Monday, July 15, 2013

So how's the ramadhan so far?

I'm not well....hisk hisk hisk

Am having the sniffles...and headache..

I know exactly how I got this. Someone in the family had a cold . The other half , to be exact. He has been nursing this cold since last week, complaining of sore throat and general malaise and joint pains...which amazingly went away when he is in hospital hehehehe...and reappeared at home.. and now I have it too. 

So everyone got a reprieve from my "I want to go to the beach...." moans . 

I get this : " You just came back from Korea!" 

How could I possibly want to go away right? The home is our sanctuary. Still...

Anyway anyway how is your ramadhan coming along? Sadly I have yet to go teraweeh in a mosque. We do it at home, when we can. Only started fasting , and then got hit by this cold. Will do it asap. Have to get off my lazy butt. No more satan and devil so what could it be?? Laziness, Satan's best friend. 

Been listening to quran interpretation. Does this mean you don't need to read the Quran at all? (goes a question at the bottom of the Youtube vid)- no, is the answer, you need to read it too...because the Quran itself is a miracle right. It calms you down the moment you open it. Doesn't it. 

Boy , we have been taught from young, to read the Quran. But not to understand it, to like it, to be interested in it  you know? We don't know why God used this word instead of that word, why did God paint this imagery and not the other, why did God rhyme and then suddenly break the rhyme and then continue? Wah...the Quran is full of intrigue, and lessons, and moral guidance and also, passion and love. From God for us. And also stories of trials and tribulations, and ultimately, success. And here we are , obsessed with tajweed, ,when we don't know why we need to learn it, ie , so that when we read, it doesn't sound like a Mat Salleh speaking Malay and ruin the prose.

No offence meant for those who have seen the light..this is all inward me me.  

Nadine wants to be a student of the Quran. She found out that JPA does not sponsor education. So now she has to figure out what course she is going to major in. She can;t change to UK either. Hmm I told her to find out, then we figure out lah what to do!

Just sent her home just now, about 15 mins past 11.sped all the way as heard she has to go back by 11 , then was told halfway that during ramadhan she gets to go in at 12. Having on going battle with her to get a mini bar and she is refusing. Mom and dad wants to give her one , to store her millk and all her food and she is refusing because mom and dad went without one, and we survived, so why should sh eget one. This contrasts with her friend who is nagging her mom to get her a mini bar and her mom is saying- I never had one, so you survive it lar.

The rest of my kids are growing up just as fast...One of them got prepositioned by a boy, resulting in me telling her to unfriend all boys in her FB and getting the "mom is soo overprotective" and now me rethinking that ..maybe I am too protective? (NO WAY, right?) Anyway I told her ok you can have friends but (No you can't ) don't layan anyone who tells you you are pretty. The boy was miffed because She told him I am making her do that, ie unfriend him. Help!

Anyway yeah my girls are pretty. (ceh wah perasan) apa nak buat..ikut mak dia kakakakaakkaah. Hahaha don't puke ya kidding jer..

Sophia cooked lemon chicken today, pretty good effort I must say! The other half is telling me that we have no issue when maid goes home because now the kids can cook. Hallo dear...your wife is also a good cook ok just cause I haven't done it doesn't mean I don't know how to do it! Grr. And yeah the maid is going back for a while and I have just discovered how much of a hassle it is!

1. I have to get insurance at the post office
2. I have to take her to the embassy and get insurance at the embassy
3. I have to duplicate triplicate her permit and the contract etc
4. I have to give her a letter to confirm her leave
5. I have to change her address

AIyooooo...worth it ke nak balik ni, ada chance my maid tak come back ni.

Last last news: Cory Monteith is dead! Aiyo mode: disbelief.



Anonymous said...

Mini bar ye...that is new. Chu.

Anonymous said...

Hi SW,

May I ask you, how bad is the traffic jam in KL during weekday morning and evening (lets say around jalan bukit bintang and jalan raja laut)


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