Sunday, July 28, 2013

What we did last Friday

 This was last Friday. decided to go to the sea side. KL was full of haze. Seaside was brilliant and skies were clear. Tercapai cita cita...heheheh

Checked in at 2.30 pm. Checked out at 6 am. Got into a tiff with the hotel. Because when checked in was told of X rate, when checked out was told of X2 rate. And when checked in was told sahur was part of breakfast which was part of the room. When checking out was told that we had to pay RM50 per room. For the sahur. Geramnye kena temberang like that. Next time when jual barang, must tell price upfront.

We didn't eat at the hotel. The buffet boasted 100 dishes. We ate Burger King je (mengidam and thats the only burger not banned or boycotted by the kids). Tu pun dah kenyang. Apatahlagi if 100 dishes. Where to put. Sure cannot get up one. hehehe.

Sahur was rice with a few dishes, arriving at 5 am. We were given a list to choose from the night before and told this was gratis as this was in view of there not being any breakfast. Tu yang I marah tu.

But otherwise it was a very good break- worth the drive. Memang tenang fikiran, alhamdulillah I absolutely love love the sea.

Sea was calm! Not that many people, which was good. I waded into the water, so got my pants wet. The husband spent a long time in the water itself, just soaking. Nak swim karang, takut lak air masuk hidung etc. But it was enough to just be floating in the water. Sophia and Nadine fell asleep on the beach. Sara Dahlia adn Johan played in the sand. Sara and Dahllia did THIS to their brother. hehe.

Good break!


Ummi365 said...

OH EM gee. You are still blogging? rajinnyer.

Superwomanwannabe said...

well helloooo Ms Ummi265..yeah, afraid life. hahah and why aren't you..rindu lah dengar your stories.! :)

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