Saturday, July 20, 2013

halfway through ramadhan dah

My eldest born has come back

And we all have to be on our good behaviour now...hehehehe

she is a bit of a goody goody..
As a mom I have to say--Keep it up!

But no, Nadine, we DON'T over cook, it's just that we are full v fast so we don't manage to finish all our food, but never mind lah, we can eat it the next day ...don't worry...hehehehe

Actually memang semalam the helper macam ter over motivated ..she cooks, you see, which mom disapproves of. Sebab macam tak bestlah ..tapi dah biasa the maid takeover the cooking, benda simple simple lar, macam masak asam ikan, kari, sup ayam. Maid yang kalau first datang here, dia tak cook pun, somehow when they come they jadi cook. Agaknye sebab kalau tak cook , dia kena gosok kain and they think- GIMME COOKING ANYTIME!

Today I feel TONNES much so that I am motivated to BAKE COOKIES! at 8 am i was already planning.I nak buat cornflakes biskut..biskut buah...biskut nestum...haa london almond and lain lain biskut jadian (cehwah sedap je kutuk biskut orang ek?) ie yang I tak makan masa kecik- tak payah buat..hehehe

And husband pun tumpang order suji..wah !

Tapi semangat di shoot down by my eldest who tells me it's too early to start baking cookies! Eh ye ke? Bukan planta and gula tu habis ke nanti? I tengah nak order ni, from TESCO Online. Wah bestnye can order online!

Today we are all going to parents' house for dinner. InsyaAllah I bawak meegoreng hailam. InsyaAllah because entah entah the maid akan hijack my plan and COOK It herself.

Baju raya etc langsung tak pikir lagi. I suruh the girls siap nak keluar beli baju they all said-- baju banyak lagi...oh sorry I think that was just Nadine. The rest nak beli heheheh...I pun rasa penat lah nak keluar..I hear it's jam ke?

Wahh, I hear you say, dok pikir shopping raya je ye...The spiritual side of Ramadhan tak pikir ye?? Hah??? Berapa juzuk quran dah katam ni ah?? (letering myself ni) ...My partner dah 22 juz ok! and my 4th daughter more than half ! so terror. Yang I ni merangkak lah satu juz ..ok ok speed speed !!

And solat sunat!! Camana ni???  Comeon!! Jualan mega akan berakhir!

Aiyoo..seriously, the biggest ourselves.


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