Diet ke Laut

I hate you Kitchenguardian... why lah your food so sedap.

Yesterday your husband came to work bearing that "mixed cupcake" that you made. He had bought it for the office. Offered me one. Wargh. Lemahnye will power ku...I took the salted caramel ..which was yummy. Banana cupcake with salted caramel topping I think. Then later...I TOOK ANOTHER ONE! The creamcheese and red velvet one..Mula mula I licked the cream je. then I baham the cake too! Yummy. I didn't even bother to take it out of its casing, bit into it instead punyalah lapar. Then I thought never mind lah, I am not having lunch today kan..THEN my clients came and we ate at Floracafe! lontong- laksajohor- cucur - icecream....

Sigh, ke laut lah nih...

But seriously if you have never  had anything from Kitchenguardian- what are you waiting for? Very delisioso!

On another subject, there is this deepavali do coming up tomorrow kat my BNI. Husband pi costume shop carikkan something for Daya, I kirimkan lah baju satu for me. Daya ada ehem..halloween themed birthday party this Saturday and has been nagging (yes daya you have) us to take her to the costume shop. All we have been hearing this past 2 weeks are Naruto, Kunai, Naruto, Kunai, mummy can I order online. She is very determined is my Daya, once she gets her heart set  on something. Otherwise she is noncommittal. she is the one who , when I said I will let her go to XX place this coming month, came over and had written out an AGREEMENT for me to sign (I , Mummy, has agreed to let Daya go xxx)..Sigh

As for my other 2 girls at home , Sophia and Sara, are doing well. Sara is having a birthday this December. Sara told me she is very girly are, lah Sara. The girliest of them all. the one who likes lipgloss etc. And actually so is Sophia. Come to think of it, so is Daya. Daya packs her stuff according to the day she is going to wear them, and down to tudung, pin, etc. Sophia shares my taste in clothes and borrows mine anyway. Sara is very trendy I worry about you Sara cause you are very pretty and Im sure ramai peminat kan...Although I know you are a good girl. Actually I think it's ok to have a boy friend. Boy friend. Not boyfriend. But of course within limits lah kan. I would LIKE to let you have high heeled shoes but the idea of making you look older than you are , scares me.  U know I think you are still 3. Yeah I know your cousin has them. but you know what I think of my brother's er indulging nature of his only daughter. I am the only daughter too. A right bratt dulu.

Ok lah I have to go early if I want to tumpang the other half. He is examining in another university today. 3 hari. so the private sector tutup sekejap. Aponak buek berhati rakyat. So he said if I want to tumpang kena pi awal. Ok lah, sebab nak borak in the car holding hands punya pasai...I kenalah babai kat youuuu



Nadine said…
Mommy, nothing bout me? Huhu, hehe
Nadine said…
I want aunty yani's passionfruit butter cake!
ok ok i will update later bz bz baby way in shah alam

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