Saturday, October 05, 2013

update no 1


my daughter told me this blog is dead. my other daughter told me  that too.

no...don't worry..not by a long shot..I will still pen my boring life for you to read hahaha

been a bit busy...

But what's been happening then...

Daya is taller than me, did you know that? My brother no 3 who just came back from the UK after 1 year doing his Masters, shrieked in mock horror yesterday when he saw Dahlia, who had grown taller than him! Never mind that he has taken after my dad who is , shall we say, vertically challenged.

It was really good to see my baby brother and wife again..they came back the night before last , and yesterday we had dinner with mom and dad, and the entire family was for the first time in one year, complete.. well, except for Nadine. She was still in college. We brought food to mom's house, for a change we were the earliest there, with my brothers and families trailing in later..expressing shock to find me in the kitchen! eh I have you know that when I didn't work, I used to cook all the time ok and bake too!  Cheh these adek insolent ha ha!

Mom and dad are fine, we are not going to see them as often as they would like - WHICH I WILL RECTIFY! okay okay! sebok laa mom...but we do speak often. Most of the time mom will call me at my busiest time at the office hahahaha..I will try to speak properly but most of the time kinda distracted.

One blight in the horizon- my husband's former vice chancellor is in hospital now suffering from the big C. He's done everything and tried everything and now it's not working and he's basically just being made comfortable. Everyone is expecting him to pass on but his spirit is so strong that he is still hanging on. However he is suffering, and this is not nice to see. I have not been allowed to go visit (!) but I think about him a lot.. how it would be for us nanti, and how sorry I feel for him, because he is still so alert and conscious and therefore he feels every pain, every hour that passes. I just spoke to one ustazah just now and she said to read this one surah Ar' Rad , and pray that if he is meant to go, please make it easy, but if he is meant to stay, please get better.

end of morbid stuff

Sorry..! Ustazah and I talked this over after daya's recognition day..which I attended just now. Daya complained because we did not stay for the pizza which she helped pay for.

It's been a flurry of recognition awards for the kids these last week or so. Never mnd that there are final exams round the corner. that goes to Update 2 ok!

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