Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Selamat Berpuasa

Selamat berpuasa all!

Puasa from evil thoughts, from evil tongues, from wasting time, hehehe. Oh yeah the fast from food and water too, which as I have learnt, would be the bare minimum.

What is your Ramadhan resolution this year ? Hopefully I can :

1. do solat wajib on time!
2. do sunnah prayers
3. read some pages of Holy Book (Quran dey)
4. Keep quiet
5. Cook myself (yeah, I'd taste delicious ha ha)

Nadine will be fasting tomorrow at the college for the first time , sahur outside. Called her just now, they are fine, they cooked pasta in the flat. Shes ok, the other day I picked her up for the weekend, and she spent a lot of that time in the room , reading. Her friend and room mate came back with us. Sah, her twin. On Sunday we were very bz because there were so many events to go and pikir pun I dah penat. The kids went laser tagging for Yasser's birthday (my nephew) and then we had dinner. Seronok gak lah. Bawak nadine and her friend along !

Ok then selamat berpuasa all!

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