Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Hi there!

waking johan for school / what time dia tidor semalam...sejak UPSR dah habis ni. member relax je ..but he has another school exams to take. so not too m uch play ok johan!

sara sophia and daya all getting ready for school...baru lah nak gosok tudung..petang ni ada horseriding practice  daya hurt her finger and does not want to go..she has to go sebab this sunday ada competition...and anyway i rasa dia can do it..

nadine more settled in college now. comes back every week, and friday comes so fast these days!

We had a hectic weekend gak lah = took the kids out to dinner on Saturday, and then on sunday brother no 2 took us all out to dinner. I said that we should have this family get together once a month at least. everyone is so bz but everyone lives in KL. No reason not to get in touch but time flies so fast you dont realise that it's been a week since we last spoke to mom, for eg.

Kids are growing up way way too fast. the girls are teenagers with hormones,the other day one cried because I hurt her feelings. I remember Sophia dulu pun ada kata mummy you hurt my feelings....moral of the story, dont hurt their feelings...cakap apa pun kena jaga...sensitif

I dah start this Nuskin diet thing...3 months of makan pills and diet plan and far so good- 3 days baru but im not throwing up so kira ok lah.

ok lah talk to you later ye....

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