Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Boy yesterday was a real test of patience.

Somehow I kept my good humour

The maid wants to go back even though she has not completed her 2 year contract.

We said ok, and bought her ticket

And then we discovered that for her to come back from Indonesia to Malaysia after her holidays, she needs this thing called Kartu Tenaga Kerja Luar Negara. This thing is a card, which is blinking useless in Malaysia, only needed by the Indonesian government before they let their people leave the country for purpose of work. Why they are so sebok about what the workers are going to do in malaysia once they leave the country god knows But anyway!

So we started the process- we bought her local insurance  and then bought her Indonesian insurance. The indonesian insurance was bought near the Indonesian embassy, at the old Passage to India site. The guys there saw her passport, not a single peep about it not being allright or any difficulty or anything

So off we went , armed with all the photocopies etc, and waited at the Indonesian embassy.

Waited to discover, that we were waiting at the wrong line. Asked at the counter and they told me, oh I need a number, please go to like, the OTHER side of the embassy please to get the number. Got the number, found out (after asking) where to wait. Ever heard of SIGNBOARDS? evidently not.

Waited like 3 hours, me, other half and sophia, who was with us because she was ill and therefore NOT in the mood to wait. Maid too

After so long, we were finally called. At 5
Then we were told. sorry, she cannot do this card as she has JP visa

Now, come on

Dont they know that if she is here the likelihood of her having JP visa is very high??

And didn't they see me waiting 5 hours??

got no heart ah

Anyway rules are rules. so now I have to think how lah

JP visa- cannot make the card.

Unless I ask someone to do it and pay somemore.

Do I risk sending her back?

She is now saying- never mind lah, she also dont want to go back like this. the officer said to rayu (appeal) once in Bandung, ie get the Kartu there,  but no guarantee can get the Kartu! If no Kartu, no coming back!

So effectively, Indonesians with a valid passport , are not allowed to leave their country. Malaysians don't care, you have Kartu, ke, kelkatu ke, our government has made us run through enough hoops so they are happy. Now the Indonesian government's turn to make us pening.

Makes sense?


If only mom taught me how to mop when I was younger...this would not be an issue....



Anonymous said...

ha ha .. your mum did not teach you how to mop indeed! Who wants to mop when the maid can do it. I hate mopping the most. Usually after mopping I lose all appetite to eat.

My maid oso wants to go back this raya haji (mula2 mak dia suruh balik raya puasa!). Last yr dah balik raya puasa and I had to suffer backaches from standing so much washing dishes at the sink. The sink was made for vertically challenged people like her. So for me, due to my height so sakit pinggang sebulan macam nak putus urat. Tampal koyok etc. I almost thought I had a slip disc ke apa. Sad, I know. So dependent we are on them

Anyway I said yes. Coz she is so good. Coz she is like family. Coz she has been with me for 4 years and she works 7 days a week, coz I takut I cannot find another maid like her incase she doesnot want to extend. Coz I don't know how to say no ...

She plans to pay on her own but hubby thinks I should buy her the ticket and give her gaji during that 3 weeks. Really? That's so generous kan? But I guess if she is worth keeping..

In the meantime I am stocking up on koyoks to last that 3 weeks.


Superwomanwannabe said...

yeah...koyok time! I am going to have to buy loads of lozenges cause i'l be yelling a lot.. to the kids!

And i think your husband is very generous indeed!

Sigh..now the maid wants to go back adn try to rayu over there...aiyoo how how

Anonymous said...

My Indon Bibik I dah hantar balik. Now I ada Bibik-bibik Jepun, Eropah dan China. Utk basuh toilet and windows, I dptkan cleaners dr company yg tumbuh macam cendawan lepas hujan. Hati senang. Tak payah risau pasal visa ke apa, PLUS, selamat banyak DUIT aku. La, la, la.....

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

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