Monday, October 21, 2013

So that was our weekend!


Where has the time gone???  So many I wanted to share. To tell you the truth I have been blogging in  my mind. Everytime something happens I blog about it, pity it's not automatically transferred to the laptop! Haha..! Penuh blog ni!

Anyway yeah, we sent Nadine last night. It's become a routine, on Friday she comes home. on Sunday she goes back. She has to do this  because she only packs for one week, rupanya! One day I picked her up on Saturday , she said she didn't have any clean clothes left! I finally told her to start washing small items laaah..apa lah anak dara I ni.

Last Friday I picked her up myself , although usually the other half does it. Other half's schedule was so mad last 2 weeks that I told him I will give him a letter excusing him from seeing patients if that works Ahaks!! What to do, kita fofular...hahahaha, no sometimes it works that way..

Anyway Her dad was sooooo bz that he was still at the hospital at about 10 pm and Nadine called and said she can't go out after 11 which then spurred me into action. I don't like to drive, as a rule. Especially at night! I took Sophia to accompany me.

BUT! I can finally cross one thing I had ALWAYS wanted to do, off my to do list. Which is- to help someone stuck in the Touch n Go line! This was at the subang toll. I was no 3 in the queue. This white car was waving and waving his /her card. Last last she reverses..AIYOOO..Aku dah lah nak balik. Without thinking further , I jumped out and skipped over (hahaha all 68kg of me skipping) to the car. This is against the background of my 2 daughters (nadine and sophia) squealing NOO MUMMY!! It seemed that Sophia actually hid her face and lowered herself down .I reached her and asked "is there something wrong with your card?" (duh, obvious question much?). And by the way where was the Toll guy to help? She said (young chinese lady) - It can't work! (Ya don't say!!)

So heroine me waved MY card and after 2 waves (risau gak coz it didn't work also first time), the bar lifted HURRAY! And I skipped back to my car. If I wanted to be unseen and low profile, the orange scarf, the stripy purple and blue pants and the mismatched pink blouse basically threw THAT idea out of the window.

The funny thing was the Alfa Romeo behind her pun opened his door..a malay macho guy who now probably wanted to help= hehehe too late mate!

I went back to the car and the kids were still squealing, torn between proud and totally meltingintothecar type of embarrassed.

Anyway yeah, that was Friday.


Saturday am I decided to go for my facial. Nadine nak pergi halaqah so off we went first ..I have to fetch her back at 12.30. Sara has  a reunion  at 12.30 at the Museum of Textiles. I tak suka sangat Sara pergi reunion- for what? And reunion darjah 6! And her friend's brother driving! I don't feel safe to let her go. Anyway I rasa terpaksa say yes. So off I go for my facial.

At 12.30 I called Nadine, with myface full of muck , and asked her to take a cab back. I had called the cab company (alaah, kat Melawati je) and told them specifically to get my daughter and send her home. Nadine called later to say she was still waiting. I tried to call the cab company and no one answered. Nadine tried and someone hung up on her. NOT NICE , mate!

Last last the host sent her  home (thank you) . One daughter sorted. One daughter pu lak , Sara, I told  her to ask the same friend to send her home. She said ok. Then I went  home after facial. The plan was to get all of them to Pavillion to wash eyes hahaha after Nadine and sara and possibly daddy, had all come home. However although Nadine was home , daddy was MIA and Sara called to say that she needed to be fetched. Unfortunately I ngantuk and had dozed off at that time, and didn't notice her call or text until about 4 pm and then I scrambled to get her..grumbling all the while, cause didn't know how to get there, didn't like havin to go out again to drive, didn't like her friends changing their plans like that, didn't like my daughter waiting by herself GRRR. Used waze which , usually accurate, let me down big time that afternoon, telling me "You have reached your destination" when I was in the middle of the road. ARGH.

Finally got her, and went home again. She thought we were going shoppng but not without the others, dear! So balik laaa...

we didn't go out again in the end! waited and waited for daddy...who ended up coming home at 9! pm! I said heck it, let's dress up for dinner! Maid pulak demam she rested and we piled her with meds and water and food and ordered her to sleep. I cooked beef stroganoff with steamed veg and roast potatoes and also garlic bread. The girls helped take out the best china, and cutlery etc. and we all dressed up and put make up ahhaha. Bapak dia balik finally and we all ate..and I actually tension giler with the dad but somehow tak sampai hatilaaah nak marah...Although honey you CAN say no you know.

That was my saturday! Sunday...lepak  missed Arabic class ! Malam makan at mom's house ...and sent nadine home...

Ok lah! Better go and do subuh prayers now! Babaiiii

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