that for her to come back from Indonesia to Malaysia after her holidays, she needs this thing called Kartu Tenaga Kerja Luar Negara. This thing is a card, which is blinking useless in Malaysia, only needed by the Indonesian government before they let their people leave the country for purpose of work. Why they are so sebok about what the workers are going to do in malaysia once they leave the country god knows But anyway!

So we started the process- we bought her local insurance  and then bought her Indonesian insurance. The indonesian insurance was bought near the Indonesian embassy, at the old Passage to India site. The guys there saw her passport, not a single peep about it not being allright or any difficulty or anything

So off we went , armed with all the photocopies etc, and waited at the Indonesian embassy.

Waited to discover, that we were waiting at the wrong line. Asked at the counter and they told me, oh I need a number, please go to like, the OTHER side of the embassy please to get the number. Got the number, found out (after asking) where to wait. Ever heard of SIGNBOARDS? evidently not.

Waited like 3 hours, me, other half and sophia, who was with us because she was ill and therefore NOT in the mood to wait. Maid too

After so long, we were finally called. At 5
Then we were told. sorry, she cannot do this card as she has JP visa

Now, come on

Dont they know that if she is here the likelihood of her having JP visa is very high??

And didn't they see me waiting 5 hours??

got no heart ah

Anyway rules are rules. so now I have to think how lah

JP visa- cannot make the card.

Unless I ask someone to do it and pay somemore.

Do I risk sending her back?

She is now saying- never mind lah, she also dont want to go back like this. the officer said to rayu (appeal) once in Bandung, ie get the Kartu there,  but no guarantee can get the Kartu! If no Kartu, no coming back!

So effectively, Indonesians with a valid passport , are not allowed to leave their country. Malaysians don't care, you have Kartu, ke, kelkatu ke, our government has made us run through enough hoops so they are happy. Now the Indonesian government's turn to make us pening.

Makes sense?


If only mom taught me how to mop when I was younger...this would not be an issue....


Saturday, July 20, 2013

halfway through ramadhan dah

My eldest born has come back

And we all have to be on our good behaviour now...hehehehe

she is a bit of a goody goody..
As a mom I have to say--Keep it up!

But no, Nadine, we DON'T over cook, it's just that we are full v fast so we don't manage to finish all our food, but never mind lah, we can eat it the next day ...don't worry...hehehehe

Actually memang semalam the helper macam ter over motivated ..she cooks, you see, which mom disapproves of. Sebab macam tak bestlah ..tapi dah biasa the maid takeover the cooking, benda simple simple lar, macam masak asam ikan, kari, sup ayam. Maid yang kalau first datang here, dia tak cook pun, somehow when they come they jadi cook. Agaknye sebab kalau tak cook , dia kena gosok kain and they think- GIMME COOKING ANYTIME!

Today I feel TONNES much so that I am motivated to BAKE COOKIES! at 8 am i was already planning.I nak buat cornflakes biskut..biskut buah...biskut nestum...haa london almond and lain lain biskut jadian (cehwah sedap je kutuk biskut orang ek?) ie yang I tak makan masa kecik- tak payah buat..hehehe

And husband pun tumpang order suji..wah !

Tapi semangat di shoot down by my eldest who tells me it's too early to start baking cookies! Eh ye ke? Bukan planta and gula tu habis ke nanti? I tengah nak order ni, from TESCO Online. Wah bestnye can order online!

Today we are all going to parents' house for dinner. InsyaAllah I bawak meegoreng hailam. InsyaAllah because entah entah the maid akan hijack my plan and COOK It herself.

Baju raya etc langsung tak pikir lagi. I suruh the girls siap nak keluar beli baju they all said-- baju banyak lagi...oh sorry I think that was just Nadine. The rest nak beli heheheh...I pun rasa penat lah nak keluar..I hear it's jam ke?

Wahh, I hear you say, dok pikir shopping raya je ye...The spiritual side of Ramadhan tak pikir ye?? Hah??? Berapa juzuk quran dah katam ni ah?? (letering myself ni) ...My partner dah 22 juz ok! and my 4th daughter more than half ! so terror. Yang I ni merangkak lah satu juz ..ok ok speed speed !!

And solat sunat!! Camana ni???  Comeon!! Jualan mega akan berakhir!

Aiyoo..seriously, the biggest ourselves.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hey there...

Hi's things. I've been ill these 3 days. Sniffles and head cold. Hubs kept telling me I don't have to fast but it's ramadhan and you not fasting due to some cold seems a pity so I will soldier on. Strange that it's lasted this long though. Selalunya colds come and go very quickly don't they? Anyway it seems to get worse when I go to the office! Ahaks!

Afer maghrib je boom, macam dead log. Terus out. Can't open eyes. Now it's 3 am and the body wakes up because ..ehehehe tak solat lagi beb....

heavy rain outside. Bestkan the sound of rain? I love it, always very peaceful. There's even "rain sound" in youtube believe it or not.. Love rain. as long as Im not in it. hehehehe...People always say "dance in the rain" etc. as a way to show your freedom and exuberance - they never tell you , you get a headache afterwards because the rain in KL brings down toxin as well ha ha. I've been caught in the rain once or twice before..not a good experience. 

Kids doing well ...missing Nadine of course, but I think she has settled down in her course. I'm glad she has a good friend there, who is actually her clone. Hahaha (she is, Nadine,actually).

On the other kids, the tuition teacher that comes to teach Sara and Johan said that they are getting so much better, and can be considered good. Alhamdulillah...I see my Sara blossoming (now that nadine is not there? Wallahualam hehe). It hurts the pocket a bit, but being able to have tuition at home really has helped the kids. They cant' talk to anyone , for one, and they have to concentrate for that hour and a half. I really want them to understand Maths (which to me, is like German, or the art of making silk- incomprehensible!) . I told Jo and he said, Mom,Im good at maths , im just slow (amboi perasanlah pulak). 

Sophia and Daya are ok too. Sophia is now the resident cook of the house. and we get her to make jelly or drinks etc for iftar. hahah.. kenalah ajar the kids to cook stuff. The other day one of the girls, put 2 tablespoon of coffee in a cup , thinking it's like milo. MAK KAU! Tak tido satu tahun kalau minum. Need to teach the kids basic skills . otherwise orang datang, and they'd be staring and not offering drinks etc.  They  know how to slaughter chicken, they must also know how to entertain guests and serve drinks hehehe

Ok then...catch you later...!

Monday, July 15, 2013

So how's the ramadhan so far?

I'm not well....hisk hisk hisk

Am having the sniffles...and headache..

I know exactly how I got this. Someone in the family had a cold . The other half , to be exact. He has been nursing this cold since last week, complaining of sore throat and general malaise and joint pains...which amazingly went away when he is in hospital hehehehe...and reappeared at home.. and now I have it too. 

So everyone got a reprieve from my "I want to go to the beach...." moans . 

I get this : " You just came back from Korea!" 

How could I possibly want to go away right? The home is our sanctuary. Still...

Anyway anyway how is your ramadhan coming along? Sadly I have yet to go teraweeh in a mosque. We do it at home, when we can. Only started fasting , and then got hit by this cold. Will do it asap. Have to get off my lazy butt. No more satan and devil so what could it be?? Laziness, Satan's best friend. 

Been listening to quran interpretation. Does this mean you don't need to read the Quran at all? (goes a question at the bottom of the Youtube vid)- no, is the answer, you need to read it too...because the Quran itself is a miracle right. It calms you down the moment you open it. Doesn't it. 

Boy , we have been taught from young, to read the Quran. But not to understand it, to like it, to be interested in it  you know? We don't know why God used this word instead of that word, why did God paint this imagery and not the other, why did God rhyme and then suddenly break the rhyme and then continue? Wah...the Quran is full of intrigue, and lessons, and moral guidance and also, passion and love. From God for us. And also stories of trials and tribulations, and ultimately, success. And here we are , obsessed with tajweed, ,when we don't know why we need to learn it, ie , so that when we read, it doesn't sound like a Mat Salleh speaking Malay and ruin the prose.

No offence meant for those who have seen the light..this is all inward me me.  

Nadine wants to be a student of the Quran. She found out that JPA does not sponsor education. So now she has to figure out what course she is going to major in. She can;t change to UK either. Hmm I told her to find out, then we figure out lah what to do!

Just sent her home just now, about 15 mins past 11.sped all the way as heard she has to go back by 11 , then was told halfway that during ramadhan she gets to go in at 12. Having on going battle with her to get a mini bar and she is refusing. Mom and dad wants to give her one , to store her millk and all her food and she is refusing because mom and dad went without one, and we survived, so why should sh eget one. This contrasts with her friend who is nagging her mom to get her a mini bar and her mom is saying- I never had one, so you survive it lar.

The rest of my kids are growing up just as fast...One of them got prepositioned by a boy, resulting in me telling her to unfriend all boys in her FB and getting the "mom is soo overprotective" and now me rethinking that ..maybe I am too protective? (NO WAY, right?) Anyway I told her ok you can have friends but (No you can't ) don't layan anyone who tells you you are pretty. The boy was miffed because She told him I am making her do that, ie unfriend him. Help!

Anyway yeah my girls are pretty. (ceh wah perasan) apa nak buat..ikut mak dia kakakakaakkaah. Hahaha don't puke ya kidding jer..

Sophia cooked lemon chicken today, pretty good effort I must say! The other half is telling me that we have no issue when maid goes home because now the kids can cook. Hallo dear...your wife is also a good cook ok just cause I haven't done it doesn't mean I don't know how to do it! Grr. And yeah the maid is going back for a while and I have just discovered how much of a hassle it is!

1. I have to get insurance at the post office
2. I have to take her to the embassy and get insurance at the embassy
3. I have to duplicate triplicate her permit and the contract etc
4. I have to give her a letter to confirm her leave
5. I have to change her address

AIyooooo...worth it ke nak balik ni, ada chance my maid tak come back ni.

Last last news: Cory Monteith is dead! Aiyo mode: disbelief.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Good morning!

Meh kita dengar something cheerful

It's not poetry, but at least it's cheerful! It's about this girl who asks why the bf likes her, and he gives her all these reasons- she may be as tough as nails but she cries at Korean drama...

The BM is basic. ..and makes you reminisce about old songs and their beautiful lyrics...Malay is actually a really subtle and pretty language, with its imagery and its depth kan? Sedangkan mat salleh pun puji, and Japanese learn our language...

Now it's just very basic I lap you you lap me, lyrics.  and my kids tak faseh ..ada BM poetry clinic tak??

Anyway meh kita layannnnnnn...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Selamat Berpuasa

Selamat berpuasa all!

Puasa from evil thoughts, from evil tongues, from wasting time, hehehe. Oh yeah the fast from food and water too, which as I have learnt, would be the bare minimum.

What is your Ramadhan resolution this year ? Hopefully I can :

1. do solat wajib on time!
2. do sunnah prayers
3. read some pages of Holy Book (Quran dey)
4. Keep quiet
5. Cook myself (yeah, I'd taste delicious ha ha)

Nadine will be fasting tomorrow at the college for the first time , sahur outside. Called her just now, they are fine, they cooked pasta in the flat. Shes ok, the other day I picked her up for the weekend, and she spent a lot of that time in the room , reading. Her friend and room mate came back with us. Sah, her twin. On Sunday we were very bz because there were so many events to go and pikir pun I dah penat. The kids went laser tagging for Yasser's birthday (my nephew) and then we had dinner. Seronok gak lah. Bawak nadine and her friend along !

Ok then selamat berpuasa all!

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Nak ke lautttt

This was in Kuantan..I so miss the sea

Agaknyer when I was a baby mom accidentally dropped me in the sea? Or mom was at the sea when I was born? I get such a yearning to hear the waves, to see the vast expanse of the sea, to see to the watch the clouds..everything else, every problem you have, goes away  when you are just sitting on the beach, watching the sea.


I don't think there's much hope of me going to the seaside today or tomorrow. This morning Jojo has "dressage" practice. Dressage ni macam show for your riding skills lar. You have to ride a certain pattern, and the judges will mark you. He has never entered this competition. My other kids dah and don't want to again, because they do so so je la. My son ni, beriya  iya. Hope he does well. He is very ambitious, which is good, although I takut if tak achieve the level of disappointment will be higher than for those who takda ambition sangat

Other than that today macam takda plan. Nak bawak kids somewhere but Nadine , who I just picked up yesterday , probably would want to veg at home with her bed. the other girls just came back also from what sounds like a gruelling 3 day camp, with slaughtering of chickens,etc. Sophia had to degut the chicken.Her friend had to do the slaughtering..I asked them if they were squeamish but apparently they were as cool as cucumber! Waa can grow up to be surgeons.

Tomorrow am ada hiking with the BNI Gasing Hills...i allready went a couple of weeks ago as a test run. This time it's as an event organiser. I don't want to go up again waaaa it was so hard..Tomorrow I will try to get 40 air soya bean, water , ice etc ...

And then ada 2 kenduri menyambut puasa. So excited as I haven't seen my relatives in years (it feels like it!) ...

So..bilanya nak pi laut??

Friday, July 05, 2013

The kids are coming home

Yay yay! the girls are coming home!

The husband has complained that the house is lonely and he missed them going in and out of our room like they do, looking for their hairband/scarves (mine usually) and other things.

I was remarking to him that our children are trustworthy..I let them take whatever cash I have in my purse for their daily allowance (which they only sometimes ask these days, being so close to home they don't need to buy stuff to eat)..I notice they would only take what they need..and not more! Don't know lah if ada they take more, but my notes still remain intact so I guess not lar. hehe

And they are (most of the time) so level headed-! They are the ones to tell me off for being impulsive or wanting to get xyz on an impulse..sigh..their mom is now being parented.

So I guess if there is a secret, it's teach your kids good stuff, and then trust them to do it!

But ! Big but! I have been reminded by a friend's FB posting that things can change and change so quickly. My good fortune (as I see it)  may well be taken from me, she cautioned (not to me, specifically, but in general) It had happened to her, and her once happy marriage is now no more. She is only reiterating what I am aware of at a daily level..that there is much to be grateful for, no matter how many problems you think of, there is STILL much to be grateful for. (hmm maybe I'll put that up).

And also things can change. One minute your kids are angels the next they follow boys somewhere. Nauzubillah..Keep praying against it lah. My fear is if some harm befalls them..That would be absolutely horrible. Sementara itu, enjoy the happiness, always be grateful to Him for his bounty, pray for the blessings to continue.

And another thing! Often people only return to him in times of sorrow, or when greatly tested. In times of happiness people forget. And that is my biggest challenge...being swayed by the easy life and forgetting to do night prayers. Prayers are humbling..Arrogant people don't submit, so prayers teach you to submit. Lately lately ni macam malasssss sangat, I postpone my prayers to the last's sooo bad..I am sliding HELP! ..and I know it! So have to force self to be more vigilant..

EH! harini I jadi ustazah tak bertauliahhh..sorry for that! Just reminding self...hehehe

Thursday, July 04, 2013

1st week at kpp

I am really good at distracting my self

I have TONNES of drafting to do. Do I do them? Heck Nooo I want to blog instead.

Ok quick one.

So I called Nadine yesterday. She has finished her orientation week (it took 4 days)  See?? macam manalaah student nak pandai, 4 days you call one week hehehehe

She seems as if she enjoyed it, alhamdulillah. Adjusting well to life with roomies and life in small box . Hey that small box tu was designed for a family tau, (and then AMNESTY got involved and created such an uproar about how small it was and how unfit it was for a family, that the govt had to turn it into hostels- ha ha). The room is not the issue I believe, the sheer number of people is! She has been so used to the small sheltered set up of her previous school, this time around she said it reminded her of the previous previous school ie taman melawaaaaaaaaati, where there were a lot of kids, with lots of different personalities. Nothing bad , or good, just a fact.

And they have different code of behaviours. Guys and girls mixing freely, for one. Which my kids don't like (so far). I mean, they don't freeze in front of the opposite gender, they can converse as well as you and me, but they generally are shy to be around them for longer than necessary. Johan will eventually not look you in the eyes, his sisters report. Shy. In fact I am constantly chastised for working with my male partner and advised not to go have lunch with him etc. Yes, my kids are prudes . Alhamdulillah! Modest behaviour is soo underrated. i and the other half would do well to remember this (ditujukan kepada husband in his dealings with his staff patients and specialists hehehehe)

I advised Nadine that she is free to be friends with anyone and she is also free to NOT be friends with anyone. Seriously, at this age, I wish I had just avoided dealing with people I didn't like . Instead of being with them and then not being happy. of course if the people you don't like are family, susah sikit lah hahah..but generally for friends, I advised her to just be herself to others but dont feel the pressure to be miss popular. I asked her to keep a low profile! Ada ke. That's my daughter there..sure dia dah makeherself known dah.

By the way did I tell you I was in exactly the same place 26 years ago?? In fact I found the block where we stayed and where we studied!  It was a block away from where Nadine stays. Waaah brings back a lot of memories, that. I only recognised it from its position and the road...otherwise it was unrecognisable. Dah ada trees, awning, garden benches, tiles. Very habitable. Where it was such a desert before now it's shaded, surrounded by hypermarkets...waduhh so lucky.

Am now thinking of perhaps changing the kids' school to a bigger one, so that they do not freak out later . Or, maybe just let them be . Seems happy enough where they are. at least the sister is mature enough to deal with whatever comes her way. We hope.

Bye for now...

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

A real merapu post

Woke up to the cat mewing in mah face....

Oh well, cat pun cat lar..Cats are really good for lowering the stress levels I read somewhere. Of course, cats can also be very good at increasing the stress levels esp when they decide your sofa makes a good scratching post or the corner of your room shall be their litter box (without the box)

But they are good companions...cats

Apa kena mengena lak topik cats ni ah?? Hehehehe one of my cousins has 89 cats , she said. She has no children , she justified . Her cats are her children. I can't imagine having 89 kids. or cats.

Today though I will have no children with me. No 1 is in college till Friday and No 2 , 3 and 4 have camping until the same time too. The youngest is with me lar but he has horseriding practice and also exams. Yeah he is having his Junior School Leaving Assessment which the school makes all students in Year 6 takes along wiht the UPSR. no pressure at all! Well, he doesn't look like he's having any exam stress, unless playing call of duty is one way of showing stress? He said his first exam yesterday was soo easy...ha ok , today pun , allright? He had to write an essay on his ambition and he put there he wanted to be a doctor like daddy. The boy kept apologising to me that he doesn't want to be like me, he "just doesn't like lawyers"

Yeah you and me both, kiddo hahahahaha. I can tell you though, being a lawyer means you are always thinking in points and to do list haha ..ho hum lar..ada kerja lain tak? I told the other half but he said that the way I work now, it's already like not doing any work now, flying as and when I please in and out of the firm . But the difference is now however I flit in or out, the clients and work are always with me. Jealous gak tengok orang resign and walk in KLCC park (which I can do, anytime) without anything pending (which I cannot do ) heheheheh.. [ KG posted a pic of her walking in KLCC park hehehehe] I am happy KG seems very happy now that she has resigned her full time job to concentrate on her love , baking. That's mah friend, folks! Her other half is also relieved that she is around for the kids. What is it about men, I wonder?? My other half too! That's why I have to flit in and flit out! Cause he wants me to be available when the kids want me! I think men and their mid life crisis eh

Anyway shall I give you a gossip summary?  Just to show you how shallow i am? Robert and Kristen are no more, screamed the tabloid website..having broken up about a month doing their own thang. Of course there are loyal fans who believe otherwise. Diana Danielle dah bersalin and her kid is almost 10 lb mak datuk!! No, she did not bersalin earlier , contrary to the report by Zubir, who reported that that's what her mom said. And yeah Afiq Muiz is now ok with his mom. Hope he ditches that Erna whatsername though. hey Afiq...tak keluar neraka tau if you offend your mom. Hmmm the rest I have no idea who they are, otherwise I can tell you about rthem. How about what Tasha and Neelofa are up to. Hans probably now preparing for wedding but Neelofa macam taknak.. Siti pulak nak adopt 2 kids..good idea, adopting. Kids add to the chaos of your life. And she will be giving some kids very good starts in life. I was just thinking, her husband's ex has just remarried and looks so happy. Bersanding bagai. Siti pun married and is now v happy . She married someone who is just about now, going to get all the typical sakit..diabetes lar, heart lah, high blood lar...hehehe. I know why men go for young women- they need a nurse! hehehe Im such a biyaaaatchhh kan??

HA! Maybe I have found my ideal job! Work at Melodi! heheheheheh

taknaklah...terjah terjah orang pas tu create gossip and mengumpat...(macamlah kat atas tadi tu tak mengumpat)

Ok ok i better go and do other stuff! Baiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...