Tuesday, August 20, 2013

rambling- monday

Don't you hate it when someone comes during Maghrib an d then don't seem to want to go back

someone is downstairs...I served them coffee. He's talking to the other half. I need to go allready sayang --- your auntie is expecting us at her house for dinner! this would be the 3rd time we'd be missing dinner at this particular auntie's place, if we don't go tonight. the first time, before Eid, the 2nd time , over the weekend and then it's today. So better say babai to your friend quick !

Sigh...mamat tu pun tak reti ke hint..azan dah berkumandang dah tu..maybe other half is going to ask him in to pray jemaah?

On other topics, the renovated area on the side of my house is leaking . In our entire married life, we've been moving so much that renovating anything has never entered our minds . if we have extra cash, we'd travel. But since moving here we finally felt like we've put down roots, and renovating the porch on the side seemed a good idea..it's been used as an extra storeroom and was full of old stuff. now we've  put a bathroom, and turned it into a den. To save cash and preserve sunlight, I didn't wall it up, only put glass around, ala ala conservatory. Dad said that's not a room, when I told  him that his "room" is ready. heheh. Can lah dad, nanti I put tv . Other half dah call Astro dah for 2nd decoder.TV nyer takda lagi, astro dah panggil. wasteful actually, we don't watch tv at all, much less Astro- it's only for my dad when he comes, he wants to watch football.

Anyway nasib baik gak lah no tv yet, because recently it rained very heavily and flooded the den! nasib baik lah the contractor is a BNI contact, he came immediately to repair. However the problem sounds huge, ie the roof needs to be taken off and cleaned and repaired. Sigh...and all this with the maid's suggestions in the background, as if I am made of cash.

Ok then peeps , take care, will check in soon.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


selamat hari raya!

This was first day, at mom's house. We spent first day with them, and 2nd day to 5th day with in laws.

Sempat lah solat dekat surau dekat rumah...first time jejak kaki there! selalu kat tempat lain kan..best gak pi surau local nih. jumpa neighbours here and there. By the time we went to mom's house orang dah nak datang. mom being the eldest had invited all her siblings over and it was really nice to see my aunties (who are like mothers to me) and cousins again. I've got one cousin who gives new meaning to the word "reticent" , she would not speak to us unless spoken to and even then one word at a time and accompanied by a very sullen face - perhaps she is shy? I am only glad that her FB page shows that she has friends, otherwise I would think she is realllly shy or aloof! Now I know she was only aloof with us! Anyway we're used to her and if she was not a dearly loved family member I would say her behaviour bordered  on the incredibly offensive :)

Sad this raya as brother no 2 went to his wife's place..but puas gaklah sebb the night before we spent time with them at mom's place. My sis in law no 2 ni very rajin...she will be whizzing here there everywhere . nasib baik lah my maid ikut at least boleh tolong mom. Me and my other sis in law??hmmm hampeh!! Tak rajin langsung!! heheheheh

We also went to visit my mom's one of very few remaining aunts and family in Selayang. Shocker there because met one of the Opah's daughters who we have never EVER met before! She had been raised by my opah's in laws and opah told us that she was forcibly taken from her breast  by her mom in law to give to her sis in law! I cannot imagine what the situation  must have been like and why she could not protest! I suppose respect for the elderly trumped all. My mom lagi lah, she also never met this cousin! Anyway yes it was really good to meet my opah and all her daughters and son (6 daughters 1 son i think) We ran out of raya packets and I had to stay in the car skulking as I put more cash in more packets! hehehehe

sat sat interlude...nadine just brought up chekodok...yummmm

Anyway where was I..first day. Malam visit husband's auntie pulak- my auntie in law masak a lot and the amazing thing was-- all alone!! very nice food and company.

The next morning we left for Johor...Raya started at the R&R because we stopped for icecream and bumped into my husband's cousin and his entire brood! Lama lah jadinyer kat R&R tu,....

We arrived home to see my 2 sis in laws (husband's sisters) ...briefly because they were on the way to their spouses' place pulak! they had been with mom in law since  before raya . House was quiet when we arrived, with sis in law's son sleeping in the living room and mom served us lunch! Just as i was washing up plates I heard Johan called me-- 15 people came! And me alone to help out! All her former students! Wahh meriahnyer.

That night pulak got Marhaban and 20 plus people came over! Marhaban is when a group of people come and chant praises to the Prophet etc ...and we fed them Mee Bandung. Ours was the 3rd house for them. Husband and son went with them to marhaban and actually husband was really enjoying himself doing Men stuff like go to the mosque all the time with dad in law. My mom's training served me well as I was able to help out in the kitchen (kat rumah sendiri malas kan)

Phew...best tol raya ni..but we didn't go visiting much...mainly received guests...ye lah we are already old...youngters come and visit us now heheheh

My girls were marvellous!! they all helped. johan also! walaupun kena suruh baru nak tolong, at least tolong right??

We stayed until Monday. On Sunday mom in law's sisters came over - and we yakked over dinner !They didn't stay the night though....we did offer to put them up tapi kena cramp sikit lar...in the end they chose to stay at RAIL HOTEL in Kluang (promo sikit ) - which we visited the next day and joined them for bfast there! Not bad lah!!

Penat jugak raya raya ni kan. On the way back we hit  a loong jam..and rupanye ada accident kat Nilai..but the accident was on the OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD so it didn't make sense that our side was blocked!

Hit home- and crashed on the bed!!

Raya is just beginning..more and more open houses invite...!! seronok tapi penat!!


Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Selamat Hari Raya

Hi there all

selamat hari raya di ucapkan...in advance..

the ramadhan month is whizzing by..just when you are getting used to doing ibadah the way you are supposed to, wham! you have to haul yourself into commercial world and buying baju raya etc...

but! no reason not to continue trying to read the quran daily right?? you mean you already do? well done. I will try also= so much gem in there, what HAVE we been doing with it all these years, reading but not reading. We read, the way kids recite Negaraku, with no heart, no feeling , no u nderstanding.

the whole family has been hit by various ill nesses this month. I had that gadawful cold sometime back, and now the kids  have gotten stomach bugs. the other half, has been throwing up and having diarrhea...and it's strange to see the other half sick. since he's always well. The frustrating thing is , you nurse and fuss over them ,and the minute they are well, zooom off they go to work right. When they know that they would be so much better off once they REST , kan. And the minute I moan about having a headache the husband will say "don't go to worklah"

I heard also that my niece and nephew are down too. The only thing in common we had with them is the do we had at the kampung . That was AWESOME. I have an AWESOME kampung house which my late grandparents bequeathed to my only auntie (as per the Minangkabau rule which to this day I have no idea why it must be superior to the faraid laws) . It's been treated as a family home anyway and after a loooong time, one of our co usins (who had been a PA) organised this bukapuasa. ..with catering etc. And of course we arrived after buka p uasa due to er..leaving the home late .. The party was in full swing, with the smaller kids splashing in the pool (it's that cool, my kampung) and the adults ,  having done their terawih (behind my superquick uncle as Imam) , sitting and chatting by the table of durian.. Me and my girl cousins exchanging womanly tips and stories about the kids. The Tweens yakking and looking at their handphones. (sigh what to do., it's that generation)  A couple of my cousins came with men who we knew were not their husbands (apparently they got divorced quietly!) and sad to say I didn't have the guts to go introduce self and also they didn't introduce their new beau to us either. Food was kambing golek, and nasi briani.. It was great !

BUT! coming back after that everyone got ill...so ...related or not??

OR ! could it be the experience of going to Ampang Park Sunday at 3 pm - yeah madness. Absolutely mad. You cannot move . It was that crowded. And I saw KJ and Nuri and family. And they were also looking harrassed ha ha. And my 4 girls are soo hard to buy for. Ok my no 4 specifically. She is sooo fussy. She didnt find anything she liked. So dah lah, let's go back or to somewhere else. My no 1 said she has too many clothes and we should really donate clothes to others. Alhamdulillah. Still does not resolve the issue of no 4.

The office front pulak- what the heck?? While I love the rezeki that has come our way, I have suddenly been getting 3 times the work I would get in an entire month, all in the last week! they dont want me to raya or what..heheheh

ok ok dah lah i got to start getting ready for work..bye and have a good raya..



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