Friday, July 05, 2013

The kids are coming home

Yay yay! the girls are coming home!

The husband has complained that the house is lonely and he missed them going in and out of our room like they do, looking for their hairband/scarves (mine usually) and other things.

I was remarking to him that our children are trustworthy..I let them take whatever cash I have in my purse for their daily allowance (which they only sometimes ask these days, being so close to home they don't need to buy stuff to eat)..I notice they would only take what they need..and not more! Don't know lah if ada they take more, but my notes still remain intact so I guess not lar. hehe

And they are (most of the time) so level headed-! They are the ones to tell me off for being impulsive or wanting to get xyz on an impulse..sigh..their mom is now being parented.

So I guess if there is a secret, it's teach your kids good stuff, and then trust them to do it!

But ! Big but! I have been reminded by a friend's FB posting that things can change and change so quickly. My good fortune (as I see it)  may well be taken from me, she cautioned (not to me, specifically, but in general) It had happened to her, and her once happy marriage is now no more. She is only reiterating what I am aware of at a daily level..that there is much to be grateful for, no matter how many problems you think of, there is STILL much to be grateful for. (hmm maybe I'll put that up).

And also things can change. One minute your kids are angels the next they follow boys somewhere. Nauzubillah..Keep praying against it lah. My fear is if some harm befalls them..That would be absolutely horrible. Sementara itu, enjoy the happiness, always be grateful to Him for his bounty, pray for the blessings to continue.

And another thing! Often people only return to him in times of sorrow, or when greatly tested. In times of happiness people forget. And that is my biggest challenge...being swayed by the easy life and forgetting to do night prayers. Prayers are humbling..Arrogant people don't submit, so prayers teach you to submit. Lately lately ni macam malasssss sangat, I postpone my prayers to the last's sooo bad..I am sliding HELP! ..and I know it! So have to force self to be more vigilant..

EH! harini I jadi ustazah tak bertauliahhh..sorry for that! Just reminding self...hehehe

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