Wednesday, November 27, 2013

And here is the latest update...

Dad in law fell the day we were in Kota Bharu, did I tell you that? And mom in law was in thailand at that time. I called bro in law, who said that he just bruised his thighs and the clinic said there were tissues torn that's all. That was about 10 days ago

2 nights ago they arrived . Hubs had a look at the knee. After tekan tekan, he pronounced that abah needed surgery. . Off they went to have a second opinion. Correctomundo, memang have to repair. It's not torn tissues, it is (am now flipping back to the whatsapp message he sent sat) ahem!!: He has ruptured his left quadriceps tendon and will be operated to repair this friday. 

I think they were astonished that it is this serious, and not just bruised. How wrong did the clinic get the diagnosis! Never mind, at least he will be treated. I was mulling over how important it is to have insurance for when we are older - although someone told me that the insurance expires when we need it most- at age 70!

 Mom and dad in law though, when they heard about the operation, promptly left our house hehehe ..they went back home for a while! Errands to run etc. Dad in law with wonky knee and all. I was on my errands for work when I got a call from Nadine to say that dad and mom have left and she was with them.

I was (a) shocked and then (b) relieved Nadine was with them and (c) sad that Nadine is gone huwaaaaaa...:) Yeah, kinda miss the kids when they go , like the other day they went camping in KL for 2 days and then PD for another 2 days.

I fetched them from the KL camp and they slept at home and then we sent them to the KL camp the next morning (very late) for them to catch the bus to go to PD. Totally embarrassing them to be the last ones on the bus. Hey my defence was we were back from KB and the house was empty and we missed them and had we not done that we would not see them for a whole WEEK! Gasp!! ahahahah..ok I dont know what I would do when they go overseas (if)!

 Anyway yeah my dad is going through the same thing..his kids were not around last weekend and boy was he upset. We were at home on Sunday actually but the kids had just come back the day before and for some reason everyone just did not have any energy to move. Everyone just lounged about....malas malas. There were 4 ppl in our bed. And daddy included.! And the father slept for so long, and me too! We must have been more tired than we thought! badan dah tua kan...

Actually it's nice to have a house full of kids . Provided you have someone to help you lah! The day mak and abah in law came the Maid was on leave and stayed away overnight. Today I have 2 extra girls ie my husband's nieces. Yesterday I went to their house to say hi to them and also fetched them to thehouse. They are Jojo and Daya's age. And I've also called my nephews over as well, my brother's kids. As well as my husband's sister's kids. Aiyoo when they all come in, I better have activities man! heheh how about erecting a tent outside? That would be exciting tak? Hmm where to get a tent big enough for 10 kids And should the maid sleep outside also?

A friend of mine bawak anak anak dia pi Istana Negara...maybe I will do the same!
 Ok tata for now....take care yew...

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