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Jakarta--- berhariraya with MadamTaiTaiAgain!

We had a lovely 3 day 2 night break in Jakarta visiting our dearest friends Madam tai tai again. When I heard that MdamTai Tai Again (MTTA) will be moving out into a smaller home, and that her husband said why need a big home our friends have never come anyway (or something to that effect) I immediately said LET'S GO TO JAKARTA ! Said this to the gals, no response, said this to MrsNordin and she said OK! Been talking about it for awhile ,so why not just do it right?? Other half pun sportingly said yes. so did her husband!

Booked the tickets courtesy of my cousin WorldDiscovery Travel ! Hotel - suggested by MrsN- the gloriousKempinski hotel! since I've never been to Jakarta Manalah I tau right which one is glorious which is not right but trusted her and the website looked gorgeous ! And the price tag- if tak bagus jugak tak tau lah.

Anyway could not wait to go!Never travelled with her before so pretty excited!

Airport- we picked them up from home. Did not sleep v well the night before, other half also went to  hospital. Halfway to their house, we realised we left the passport on the bed! texted her, and i can imagine the shrieking that went on there! My  house was at that time only 5 minutes away - nasib baik realised early!ALHAMDULILLAH!!! 

We took the passport and swung by hers about 10 mins behind schedule. Made it to the airport  with time to spare! Phew! Bought a power bank at airport! Lama dah nak beli. 

Upon checking in, we went our separate ways,agreeing to meet at the gate. This was actually a good way to travel, you know? You are together, but not in each others' faces. Had breakfast at HARRODs you! RM60 for kopi teh and scones! Mak kao!

Journey was uneventful , and I must say MAS has deteriorated,seats were cramped! Like this lah- if the people in front reclined their seats, it would decapitate my head. 

Food was so so (rice with prawn or bread with curry?) and level of service has gone down. Still, I still prefer KLIA to LCCT anytime. Sat next to this lady travel agent who was sponsored by the Indonesian tourism to go there all expenses paid. SOME PEOPLE have all the luck hahahaha!

Arrived, a bit of confusion at the line for immigration.Not sure if we were foreigners who needed visa, or not? or were we foreigners? And no clear counters. Pelik tol. it was as if, the airport was surprised with our arrival and was ill prepared. hehhe. Finally we got our bags (MrsN found them for us) and went out. Thankfully no smell of incense here (last time I visited Indonesia was to Bali and the smell hit me in waves!) MTTA had kindly sent her driver to pick us up. Quite far to her house but since we were being driven around,boleh look out and enjoy the scenery lah.

The long travel though,was worth it! her house was so gorgeous. Approaching the gate, there was a guard (seriously). The gate opened and you enter into a lovely house with pillars and wooden doors. I suck at descriptive writing, must go check out Mrs N's blog for this. Ok lah let's use simple words- polished marble slabs with swirly grains, small holding room , opening up to large living room with same marble flooring,  teak furniture, unique Pakistani/Bangladeshi tables (one of which was once a door!) high ceilings, indoor plants, immaculate furnishing. throw pillows and cushions. It was really nicelah basically. Kalau rumah I , kat belakang tv ada sikat, ada vitamin bottle, ada rubber band-  kat atas meja mesti ada surat lah, cawan lah etc. Her house- spotless.

Mrs N got the guestroom facing the swimming pool. with a door that can open TO the swimming pool. We were simply dumbfounded that the hosts do not have wild pool parties every other night you know heheh. The pool was big and perfect for a nice dip on hot days.

Terus lunch- nasi padang and the accompaniments. tunjang- I loike! Otak (brain) - er!! I tried it jugak lah, after seing the other half eating it with gusto. Ok laaahhh..but like kopi luwak (fox poo covered coffee) I can't bring self to eat lah otak. Anyway dah makan, taken to the room . MTTA graciously gave her daughters' room upstairs facing the lawn to us. Equally spotless and immaculate. !

I had to send an email so I set up my laptop in the room. MasyaAllah, I had left the cable of the laptop. Before my husband could rejoice though, I remembered that the power bank powers up the laptop toO! Which was how I ended up charging my laptop. 

After a little bit of rest, we ladies went to massage. Martha Tilaar ok! Bila lagi?? hehehe... I went for the boobs massage as well hey what the heck . go for it! they used Minyak KURA-KURA!!! Ayoo..! It was nice, and try as I might I could not sleep. Anyway I don't sleep  during massages normally. Normally I would be going - ah not so hard! or something like that.

After that we went for dinner. While we were pampering self , the men were shopping. Our host, Mr Tai Tai, was ill actually with DENGUE! but he put on a brave face and was charming throughout our stay. Rupanye dia demam and felt unwell. 

The nice thing was it rained that day we arrived...the first time it rained since before Ramadhan. Praises and thanks to Allah swt. And apparently the traffic was amazingly good for Jakarta. 

Our dinner was at Saung Grenville- sea food!! the most memorable dish- out of many, was the KEPITING ASAP. Banana leaf  parcel opening up to a gorgeous crab covered in a conundrum of spice. We were ready for bed after that and just fell into our beds once we reached MTTA's home! Dah tua thought of partying! I changed into my sexy night wear!  Which was= pink wooly pajamas! hehehehe

2nd day ! I went down after subuh to find MrsN making coffee. We took our coffee to the pool and chatted. Sadly I had to check my phone (DAMN You technology) .We stayed outside until called in to eat breakfast by MTTA - a delish meal of kueyteow, and fruits ! The other half came down very late, seriously getting into this holiday mood by sleeping ! We chatted and chatted quite comfortably...with them teasing me about how much I talk (because I managed to talk to the lady next to me on the plane) - heyyy nolah I am shy really. I only spoke to her because she was THIS close to me. 

We went out for lunch - see, cuti should be like, sleep eat again...This time where did we go? Oh yes! We went to Hotel Borobudur! For the famous Oxtail soup! It looked like a  nice hotel, and we attacked the buffet. I think I had 2 bowls of the soup. Husband had shepherds pie. The staff called me MAKCIK. Ewwww...So old lah. But I was told that they think they should call us makcik! Thank you Upin and Ipin.

Our hosts took us around the area of Pondok Indah ..palatial homes and definitely to drool over. All long French windows...Tak sunyi ke kalau takda orang ? was what i thought. At the same time as drooling.

2nd day we stayed at Kempinski Hotel or Hotel Indonesia. Husband didn't understand why we just didn't stay the 2 nights with MTTA and family. Hey give them a break from us larh..penat oi entertain orang. 

Hotel Kempinski was THE BOMB. The first international standard hotel in Jakarta. Pay through nose if you dont book through Agoda (which I did) . We stayed in and tinkered with the room as we do when we checked in=-check out closets, drawers ..we are so jakun like that. Our friends went out to Grand Indonesia mall. At 7 we met for dinner------

Jap ye...i sambung sat lagi

ok , hi again. 

So at 7 pm we went out....Another person in Jakarta that my husband and Mrs N were v close from their Kent days (husband was not in Kent but boleh dikatakan penghuni tetap lah)  was Verdi. Verdi ni sangat lah baik hati. He invited us for dinner at his mom's place. And offered to fetch us pulak tu. 

Mrs N dah give me the heads up to dress up when we were still in KL,  so I bawak lah my kaftan jubah...seriously comfortable although made me look like I'm wearing a patterned parachute..! Husband was forced to bring a batik shirt. which was just as well cause when we went down to the lobby to wait for our friends they dressed up too! Wah so we all look proper lah. Got into the car..wooshh to Verdi's place. masuk lah jalan tikus..into all the nooks and cranny of Jakarta- a real contradiction.

MTTA and husband did not join us as they had another invitation to the Ambassador's place for Eid. We were also very kindly invited but couldn't go lar. Discovered later that they didn't go either because he fell ill and was throwing up massively. Which sent me to GUILT zone until he said it was due to a tablet he took. STILL! you should not be out entertaining us, we are ok..

Anyway dinner was good, home cooked food kan always the best. There was Asinan, like a rojak Indon, and some murtabak manis - which was actually apam balik! with susu pekat and with cheese etc. SEDAP! 

Wanted to go out after dinner but then we were too sleepy! Hey!! What's this MrsN??? What happened to our karaoke etc etc?? Even going down to the hotel cafe to have a cup of coffee and latenight chat pun was too much of an ordeal ! So in the end both of us went to our respective rooms!

The next morning I got a text from MrsN to say that they were both downstairs at breakfast. Well, what she didn't know was her friend here equates hotel with room service! So we ordered in (not bad! RM50 for full plate with juice, roti,eggs etc ). I filled in the tub which took forever and ever and the other half fed me my breakfast woooooottt..(that part I didn't tell you MrsN!) , although a large part of our stay there comprised of folding clothes, ironing and a myriad of other mundane boring stuff hehehe but HEY! We were doing it in the very very luxurious room! hehehehe

About 11 we went out to Tamrin City Mall. Mak much batik on the ground floor! Telekung! baju shirt batik! Kain batik lepas! Batik tulis! I tak cukup rupiah! waaahh ...tried to go change money but then money changer was closed. Seriously guys. telekung only RM60..the same ones selling for RM200 out there.

Anyway we went back around 1 , because MTTA and her husband had come to the hotel to have lunch and see us off! So nice of them. I heard he was unwell, so didn't really expect them to come. over and beyond their duties as hosts ! Thank you! 

We brought our bags down and quickly checked out. A doorman had rushed to offer to take our 2 bags for us. Mrs N and husband came down as well, and we then left for lunch. Babaiii Kempinski...nice to have stayed with you. 

We had lunch at GARUDA, where they served food without being asked! You pay for what you touch je. And we had Avocado drink. Trip out was a bit nerve racking because there was such a jam, and the jam was induced by some parade marching through the streets. I fell quiet as I was scared that we might miss our 6.15pm flight! We got there at 5pm. Thank goodness we checked in on line! All we had to do was to check in baggage right..


We opened the boot and I couldn't find my red bag. Eh Where's my red bag? 

come to think of it, where's the other half's brown bag??

Rupanye! I had left the bags at the hotel..And the tag was with me.

I shrugged my shoulders and off we went to check in MrsN's baggages. 

THEN I made calls to them. 

Rupanyer they didn't give us the bags because they didn't get the tag. Husband however told me that they had actually given him the plastic bags containing gifts for our parents (babysitting fee hehe) which they had taken together with the baggage, but they did not return the bags. 

I don't have any defense lah, since it's fact that I didn't give the luggage. However I think they should  have been more alert. Come on, we were the only ones checking out at the time. The bags were just 2 bags. We were at the entrance for a while, and surrounded by concierge. And they didn't check that we were checking out? They could have been more attentive lah, since they claim to be 5 6 7 8 stars with fantastic hotel standard and highest service standard they could have been more attentive. Still, I should have given the tag. I was busy talking to MTTA!  Strangely, no one checked also- not the other half, not the driver . Tu lah, nak jadi kan..

MTTA quickly offered to take the bags (the husband did) and at first we took them up on the offer , so they were making arrangements for their driver to pick up. Then we thought we'd come and fly in again. But later husband and I discussed and we thought the hotel should send the bags directly. Too much hassle also to just fly back , what with the travelling to the airport we thought to ask the hotel to send back to us lah! They agreed! 

We were hoping they'd pay at least half, and  I officially wrote in. I loved the hotel absolutely, and was blown away by the service, but I still thought it'd be a nice gesture if they offered to pay something since they could have been a bit more awake lah kan. wasn't impolite but rather hopeful. 

And they sent an apologetic email yesterday and they said yes they'd pay! Yay!! 

So that was a nice ending to a very nice weekend

And now I wish I had brought more cash ! Tamrin citimall was amayzing!

Thank you Gina and chepul for hosting us! 

Thank you Mr and Mrs Nordin for  bearing with us! Chatterbox me and Laid back other half!

Must do this again!!

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