Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Oh what a day! have feelings y'all!!

I had the most tiring day today. 

I was driving to see a client in the morning , in Kota damansara. Already I was annoyed as this client "just" wanted to see me. Aiyosh...k lah..then as I was driving I heard that flap flap flap sound coming from under my feet. We've heard this sound before , actually, on the way back from Kluang over raya haji- and I even know why we are hearing this sound- because the car got mad at us. I was toying with the idea of selling this car a few days ago...a sure fire invitation for something to go wrong hehehe..Ok ok I know , this is all rubbish...pure coincidence kan kan kan? 

But anyway the further I go , the louder the sound was, and the slower I went...nak patah balik, already on the by the time I got to the client's office basically I was a nervous wreck. What were the odds- the office was in front of a mechanic. Seriously. I teruus drove the car there. Parked and said - there's this flap flap sound, please have  a look. It helped that there was no parking around! 

2 hours later, I went back to get the car. Prepared to separate with some hundreds of bucks for whatever had fallen off (I was sure). The car was cranked up and I could see its tummy. The  indian guy (Sathiah) who by the way had SUCH a chinese dvd seller accent (and if you close your eyes you'd swear blind that he was chinese) showed me that the driver shaft (like I know what it is lah kan) was loose and had been knocking against some other thingabob. And even got scratches gouged in certain places. And look look ! even leaking seriously! 

2 hour job, please, he said. Leave the car. . Ok ..I have no time to wait so how ? Some more this is like totally far from my office, my home, everywhere. Have to go to office, then have to go to my first meeting as president of the bNI (bangganya) to discuss plans for the group for the next 6 months ... he promised by tomorrow. He asked me- can I drive a manual car? he was going to LEND me a car. Ok lah. yes I can drive  a manual car- 30 years ago! When I learnt to drive! 

Anyway I said yes. I was given this beat up bone dry no petrol proton . How I managed not to choke is amazing. the pedals were smooth and slippery. I had to take off my shoes to drive otherwise I could not grip the clutch. I had to deal with the clutch, gear and accelerator again! At the same time trying to find a petrol station, all this against the crazy detours around KDamansara. Finally found Shell ! The very kind indian /bangladeshi filled the car up  and I don't know why I felt the need to explain that this beat up car was not mine Oh NO! Am I a snob already! And I'm not even datin sri  datin sri ! hahaha! Once the car had some fuel I could relax a bit. 

Boy it was difficult to drive a manual in the traffic man...I abandoned the plan to go to the office and went straight to my next appointment at Solaris dutamas..I had no intention to go find parking, and was thinking of valeting the car. Bad luck, all the usual spots were taken! And the cars lining up the valet spots were all posh posh cars! Finally found one last spot..and I parked , thanking god with every breath . The jockey came and said to me- it's 15 ringgit tau kak? (It's RM15 you know  ma'am) 

eh of course lah I know--! Never mind RM15, RM50 oso can! See the leg lah kan hehhehehe- no kidding! But you know what I mean?? he assumed I had parked wrongly since it was a beat up old SAGA. Or maybe he didn't but I was ultra sensitive. 

Balik from the place (I also had training at Futurefit(previously Concept 1010)  ) it was raining!! cats and dogs! So not only did I have to deal with playing with the gears and clutch until my toes and foot were numb, I had to deal with the blurry vision and the dubious windows of the car (and the wiper seem to be introducing more dirt rather than give better vision). it got to the point when I was praying for a jam, so that I can free the gear and pull the handbrake and rest my poor footsie! 

Ok ok have I gotten you guys sick with my diva ness? It's not diva, more like panic and total terror ahahaha! But soon got the hang of it thank Allah* (*as in, Lord of all the worlds , pagan or otherwise, not to be confused with Jesus/Buddha/others) and reached home..

Oh yeah, my training was done in my full work clothes you know! I ingat dah tak jadik dah..but the trainer said ok! Kelakar nye...(this is my face nak mengangkat bendatu) - lenguh nyer sendi

The mechanic called later btw..dari RM1,300 jadi RM3,800. semua nya salah, semua bocor. So I said tunggu dulu, call the other half .Other half lak. tak angkat phone. rupanya had 12 hour operation- WOW! And when he came back home finally I asked- he said buat je lah...but I think not lah kot..this is an untried and untested mechanic..when I have Srivani in the BNi group-  who owns Sitt Autocare in Brickfields. Might as well bawak kat dia je...I kenal dia sapa right?? 

Ok i can't sleep.(It's 3.20 am) Donno what I am worried about, Worried I am though! Too exhausted maybe? the maid is still out of action, by the way. Sick.  moping about. Her legs now hurt. From having a high fever on friday, to being declared as having viral infection by GP (I brought her yesterday) to being able to sit up and talk to her friends today, she has been  unwell, and Nothing is being done in the house. Actually I told her to completely rest. She's not a robot kan. She was crying I want to go home...I'd rather die at home..I told her - eh I also demam (fever) but never thought to die one..And after 1 year you want to go home just because you fell sick? Aiyoo no stamina..what about all the extra money you were going to make? Can pay for this, can pay for that..right? I have effectively been maidless for about 4 days. I know, such a short time..but I am ready to throw in the towel hahaha. It should be ok but then the dirty clothes are piling up like you would not believe! I had to call in Fatima, emergency cleaner service! (she is the filipina who cleans neighbours house for RM15 per  hour) - She mopped the entire house. So well, in fact that if budget permits I will call her every week. I mean, Siti can attend to everything else. and do mopping every day as per normal, but Fatimah can do the extremely thorough cleaning that Siti will not do one. 

I 've been cooking and the kids help out. Yes, this should be the way but it IS rather tiring kan? And housework is ALL I can think of, you know. Now my head is full of wanting to clear the fridge. I hope my helper gets better soon. I hope she wants to get better. I  mean, I know she is feeling better, that's for sure, but I am suspecting that she is a little bit milking it. I mean, I get her breakfast, and  get her water atas dasar kesian , as she was unwell- so I myself would be totally taking advantage if I was her hehehehehe ! Tak baik kan I ? Takda, I came home, penat and asked her how she was, and she told me she felt better except her legs were aching..and her face all tired and lifeless- when I had actually  seen her looking quite animated already when sms her friend. hahahaha! Kantoi lah you. 

Must say though that I like this maid , she is more ikhlas (genuine) than the others I think, and she knows we trust her (cause we never learn our lessons, you say? Yah!) Like, i told her, to completely rest and sleep. and when I come home rushing to cook, she has already cooked rice for me. And I had put some clothes (like 10% ) into washing machine to wash and I come home, it's taken out of the machine,washed,So basically adalah perasaan responsible sikit kan..I do tell her to rest. 

Tadi she said she was feeling much better but her legs were killing her and can I cal someone over to urut her legs ?(massage her legs?) In fact, she had called a friend who told her of another friend who can massage her (amboi dah baik lah tu dah main phone) . And maybe I can drive her there ? I told the other half this, and he , with his operation 12 hour on his feet, and me, with my 5 hour trauma with the gear and the clutch and the window not working in the poton both thought- WE are the ones who need the massage ! hahahaha! 

eh ok lah I better try to get some shut eye...

Sigh....have a great day ahead, guys...!

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