Wednesday, July 03, 2013

A real merapu post

Woke up to the cat mewing in mah face....

Oh well, cat pun cat lar..Cats are really good for lowering the stress levels I read somewhere. Of course, cats can also be very good at increasing the stress levels esp when they decide your sofa makes a good scratching post or the corner of your room shall be their litter box (without the box)

But they are good companions...cats

Apa kena mengena lak topik cats ni ah?? Hehehehe one of my cousins has 89 cats , she said. She has no children , she justified . Her cats are her children. I can't imagine having 89 kids. or cats.

Today though I will have no children with me. No 1 is in college till Friday and No 2 , 3 and 4 have camping until the same time too. The youngest is with me lar but he has horseriding practice and also exams. Yeah he is having his Junior School Leaving Assessment which the school makes all students in Year 6 takes along wiht the UPSR. no pressure at all! Well, he doesn't look like he's having any exam stress, unless playing call of duty is one way of showing stress? He said his first exam yesterday was soo easy...ha ok , today pun , allright? He had to write an essay on his ambition and he put there he wanted to be a doctor like daddy. The boy kept apologising to me that he doesn't want to be like me, he "just doesn't like lawyers"

Yeah you and me both, kiddo hahahahaha. I can tell you though, being a lawyer means you are always thinking in points and to do list haha ..ho hum lar..ada kerja lain tak? I told the other half but he said that the way I work now, it's already like not doing any work now, flying as and when I please in and out of the firm . But the difference is now however I flit in or out, the clients and work are always with me. Jealous gak tengok orang resign and walk in KLCC park (which I can do, anytime) without anything pending (which I cannot do ) heheheheh.. [ KG posted a pic of her walking in KLCC park hehehehe] I am happy KG seems very happy now that she has resigned her full time job to concentrate on her love , baking. That's mah friend, folks! Her other half is also relieved that she is around for the kids. What is it about men, I wonder?? My other half too! That's why I have to flit in and flit out! Cause he wants me to be available when the kids want me! I think men and their mid life crisis eh

Anyway shall I give you a gossip summary?  Just to show you how shallow i am? Robert and Kristen are no more, screamed the tabloid website..having broken up about a month doing their own thang. Of course there are loyal fans who believe otherwise. Diana Danielle dah bersalin and her kid is almost 10 lb mak datuk!! No, she did not bersalin earlier , contrary to the report by Zubir, who reported that that's what her mom said. And yeah Afiq Muiz is now ok with his mom. Hope he ditches that Erna whatsername though. hey Afiq...tak keluar neraka tau if you offend your mom. Hmmm the rest I have no idea who they are, otherwise I can tell you about rthem. How about what Tasha and Neelofa are up to. Hans probably now preparing for wedding but Neelofa macam taknak.. Siti pulak nak adopt 2 kids..good idea, adopting. Kids add to the chaos of your life. And she will be giving some kids very good starts in life. I was just thinking, her husband's ex has just remarried and looks so happy. Bersanding bagai. Siti pun married and is now v happy . She married someone who is just about now, going to get all the typical sakit..diabetes lar, heart lah, high blood lar...hehehe. I know why men go for young women- they need a nurse! hehehe Im such a biyaaaatchhh kan??

HA! Maybe I have found my ideal job! Work at Melodi! heheheheheh

taknaklah...terjah terjah orang pas tu create gossip and mengumpat...(macamlah kat atas tadi tu tak mengumpat)

Ok ok i better go and do other stuff! Baiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


Anonymous said...

ha ha! I like the part about Johan not wanting to be a lawyer like mummy too. Apologising, some more!

I am just like you, kerja tapi macam tak kerja. Flitting in and out of office whenever I want to manage any crisis at home. When I complain I am tired from work, hubby said the way I work is like not working so how can I be tired. I guess just fact that I am shouldering all the responsibilities both at home and at work is stessing me out kot.
He finally agreed to me leaving my job so I can concentrate of family and other stuff. Tendered my resignation recently but boss not accepting so I am on a one year career break i.e no pay leave till I am ready to work back in my current company. In the meantime I will be like KG going to the park, playing on a swing and enjoy things while they lasts. Maybe I am having a mid-life crisis :-)


Superwomanwannabe said...

You know Seri, I am terrible at replying to comments No WONDER lah i dont get many hehehehe

yeah I am of course very GREEN with jealousy.I think maybe I try that one year break from boss. How about 1 month..But then we are such a small set up, Im sure I will be doing SOME work too

I just told the other half I just dont want to answer to anyone anymore, can tak..

Anonymous said...

You shd get job at melodi! Aznil pin kalah. Annony the original one

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Anony!

Hehehe you think eh?? Azni l better watch out! Makcik Kiah coming !

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...