Wednesday, July 24, 2013

15th ramadhan

wah we have entered into the 15th day of ramadhan

is it too late to start trying to finish al quran?

meanwhile my daughter is doing iktiqaf at UIA. We are all planning on going, insyaAllah. But is it practical to go , with work etc? Can you go to work in the day time and then go to the mosque at night?

Still haven't joined the kakak-kakak for teraweeh. There is a teraweeh group being conducted at one of the ladies' house. My husband disapprove slightly because kenapa tak pergi masjidkan. But it's nice jugak sebab smaller group and more intimate...last year i joined, daily. This year???? Kenapa  malas nak jumpa orang ye. Rather pray at home. Plus side, boleh lagi khusyuk. can concentrate, in the middle of the night, then you are left with your iman and God. minus side, I miss all those long long surah that the Imam reads during the solat.   I malas the makan makan and the borak borak part. Although when I am actually there I lah yang paling kuat borak ..sigh...

3 girls were down with tummy bug yesterday. Me too. Bulan puasa macam tu lah..perut terkejut or you termakan cepat etc.

World news: wah dapat Prince of Cambridge (macam Prince of Persia je). I was super excited to find out that she had given birth ..sure baby was Made in Malaysia!

Malaysian news: Not good to gossip but just remember those who made their first wives unhappy- that is NOT Nice tau!!

Today a distant relative wants me to meet up with her..she wants to show off the product that she is selling. I have no heart to say no, although husband allready told me not to buy plus i have tonnes of work to do.

My uncle is sick in hospital. I have not gone to see yet, and better get my butt over.

eh i better sambung merapu later ok..back to work

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