Monday, October 28, 2013

The weekend that was

What?? Another weekend passed?? What happened lah??

The long awaited "recognition day and hi tea" for Johan's Year 6 of Adni finally took place last Saturday pm.. I was on jitters ! This event was organised by the mommies of Year 6 and helped  by the teachers.  A whatsapp group was set  up and I was soon privy to the mad organising that went on. There were the invitation cards to print, the cupcakes/carrotcakes door gifts to make/give, the printing, the pressies for the students and the teachers (apparently the teachers requested?! heheh) The venue and the most important part- the moolah!Close to RM20,000 ok ! Sponsorship were sought and amazingly obtained! Amazing to me because someone actually sponsored a standard 6 non event , of a private school. Hehehehe. I absolutely thought we were going over the top. Baru darjah 6 lah oi! But the parents had fun and were good at organising so lah! I applaud their efforts because the whole event went well. The teachers were happy and felt appreciated. The moms and dads were happy . The food was good (lemon chicken, tiger prawn!) . The kids?? I asked one of them how it was- he said BOSAN! (Boring!) And this was supposed to be their day.hehehehe

Finally met the mom and dad of Jojo's bff Amirool . I was sitting there chatting with him when I suddenly thought- eh, his parents were sure to be here? I'm always seeing him alone in the house, not used to seing his parents. I turned around and there they were, waiting for me to say hi! The mom and dad are very nice and I extended the open invitation to have Amirool over . Turned out they were in a fix about where to put Amirool next week because they were going away and amirool has a school trip (which Johan is not going to voluntarily) and when he comes back they would still be away. I offered to house him lah! Apa lah.. but it's nice that they asked.

Yeah Johan has a school trip to Langkawi changed to Melaka. He didn't even bother to tell me because the 4 girls before him were not allowed to travel on a bus before the age of 13. Even though I don't really mind him going because (a) it's only to Melaka and (b) it's in Melaka. hehehe.

So that was Saturday sorted. Sunday pulak- we have finally gotten off our bums to do Arabic. And forcing ourselves to do work beforehand means we enjoy it more. The kids are good . mom and dad- not so much.

Another thing I forced myself to do was to go to KLCC to shop. No kidding. I do not like to shop. So this is me- go in, go to Isetan, go to get Johan's clothes , pay, go out. The end. Johan dah takda baju langsung, all short or tight. And his pyjamas- the MAID asked me to buy new ones as the ones he has are old and faded. So I bought 6 pairs I think. Ha kau.

The maid is back to normal HUZZAH!!! She is now cooking , cleaning etc. And I feel soo relieved. Must have a maid because otherwise I turn into a dragon. I was peering into every nook and cranny when I was doing things myself. I cleaned the fridge and the freezer.  I swept madly. I love housework! If I don't have other things to do lah! I cooked! So yeah, glad I can pass the baton. But I think the time for her to do things unsupervised is over. Ada hikmahnyer dia tak sehat..i now realise what I want her to do and what she has not been doing, or doing in a way I do not like. For eg. I want her to wash her clothes separately from us. Diva ke? No , cause respect lah the boss right ha ha..!

Ok lah...babaii guys...take care....I am still having back pain nih...but can run lah actually..dah terpikir nak buat ZUMBA..hehehehe



Nadine said...

Huzzah! Alhamdulillah!

1na said...


huzzah tu maknanya the crazy english version off "hooray"

=) Baru paham

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