Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hey there...

Hi's things. I've been ill these 3 days. Sniffles and head cold. Hubs kept telling me I don't have to fast but it's ramadhan and you not fasting due to some cold seems a pity so I will soldier on. Strange that it's lasted this long though. Selalunya colds come and go very quickly don't they? Anyway it seems to get worse when I go to the office! Ahaks!

Afer maghrib je boom, macam dead log. Terus out. Can't open eyes. Now it's 3 am and the body wakes up because ..ehehehe tak solat lagi beb....

heavy rain outside. Bestkan the sound of rain? I love it, always very peaceful. There's even "rain sound" in youtube believe it or not.. Love rain. as long as Im not in it. hehehehe...People always say "dance in the rain" etc. as a way to show your freedom and exuberance - they never tell you , you get a headache afterwards because the rain in KL brings down toxin as well ha ha. I've been caught in the rain once or twice before..not a good experience. 

Kids doing well ...missing Nadine of course, but I think she has settled down in her course. I'm glad she has a good friend there, who is actually her clone. Hahaha (she is, Nadine,actually).

On the other kids, the tuition teacher that comes to teach Sara and Johan said that they are getting so much better, and can be considered good. Alhamdulillah...I see my Sara blossoming (now that nadine is not there? Wallahualam hehe). It hurts the pocket a bit, but being able to have tuition at home really has helped the kids. They cant' talk to anyone , for one, and they have to concentrate for that hour and a half. I really want them to understand Maths (which to me, is like German, or the art of making silk- incomprehensible!) . I told Jo and he said, Mom,Im good at maths , im just slow (amboi perasanlah pulak). 

Sophia and Daya are ok too. Sophia is now the resident cook of the house. and we get her to make jelly or drinks etc for iftar. hahah.. kenalah ajar the kids to cook stuff. The other day one of the girls, put 2 tablespoon of coffee in a cup , thinking it's like milo. MAK KAU! Tak tido satu tahun kalau minum. Need to teach the kids basic skills . otherwise orang datang, and they'd be staring and not offering drinks etc.  They  know how to slaughter chicken, they must also know how to entertain guests and serve drinks hehehe

Ok then...catch you later...!

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