Monday, November 18, 2013

Day 2 in KB

Hmm I would LIKE to report that I went to see the palaces and stuff..but my slothness prevailed and all I did was stay in the room, prayed zohor and asar, and then went to the attached mall and bought stuff for the girls. they are forever growing out of their clothes  and I found them long sleeve blouses yay!

Anyway yeah, came home at about 5 with a headache and stayed in with room service (what is a holiday without one) , and the other half came back soon after.

Hope that today I can see KB but it does not look like it, since have to work pulak. A good thing Im still here in the room, tak keluar lagi...Kalau tengah berhurray hurray kat Pasar Siti Khatijah camana lah nak refer to computer. Maybe I should go and BRING the laptop. Which is the saddest thing I can think of. Or maybe I should just switch off the phone

Update later.

Actually teringin kopok lah pulak.


Anonymous said...

shila, you must go to my pasar la!! I pun lum dapat jejajk kaki di kelantan lagi :-)


Superwomanwannabe said...

next time lah jaaah,in the end tak sompek...

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