Monday, September 09, 2013

the weekend

This weekend we all jadi supir.

Firstly we missed open house invite, and 2 weddings. 

And we were supposed to go to see Bad, dear friend since Uni days's baby. Dah nak masuk sebulan kot. !! teruk tol

And we were supposed to see my Nenek (Atok sedara) who is now in Sg Buloh Hospital ..he was really dear to me, when I was growing up. Mom and dad told me that during the 1969 riot they smuggled me out of the camps (dad was in the armed forces) into Nenek and Opah Mok's house (Opah Mok was my grandmother's sister) - I think I blogged once a long time ago how I was completely spoiled rotten by my OPah Mok . Her eldest daughter Kak La still talks about how Opah donated all her Mills and Boon's stuff to me when i was growing up! Cool, my Opah.

In the end , we didn't go to any of the above. We only managed one outing, which is to Mak Z (Husband's auntie)'s place - tu pun on pain of disowning us as relatives hahaha -- no lah- kidding. She didn't say that (she didn't have to!) 

Why so bad ? Biasalah ...tunggu husband kerja punya pasai...He was out till 9 pm on Saturday and he was away off and on on Sunday from morning to 3 am..handling 2 hospitals must be taxing. We spoke about him leaving public service. I put to him that the people in public practice do not appreciate the fact that he's staying with them because all they see is a member of staff who is not pulling his weight. Or seen not to be. And the private one ditto thinks he is prioritising the public service as he is there daily. But he IS indeed pulling his weight and need to get that message across to the junior members. meetingslah, organisation lah, buat questions lah. I tengah boring sebab ada staff pompuan melayu hantar sms kat dia..innocent je tapi ada smiley lah, we support you lah, take care lah ..apa lah. And dia ni pun dengan selambanya reply lah...EH TAK BOLEH OK. Harus berjaga jaga weiii...mula mula kerja nanti entah apa apa..Sila elakkan sms dari perempuan melebihi 2 atau 3 kali, terimakasih. Hehehe!

Ok sharing over. Sure dia tak bagi I share ni

Ok Sunday we fetched Nadine...I sent Sara to RSPC, then went to Shah Alam, at 10.00 then turned back to get Sara at 11.30 . Tetiba si Nadine ni beritau ada debate lak...and she wanted to go see. She has been out of the debate scene for ages and she's eager to go again. Aiyoo darling. I just made a roundtrip KLShahAlamKL and I didn't really want to go to Damansara where the debate was! Thankfully her friend's dad offered a lift, and waited by the side of a BUSY road,w here I dropped her off and prayed I don't get hit by the whizzing cars- We got her at 5 pm on the way to MakZ's house. Where we stayed for about 30 minutes before going home for an hour (supposed to go send her back to SA but she wanted to go home to take more clean clothes and food etc) and the husband sent her back at about 9 ish- on the way out to the Hospital where someone was bleeding. Oh yeah I am now letting her go on trains and KTM and buses (with a friend lah) . If you know me, you know that this is an achievement! 

The end of the weekend. Sophia and Daya frust sebab tak keluar mana mana. johan had tution Saturday and Sunday which the teacher never told me about but was good for him. UPSR beb! 

Ok talk to you later. 


Anonymous said...

Good luck for the next 3 days, Johan!

Aunty FTM

Superwomanwannabe said...

Thanks FTM!!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

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