Thursday, September 05, 2013

General Update!


THIS BLOG IS SOO DUSTY!! fooh fooh fooh!! (I'm chasing away cobwebs in case you don't get that he he)

Anyway what's been happening...

1. nadine

Nadine is now more settled in her college. She turned 18 last 29th August, giving me a big jolt about how old we are all getting and how fast! We picked her up from college and took her and her 3 housemates to dinner at this well known place called PICK NIK. It came highly recommended by Father of 6 Husband of KitchenGuardian- the owner was a contestant in Masterchef Malaysia and is also the hosts of some tv shows.  Our order was taken by this goodlooking kid and I asked him his name (I like taking down waiter/waitresses' names) and he said he was Nik. I said HEY! Aren't you the owner?? he said yeah. I said aren't you a celebrity? He just laughed. The kids had a ball ordering - ok I had a ball ordering-- tak HENGAT DONIA ok ...the food was good! Pandan brulee- lamb chop- chicken wings- must try ok. I didn't take any pictures , I don't anyway - Too hungry when the food comes! 

We took 2 cars to dinner, and the other half sent Nadine and her friends back to Shah Alam while the rest (6  of us!) went home .  Of course we took lots of picture with the guy...he kinda expected it too , and he knew where to pose and all! hehehe!


Today Imma gonna have to go to ShahAlam again, to fetch Nadine and her friends ..we are all going to attend Nouman ali Khan's lecture in Wilayah mosque. yay yay! Straighten your niat, woman! You are there to listen for Allah swt's sake, and not because you are his groupie! Which I told Nadine we are . (She denies it vehemently and wishes to disassociate herself from her groupie mom) He's a fantastic speaker, originally from Pakistan but now an American, speaks from the heart and makes Islam so clear and relatable , you know? He specialises in the Quran and basically he distills the Quran into clear lessons for life. The Quran is for all, not just for Muslims, if only we utilise it right. Ok ok end of lecture hehehe- but try to listen to this guy on Youtube, he's very listenable. if there is such a word. 


3. sara

Sara is doing well too, she has a firm group of friends who giggle a lot. My issue is that they seem to want to go to the mall a lot. ok 2 times is a lot to me ok. She must think Im soo strict, everytime she wants to go to the mall to watch a movie with  her frends and she asks me , we will hmm and haw...To be honest we don't want her walking around in malls. full stop. Like no work like that. wasting time. Ok ok I spent hours walking around YowChuanPlaza with Zuriati, so a biiiit of a double standard,  but I was 18 and that's a different world then. 

4. johan

Johan is having his UPSR this Monday urps...and I should not worry so much, He seems to be relaxed about it. THAT's why I worry! He is too relaxed. His teacher comes to the house to hold daily tuition for BM for him and his friends and sometimes just for his friends. The lady charges me too, for it, and I don't have the guts to ask her to give me a discount - hey , she gets to use the house what...hehehe

5. sophia

Anyway yeah Sophia is now a baker  and who knows, will be KitchenGuardian 2 one day. Naaahhh I dont think so lah cause she only likes to bake and not clean how to guard kitchen like that...hehehe but she is very good with the baking thing and yesterday I believe she baked a brownie for her friend's mom. She looked horrified when we told her to charge RM60 for it. Hello sophia those ingredients ain't cheap ok! Real butter and premium chocolate you wallop from the fridge too, and daddy laaa faithfully buying you your cream cheese and your whipped cream!

It's rather insulting how everyone assume I don't cook or bake , eg when I told the husband that he was bringing apple strudel to a do he said, ok so get the girls to do . If my MIL wants to give a recipe she tells it straight to the MAID. Like this: takpalah Shila- siti can do. Why ah??? so diva ah, me.  

come to think of it...Ok ok not a great cook, and  i don't bake. deal with it, right...apa nak insulting lak kan?? I AM cute , though,right?. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!! Muwal pulak ek???hehehe

6. Mr Husband

Ohh yeah , the husband had a reunion with his Oxbridge gang  a couple of weeks ago..these were the kids he went to the UK almost 30 years ago with,  Although he still sees some of  them occasionally  this was the first time in a long time that a concerted effort had been made to unite all of them. Thanks to a very active Whatsapp group , the reunion happened  

The long haired boys and big haired gals (those were the 80s right) are now big kahunas in the corporate world but when they met, the years dissolved and back they went to the 1980s! The apple strudel which the other half was famous for back in the day, became a murtabak apple , due to lack of time on the surgeon's part to bake and the unwillingness of daughters to do anything not involving chocolate, or cream! 

We arrived very late but stayed till about 8 and reached home by 9 pm- Which was not very nice of us , actually,  as we had mom and dad in law at home, AND we had invited sis in law and bro in law (2 families) and uncles and aunties for dinner! And MIL was left to cook by herself while we gallavanted to this reunion thingy! 

7. dahlia I write this I can't think of anything to say about her..she is the most problem free child I have..cheh wah!! Only thing is she lambat nak mandi and lambat nak solat and so tied to the PC and the phone (this applies to all the children actually!) 

She went to Petrosains yesterday on a field trip- she went with all the secondary 1, 2 and 4 kids which basically meant her sisters lah. I've not chatted with her for a while although mom remarked that Daya is now a big girl..she is rather quiet now that she is 13! wow..I can't think that my daya baby is 13..the grouchiest baby always wanting us to pay attention to her. If I did anything for say sophia Daya will immediately say HOWABATMEEE..(how about me?).. given that she was the 4th child, I guess this was hardly surprising! Must shout to be heard

Ok then it's almost 7 am, I have done SOD ALL and i better do some work now ok.....Jakarta trip next! 


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