Friday, November 29, 2013



Abah and mak have arrived ..but!
No need operation..!
The bone doc has looked at the MRI results and declared that MAYBE Abah can get away with no op. All he needs is to have some fluid drained from his knee....(sounds totally yucky)


mak is of course the happiest eheheheh..

On another matter, my brother's maid has run away. This is the 50 something woman who has only one eye working. The day before found an SMS apparently from her daughter which accused mom and family of starving her. Heheh the fattest starving person ever! Mom and sis in law called her and asked her flat out whether she wants to work. Yes she said. And the next morning, disappeared. Aiyoo..

She has probably gone to join her daughter, who also ran away from the employer. Hope she is safe! And hope she realises what a cushy job she had, although not many friends money and safety was secured.

On the homefront- took 6 kids to swim yesterday. Had fun ! My parents came just as I was about to go out so we invited them as well. Had tea by the pool. Our rezeki, there was a function which had just finished and the manager very kindly gave us some of the kueh from that function and the satay! Im sure this has nothing to do with us asking eh cant we take them? heheheh tak malu tol.

Anyway y eah the kids had fun and then they all demanded Macdownald which they wolfed down..pas tu naik atas and tengok tv sampai lah malam. Ni I just peeked, Kim Possible still on. ISSHHHH!!

Ok time to go to my meeting! Bye you all!

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