Thursday, July 04, 2013

1st week at kpp

I am really good at distracting my self

I have TONNES of drafting to do. Do I do them? Heck Nooo I want to blog instead.

Ok quick one.

So I called Nadine yesterday. She has finished her orientation week (it took 4 days)  See?? macam manalaah student nak pandai, 4 days you call one week hehehehe

She seems as if she enjoyed it, alhamdulillah. Adjusting well to life with roomies and life in small box . Hey that small box tu was designed for a family tau, (and then AMNESTY got involved and created such an uproar about how small it was and how unfit it was for a family, that the govt had to turn it into hostels- ha ha). The room is not the issue I believe, the sheer number of people is! She has been so used to the small sheltered set up of her previous school, this time around she said it reminded her of the previous previous school ie taman melawaaaaaaaaati, where there were a lot of kids, with lots of different personalities. Nothing bad , or good, just a fact.

And they have different code of behaviours. Guys and girls mixing freely, for one. Which my kids don't like (so far). I mean, they don't freeze in front of the opposite gender, they can converse as well as you and me, but they generally are shy to be around them for longer than necessary. Johan will eventually not look you in the eyes, his sisters report. Shy. In fact I am constantly chastised for working with my male partner and advised not to go have lunch with him etc. Yes, my kids are prudes . Alhamdulillah! Modest behaviour is soo underrated. i and the other half would do well to remember this (ditujukan kepada husband in his dealings with his staff patients and specialists hehehehe)

I advised Nadine that she is free to be friends with anyone and she is also free to NOT be friends with anyone. Seriously, at this age, I wish I had just avoided dealing with people I didn't like . Instead of being with them and then not being happy. of course if the people you don't like are family, susah sikit lah hahah..but generally for friends, I advised her to just be herself to others but dont feel the pressure to be miss popular. I asked her to keep a low profile! Ada ke. That's my daughter there..sure dia dah makeherself known dah.

By the way did I tell you I was in exactly the same place 26 years ago?? In fact I found the block where we stayed and where we studied!  It was a block away from where Nadine stays. Waaah brings back a lot of memories, that. I only recognised it from its position and the road...otherwise it was unrecognisable. Dah ada trees, awning, garden benches, tiles. Very habitable. Where it was such a desert before now it's shaded, surrounded by hypermarkets...waduhh so lucky.

Am now thinking of perhaps changing the kids' school to a bigger one, so that they do not freak out later . Or, maybe just let them be . Seems happy enough where they are. at least the sister is mature enough to deal with whatever comes her way. We hope.

Bye for now...

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Anonymous said...

Yes, modesty is so underrated. It's a very rare quality especially in kids nowadays. You should be proud of your kids!


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