Sunday, November 17, 2013

A jakun* in Kota Bharu!

[*- over excited? You think, with the travels that i've done, I'd be blase right...wron - this post is to show how much of a jakun I still am! ] 

Anyway Hi folks! Today I'm going to do something I haven't done in ages!

I'm going sightseing on my own!! 

Yay! Im also going to- gasp! shop! by myself!

hehehe I usually don't like shopping. That's because normally I hate crowds, and I have other things I'd rather be doing- facing the laptop included. Vegging out with family. watching telly.Anythin. The idea of browsing mindlessly and trying things out do not usually appeal to me- so my attitude to shopping has been - Dash in, look around, find, buy, dash out- and if I can't do that..say because I'm with the other half who is a secret shopaholic- I'd sit in coffeehouse and drink coffee ahhhhh...while husband continues to shop! 

But today! I'm relishing the idea! 

The difference is- I have the time for it! Lots of time! Forget you , docs ! Just for today! And there are no kids! (missing you loads, children,  and thank you mom and dad and bro and wife for minding them. Yes, again)

I am here in Kota Bharu following the other half - he has work examining at XXX until Tuesday. Nak itot!  I wanted to bring the entire brood but was SHOCKED to find that the flights were all fully booked..! I checked in the morning- still had seats, wanted to ask husband if we can all go and what time to book- by the time he got to me (bolehlah if you want he said) , and I checked online again- FULL! I had to book via MAS hotline- and I got a very nice guy called Shamsul to help me. Cracked lots of jokes - me lah. not him. him all professional. I told him to find me seats- berdiri pun takpa lah dik! Sadly, I could only get one extra ticket- for me! And  no business class - not that we usually travel business class, but Mr Husband got one, and for free too and I thought it'd be nice if I can waste some money and sit together. No such luck, all out ! By the way Business class to Kota Bharu--- serious extravagance ah. I told him to tell his organisers, save your dough next time !  ...sampai bukan awal lagi daripada economy seats pun.- it's not like you arrive any earlier! Plus, the MAS people kindly gave me a seat next to window and first row after BC so leg room banyak- so space wise no difference ....although I SMELT PIE!!! ohhh you guys got to eat yaa..we all dapat peanuts je (MAS, can replace with healtier option tak?? Kuaci pun ok!)  ...hooo hooo..but never mind, was v comfortable ---next to window, some more! Thank you Mr Shamsul the MAS guy! (he assigned seat to other half- in the last row in BC -- he said, to be near me. Ha?? that, i laughed at. why Mr Shamsul? not like we can chat through the curtain pun! hehehe. I was happy enough that he got me a window seat!)

Although I nearly didn't you know!By the time I got on the plane, there was a couple who was there, and the wife was in my window seat. They both looked up blankly at me when I smiled and said "sorry, that's my seat?"(why do I have to start with sorry, and why did I have to ask? sigh)  . And they said oh is this your seat? I'm thinking - YA THINK? you mean you didn't get the boarding pass with your seat number? They just smiled back at me. I smiled back. Some mental telepathy was going on between us - I imagine her thinking.." you're not seriously going to make me change seats are you, you fat woman? Next time board earlier lah! "

It was all I could do to NOT say- never mind, I'll just sit here (aisle seat) and I felt seriously petty and mean as I continued to stand and beam stupidly (but determinedly ok) while they finally decided I was serious and started  about changing their seats. hehehehehe.. I got my seat yay! It's not often I travel by meself , hokay, and If I can't be holding on to the other half as we fly (chewah macam apa he he) I'd like to stare at clouds and think of God's creations, thank you! I'm still dazed that I stood up for it. I'm such a wootz normally. Loved the journey and the changing clouds as day became night..although next time Imma going to tell them to turn the dang music off. And for the pilot to practice landing more. 

Anyway yeah! Got booked in at the renaissance! A pleasant surprise.  Had thought that the standard would be only so - so..but so far have been impressed! no complaints! Truly five star. Breakfast was good too! Good spread-  nasi dagang, beko and akok (shhh dont tell my diet consultants) and also they served tomato juice, very hard to get outside KL! And the housekeeping girl got us the toothbrushes (always forgotten by us) in record time! And she managed to laugh and giggle daintily about it as the other half went to answer the door! (she's just being friendly, he grinned) . 

The organisers took us to Yati Ayam Percik last night ..delicious! I tried to play the demure wife, as I wasn't supposed to come along should be unobtrusive lah kan..tak jadik lah.  Borak borak sampai malam. And ate CHICKEN SKIN yummmm..and ayam percik! (of course). And the long missed Akok. Satisfying or what. So sweet though things,  need to adjust. 

Okaylah today Imma going to pretend Im a matsalleh and go see the PALACE ! the Museum too! What? Pasar Siti Khatijah you say? heheheh we shall see. Wonder if you need to have a passport to go to Golok?


A Malay Dah-Lah-Lama said...

Thought its quite politically incorrect to invoke the word " j*k*n" these days to describe personal inefficiency.

Superwomanwannabe said...

thanks for pointing that out! yeah, such a common usage mean over excited without referring to the original meaning...hmm can I say the word has warped? And the "new" meaning is not PIC (politically incorrect)? Probably wont wash with the Jakuns (race I mean).. any idea what to use instead- succinct and to the point and easily understood?

A Malay Dah-Lah-Lama said...

To the best of my knowledge, during my school days (of about 50yrs ago) the word connotes "backwardness", "not in step with the latest happening or fashion", "unfamiliar with new surrounding", "blur" or as kids say these days "poyo la you ni!"!
"Over excited" was never related to the word.
I wonder whether "kalut", "(te)gedik", "glabah" or "teruja" sound succint enough ?

Superwomanwannabe said...

hi kak!(assuming you are older!) then, afraid I have been grossly misusing this word ! Glabah heh? yeah that's better! Glabah is actually my middle name, I think. Thanks and really hope I havent offended any one , from Jakun race or not!

Nadine said...

Yup the passive aggresive move works

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