Tuesday, August 20, 2013

rambling- monday

Don't you hate it when someone comes during Maghrib an d then don't seem to want to go back

someone is downstairs...I served them coffee. He's talking to the other half. I need to go allready sayang --- your auntie is expecting us at her house for dinner! this would be the 3rd time we'd be missing dinner at this particular auntie's place, if we don't go tonight. the first time, before Eid, the 2nd time , over the weekend and then it's today. So better say babai to your friend quick !

Sigh...mamat tu pun tak reti ke hint..azan dah berkumandang dah tu..maybe other half is going to ask him in to pray jemaah?

On other topics, the renovated area on the side of my house is leaking . In our entire married life, we've been moving so much that renovating anything has never entered our minds . if we have extra cash, we'd travel. But since moving here we finally felt like we've put down roots, and renovating the porch on the side seemed a good idea..it's been used as an extra storeroom and was full of old stuff. now we've  put a bathroom, and turned it into a den. To save cash and preserve sunlight, I didn't wall it up, only put glass around, ala ala conservatory. Dad said that's not a room, when I told  him that his "room" is ready. heheh. Can lah dad, nanti I put tv . Other half dah call Astro dah for 2nd decoder.TV nyer takda lagi, astro dah panggil. wasteful actually, we don't watch tv at all, much less Astro- it's only for my dad when he comes, he wants to watch football.

Anyway nasib baik gak lah no tv yet, because recently it rained very heavily and flooded the den! nasib baik lah the contractor is a BNI contact, he came immediately to repair. However the problem sounds huge, ie the roof needs to be taken off and cleaned and repaired. Sigh...and all this with the maid's suggestions in the background, as if I am made of cash.

Ok then peeps , take care, will check in soon.

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