Friday, November 29, 2013



Abah and mak have arrived ..but!
No need operation..!
The bone doc has looked at the MRI results and declared that MAYBE Abah can get away with no op. All he needs is to have some fluid drained from his knee....(sounds totally yucky)


mak is of course the happiest eheheheh..

On another matter, my brother's maid has run away. This is the 50 something woman who has only one eye working. The day before found an SMS apparently from her daughter which accused mom and family of starving her. Heheh the fattest starving person ever! Mom and sis in law called her and asked her flat out whether she wants to work. Yes she said. And the next morning, disappeared. Aiyoo..

She has probably gone to join her daughter, who also ran away from the employer. Hope she is safe! And hope she realises what a cushy job she had, although not many friends money and safety was secured.

On the homefront- took 6 kids to swim yesterday. Had fun ! My parents came just as I was about to go out so we invited them as well. Had tea by the pool. Our rezeki, there was a function which had just finished and the manager very kindly gave us some of the kueh from that function and the satay! Im sure this has nothing to do with us asking eh cant we take them? heheheh tak malu tol.

Anyway y eah the kids had fun and then they all demanded Macdownald which they wolfed down..pas tu naik atas and tengok tv sampai lah malam. Ni I just peeked, Kim Possible still on. ISSHHHH!!

Ok time to go to my meeting! Bye you all!

Come come support Nadine!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

And here is the latest update...

Dad in law fell the day we were in Kota Bharu, did I tell you that? And mom in law was in thailand at that time. I called bro in law, who said that he just bruised his thighs and the clinic said there were tissues torn that's all. That was about 10 days ago

2 nights ago they arrived . Hubs had a look at the knee. After tekan tekan, he pronounced that abah needed surgery. . Off they went to have a second opinion. Correctomundo, memang have to repair. It's not torn tissues, it is (am now flipping back to the whatsapp message he sent sat) ahem!!: He has ruptured his left quadriceps tendon and will be operated to repair this friday. 

I think they were astonished that it is this serious, and not just bruised. How wrong did the clinic get the diagnosis! Never mind, at least he will be treated. I was mulling over how important it is to have insurance for when we are older - although someone told me that the insurance expires when we need it most- at age 70!

 Mom and dad in law though, when they heard about the operation, promptly left our house hehehe ..they went back home for a while! Errands to run etc. Dad in law with wonky knee and all. I was on my errands for work when I got a call from Nadine to say that dad and mom have left and she was with them.

I was (a) shocked and then (b) relieved Nadine was with them and (c) sad that Nadine is gone huwaaaaaa...:) Yeah, kinda miss the kids when they go , like the other day they went camping in KL for 2 days and then PD for another 2 days.

I fetched them from the KL camp and they slept at home and then we sent them to the KL camp the next morning (very late) for them to catch the bus to go to PD. Totally embarrassing them to be the last ones on the bus. Hey my defence was we were back from KB and the house was empty and we missed them and had we not done that we would not see them for a whole WEEK! Gasp!! ahahahah..ok I dont know what I would do when they go overseas (if)!

 Anyway yeah my dad is going through the same thing..his kids were not around last weekend and boy was he upset. We were at home on Sunday actually but the kids had just come back the day before and for some reason everyone just did not have any energy to move. Everyone just lounged about....malas malas. There were 4 ppl in our bed. And daddy included.! And the father slept for so long, and me too! We must have been more tired than we thought! badan dah tua kan...

Actually it's nice to have a house full of kids . Provided you have someone to help you lah! The day mak and abah in law came the Maid was on leave and stayed away overnight. Today I have 2 extra girls ie my husband's nieces. Yesterday I went to their house to say hi to them and also fetched them to thehouse. They are Jojo and Daya's age. And I've also called my nephews over as well, my brother's kids. As well as my husband's sister's kids. Aiyoo when they all come in, I better have activities man! heheh how about erecting a tent outside? That would be exciting tak? Hmm where to get a tent big enough for 10 kids And should the maid sleep outside also?

A friend of mine bawak anak anak dia pi Istana Negara...maybe I will do the same!
 Ok tata for now....take care yew...

Monday, November 18, 2013

Day 2 in KB

Hmm I would LIKE to report that I went to see the palaces and stuff..but my slothness prevailed and all I did was stay in the room, prayed zohor and asar, and then went to the attached mall and bought stuff for the girls. they are forever growing out of their clothes  and I found them long sleeve blouses yay!

Anyway yeah, came home at about 5 with a headache and stayed in with room service (what is a holiday without one) , and the other half came back soon after.

Hope that today I can see KB but it does not look like it, since have to work pulak. A good thing Im still here in the room, tak keluar lagi...Kalau tengah berhurray hurray kat Pasar Siti Khatijah camana lah nak refer to computer. Maybe I should go and BRING the laptop. Which is the saddest thing I can think of. Or maybe I should just switch off the phone

Update later.

Actually teringin kopok lah pulak.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A jakun* in Kota Bharu!

[*- over excited? You think, with the travels that i've done, I'd be blase right...wron - this post is to show how much of a jakun I still am! ] 

Anyway Hi folks! Today I'm going to do something I haven't done in ages!

I'm going sightseing on my own!! 

Yay! Im also going to- gasp! shop! by myself!

hehehe I usually don't like shopping. That's because normally I hate crowds, and I have other things I'd rather be doing- facing the laptop included. Vegging out with family. watching telly.Anythin. The idea of browsing mindlessly and trying things out do not usually appeal to me- so my attitude to shopping has been - Dash in, look around, find, buy, dash out- and if I can't do that..say because I'm with the other half who is a secret shopaholic- I'd sit in coffeehouse and drink coffee ahhhhh...while husband continues to shop! 

But today! I'm relishing the idea! 

The difference is- I have the time for it! Lots of time! Forget you , docs ! Just for today! And there are no kids! (missing you loads, children,  and thank you mom and dad and bro and wife for minding them. Yes, again)

I am here in Kota Bharu following the other half - he has work examining at XXX until Tuesday. Nak itot!  I wanted to bring the entire brood but was SHOCKED to find that the flights were all fully booked..! I checked in the morning- still had seats, wanted to ask husband if we can all go and what time to book- by the time he got to me (bolehlah if you want he said) , and I checked online again- FULL! I had to book via MAS hotline- and I got a very nice guy called Shamsul to help me. Cracked lots of jokes - me lah. not him. him all professional. I told him to find me seats- berdiri pun takpa lah dik! Sadly, I could only get one extra ticket- for me! And  no business class - not that we usually travel business class, but Mr Husband got one, and for free too and I thought it'd be nice if I can waste some money and sit together. No such luck, all out ! By the way Business class to Kota Bharu--- serious extravagance ah. I told him to tell his organisers, save your dough next time !  ...sampai bukan awal lagi daripada economy seats pun.- it's not like you arrive any earlier! Plus, the MAS people kindly gave me a seat next to window and first row after BC so leg room banyak- so space wise no difference ....although I SMELT PIE!!! ohhh you guys got to eat yaa..we all dapat peanuts je (MAS, can replace with healtier option tak?? Kuaci pun ok!)  ...hooo hooo..but never mind, was v comfortable ---next to window, some more! Thank you Mr Shamsul the MAS guy! (he assigned seat to other half- in the last row in BC -- he said, to be near me. Ha?? that, i laughed at. why Mr Shamsul? not like we can chat through the curtain pun! hehehe. I was happy enough that he got me a window seat!)

Although I nearly didn't you know!By the time I got on the plane, there was a couple who was there, and the wife was in my window seat. They both looked up blankly at me when I smiled and said "sorry, that's my seat?"(why do I have to start with sorry, and why did I have to ask? sigh)  . And they said oh is this your seat? I'm thinking - YA THINK? you mean you didn't get the boarding pass with your seat number? They just smiled back at me. I smiled back. Some mental telepathy was going on between us - I imagine her thinking.." you're not seriously going to make me change seats are you, you fat woman? Next time board earlier lah! "

It was all I could do to NOT say- never mind, I'll just sit here (aisle seat) and I felt seriously petty and mean as I continued to stand and beam stupidly (but determinedly ok) while they finally decided I was serious and started  about changing their seats. hehehehehe.. I got my seat yay! It's not often I travel by meself , hokay, and If I can't be holding on to the other half as we fly (chewah macam apa he he) I'd like to stare at clouds and think of God's creations, thank you! I'm still dazed that I stood up for it. I'm such a wootz normally. Loved the journey and the changing clouds as day became night..although next time Imma going to tell them to turn the dang music off. And for the pilot to practice landing more. 

Anyway yeah! Got booked in at the renaissance! A pleasant surprise.  Had thought that the standard would be only so - so..but so far have been impressed! no complaints! Truly five star. Breakfast was good too! Good spread-  nasi dagang, beko and akok (shhh dont tell my diet consultants) and also they served tomato juice, very hard to get outside KL! And the housekeeping girl got us the toothbrushes (always forgotten by us) in record time! And she managed to laugh and giggle daintily about it as the other half went to answer the door! (she's just being friendly, he grinned) . 

The organisers took us to Yati Ayam Percik last night ..delicious! I tried to play the demure wife, as I wasn't supposed to come along should be unobtrusive lah kan..tak jadik lah.  Borak borak sampai malam. And ate CHICKEN SKIN yummmm..and ayam percik! (of course). And the long missed Akok. Satisfying or what. So sweet though things,  need to adjust. 

Okaylah today Imma going to pretend Im a matsalleh and go see the PALACE ! the Museum too! What? Pasar Siti Khatijah you say? heheheh we shall see. Wonder if you need to have a passport to go to Golok?

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Diet ke Laut

I hate you Kitchenguardian... why lah your food so sedap.

Yesterday your husband came to work bearing that "mixed cupcake" that you made. He had bought it for the office. Offered me one. Wargh. Lemahnye will power ku...I took the salted caramel ..which was yummy. Banana cupcake with salted caramel topping I think. Then later...I TOOK ANOTHER ONE! The creamcheese and red velvet one..Mula mula I licked the cream je. then I baham the cake too! Yummy. I didn't even bother to take it out of its casing, bit into it instead punyalah lapar. Then I thought never mind lah, I am not having lunch today kan..THEN my clients came and we ate at Floracafe! lontong- laksajohor- cucur - icecream....

Sigh, ke laut lah nih...

But seriously if you have never  had anything from Kitchenguardian- what are you waiting for? Very delisioso!

On another subject, there is this deepavali do coming up tomorrow kat my BNI. Husband pi costume shop carikkan something for Daya, I kirimkan lah baju satu for me. Daya ada ehem..halloween themed birthday party this Saturday and has been nagging (yes daya you have) us to take her to the costume shop. All we have been hearing this past 2 weeks are Naruto, Kunai, Naruto, Kunai, mummy can I order online. She is very determined is my Daya, once she gets her heart set  on something. Otherwise she is noncommittal. she is the one who , when I said I will let her go to XX place this coming month, came over and had written out an AGREEMENT for me to sign (I , Mummy, has agreed to let Daya go xxx)..Sigh

As for my other 2 girls at home , Sophia and Sara, are doing well. Sara is having a birthday this December. Sara told me she is very girly are, lah Sara. The girliest of them all. the one who likes lipgloss etc. And actually so is Sophia. Come to think of it, so is Daya. Daya packs her stuff according to the day she is going to wear them, and down to tudung, pin, etc. Sophia shares my taste in clothes and borrows mine anyway. Sara is very trendy I worry about you Sara cause you are very pretty and Im sure ramai peminat kan...Although I know you are a good girl. Actually I think it's ok to have a boy friend. Boy friend. Not boyfriend. But of course within limits lah kan. I would LIKE to let you have high heeled shoes but the idea of making you look older than you are , scares me.  U know I think you are still 3. Yeah I know your cousin has them. but you know what I think of my brother's er indulging nature of his only daughter. I am the only daughter too. A right bratt dulu.

Ok lah I have to go early if I want to tumpang the other half. He is examining in another university today. 3 hari. so the private sector tutup sekejap. Aponak buek berhati rakyat. So he said if I want to tumpang kena pi awal. Ok lah, sebab nak borak in the car holding hands punya pasai...I kenalah babai kat youuuu


Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Tuesday update!

The problem about not writing every day is, you forget what you have written about.

For example, did I already tell you about the Nuskin diet I am on? If I am, ignore the next section ok:

[It's called The-right-approach and gosh darn it, it's working , yew! You eat a mixture of supplements designed to boost your metabolic rate/reduce your fat intake etc. In 2 months I have lost about 3 kg which is a  big deal, ESPECIALLY considering that in these 1 and 1/2 months I have NOT said no to cakes/custards/durians/milo etc. Are you kidding me? Life is there to be enjoyed right..although when I think about it, I am only sabotaging myself...since it's so expensive I should really be more strict about it. (RM4,800 hokey, although they take easy payment phew!). I have another 2 weeks to reduce another 2 kg. My target (and the target set for me) is another 6 kg-- Actually I have to be strict because I get weighed every other week - pressure woah. These 3 people (my "upline" although he prefers the word business partner, HIS upline, a huge girl herself (who has lost a heck of a lot of weight (seriously , she is BIG) and is continuing to be losing weight under this programme) and her husband- They come and weigh me internally and externally. Eg body fat /visceral fat. The first time I got weighed, because I had been reporting what I eat to them almost daily, they kind of expected me to FAIL big time...and when they saw that I lost inches, they were oohing and ahhing at my amazing result! Tak tau lah kalau temberang kan hehehehe...nak jual minyak lahkatakan..hehe Actually I am glad that I took this programme, dah sakit belakang, sakit kaki...I didn't think I could actually lose the weight...kalau tak bayar tak da motivation nak lose weight kot! ]

And that, ladies and gentlemen is the secret. Motivation. Kalau ada motivation, takyah diet mahal mahal pun ok.  Kan??

Ok moving on, we're lepakking at home today. Husband has been so mega busy since Depavali, weekend etc..working non stop. Today pun kerja. Dad and mom popped over, miffed as my siblings and I don't go and see him. Sigh..annoyed pun ada, sebab we all bz kan  and we JUST saw him the other day. My brothers pun just had dinner with him last Sunday.

Last Sunday the car broke down again.'s a lovely car, but unfortunately due to its age, manja sikit. It's 10 years old. Lovely to drive, once serviced. We ran into a HUGE hole while going to a wedding , but I don't think that's  it. because we could drive on what...After the wedding we went to my friend's house for a reunion, and then we were driving back. It was only when we were driving that we felt something was amiss. Ok ok "we" tu , me lah.Husband insisted it was ok. I drive the car, I tak tau teknikal nyer. I do know however, how the car is supposed to feel like and sound like. And it did not sound right. So we stopped.Right on Guthrie corridor. I went out the door and WOI! The front tyre on passenger side berasap you! Smoking! We called AAM. Alamak! Expired membership ! Tu lah, tak prihatin...! Soon though, the Guthrie people came over and diagnosed it to be a brake yang melekat. Need to be towed to the nearest mechanic. I called AAM again and asked them to assist to call a mechanic who can do that. Ala. selama ni I bukan dapat service free pun from AAM, kalau bab tow tow nih kan... so macam biasa lar.

The only thing was, it was Deepavali. Most mechanics were closed. We waited and waited, finally one guy called- he was called by AAM . Huzzah!! he asked for directions. he called adalah 3 kali..aiyoo...sesat lah pulak. In the meantime my cousin called me- he spotted us standing on the roadside. Could he pick us up, he said? I said oi kena jaga kereta lar....

Anyway yeah I was worried that cars might hit us, so mula mula I stood jauh from the car. ..There was a motorbike lane, so I stood kat belakang situ. But dah kena gigit nyamuk bagai, I jumped back into the car. Ada aircond kan..Yeah scary gak, cause the car trembled everytime a big truck or lorry passed by.

Finally lah this INDIAN(!) guy came with a huge tow truck. Off we go...and from the positive aspect...nasib baik gak lah ada tow truck as my husband was too sleepy to drive..the moment he got it it was SNORE CITY.

Dropped the car to the mechanic near my house. (NOT in glenmarie ok, nanti bila lak nak ambik)

The car is ok now. My pocket is not though. Sigh..cubaaan

So that was (some ) of our weekend. Kaifa kanatal Utlak for you? (how was your weekend?)

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...