Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday musing- sorry slight religious leanings

Today I uploaded some pics of us going to Arabic class. Bukan nak menunjuk but to motivate ourselves so we can keep going! Sebab lama dah stop! My kids told me mom the book that the teacher gave us, we learnt in Std 4. I said, then why you still merangkak? The teacher refused to speak English to us, despite being very fluent in English.

When we started it was just the other half and me, then we thought why not get the entire family involved. You should see their faces. Apart from Nadine , this has not been well received by the family. Ni kes paksaan ok...hehehe. Pasang niat betul betul...we are learning so we can understand the baca takpaham ni, sampai bila ni. betul tak??  Also we can order in Arabic! yay!

[religious snippet ahead!] Anyway how have you been this past week? Busy? I wanted to tell you about this American guy Nouman Ali Khan , who was flown in to give a talk in Malaysia for the first time. He's a young chap, from Texas (from Pakistan originally) and his passion is to get us all to understand the Quran, then we can really understand this religion we were born in. Then NO ONE can justify that man marrying, and raping brutally until death , his 8 year old bride !!  Which is a horrible act no matter how you dice it!! Please lah stop oh old men, and please lah stop selling your children..please lah carik benda lain yang nak follow ... Sigh...the Zakat element of islam, and how a divine being has laid out a whole framework for social justice and system..tak pulak masuk paper....

Anyway yes. Nouman Ali Khan's talk.  wow got concert atmosphere, with us both macam excited and keep telling ourselves .-- straighten your intention! Not for the personality but for God.! But the personality is really approachable lah. He drove home to you that if you believe you are a Muslim you believe (a) you are a slave. (b) Allah is the master (c) Quran is the word from the Master (d) understand the Quran lah cause its for all mankind. You know what... Selama ni I dont think we truly believe that we are slaves. Kalau tak why so hard to go and pray. Betul tak.  Do we really get the concept of us being totally totally at His mercy? Ie if He says you will be ill, or well, this will happen. I don't think we really really understand on the deepest level... otherwise sure we won't be corrupt. arrogant etc etc .

WAHDUH!!  Macam religious pulak...met my exroom-mates in KPP recently and one of them said I am now more religious. Soo not. I try. but am so weak. Still want to read about what perez hilton says hahahaha

anyway it was fun meeting up with them. Masih riuh macam dulu walhal semua dah over 40 ..closer to 50 by next year! The personalities have not changed. Do people change you think? I am less bothered about what people think

AHAKS! So not true! I keep terkucil kat wassap group..ashik tertake it the wrong way and terasa je ...heheh so Im staying away for a short while! Kadang kadang orang bergurau...kita tak paham. So baik diam..Karang aku mengaum karang..heheheh. How about your experience with FB . twitter etc and whatsapp? Ada tak tersalah paham? What happens when you find one of your friends really irritating? hehehehehe

Anyway yeah have to go to Future Fit(previously concept 1010) ...dah bayar mahal mahal tak pi. So they called and called and nasib baik tak datang rumah I ambik I je..heheheh

Ok bye ye...

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Kak good friend of the same name (putri jugak hehe if still tak get it of the same name hahaha -jgn terasa hati -pun intended!) pun pegi Nouman Ali Khan's talk she too said it was really good. Anyway, couldn't stop laughing la reading your post, always hilarious and provides information abt things/life/etc as always..bila nak ada column sendiri ni?

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