Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Tuesday update!

The problem about not writing every day is, you forget what you have written about.

For example, did I already tell you about the Nuskin diet I am on? If I am, ignore the next section ok:

[It's called The-right-approach and gosh darn it, it's working , yew! You eat a mixture of supplements designed to boost your metabolic rate/reduce your fat intake etc. In 2 months I have lost about 3 kg which is a  big deal, ESPECIALLY considering that in these 1 and 1/2 months I have NOT said no to cakes/custards/durians/milo etc. Are you kidding me? Life is there to be enjoyed right..although when I think about it, I am only sabotaging myself...since it's so expensive I should really be more strict about it. (RM4,800 hokey, although they take easy payment phew!). I have another 2 weeks to reduce another 2 kg. My target (and the target set for me) is another 6 kg-- Actually I have to be strict because I get weighed every other week - pressure woah. These 3 people (my "upline" although he prefers the word business partner, HIS upline, a huge girl herself (who has lost a heck of a lot of weight (seriously , she is BIG) and is continuing to be losing weight under this programme) and her husband- They come and weigh me internally and externally. Eg body fat /visceral fat. The first time I got weighed, because I had been reporting what I eat to them almost daily, they kind of expected me to FAIL big time...and when they saw that I lost inches, they were oohing and ahhing at my amazing result! Tak tau lah kalau temberang kan hehehehe...nak jual minyak lahkatakan..hehe Actually I am glad that I took this programme, dah sakit belakang, sakit kaki...I didn't think I could actually lose the weight...kalau tak bayar tak da motivation nak lose weight kot! ]

And that, ladies and gentlemen is the secret. Motivation. Kalau ada motivation, takyah diet mahal mahal pun ok.  Kan??

Ok moving on, we're lepakking at home today. Husband has been so mega busy since Depavali, weekend etc..working non stop. Today pun kerja. Dad and mom popped over, miffed as my siblings and I don't go and see him. Sigh..annoyed pun ada, sebab we all bz kan  and we JUST saw him the other day. My brothers pun just had dinner with him last Sunday.

Last Sunday the car broke down again.'s a lovely car, but unfortunately due to its age, manja sikit. It's 10 years old. Lovely to drive, once serviced. We ran into a HUGE hole while going to a wedding , but I don't think that's  it. because we could drive on what...After the wedding we went to my friend's house for a reunion, and then we were driving back. It was only when we were driving that we felt something was amiss. Ok ok "we" tu , me lah.Husband insisted it was ok. I drive the car, I tak tau teknikal nyer. I do know however, how the car is supposed to feel like and sound like. And it did not sound right. So we stopped.Right on Guthrie corridor. I went out the door and WOI! The front tyre on passenger side berasap you! Smoking! We called AAM. Alamak! Expired membership ! Tu lah, tak prihatin...! Soon though, the Guthrie people came over and diagnosed it to be a brake yang melekat. Need to be towed to the nearest mechanic. I called AAM again and asked them to assist to call a mechanic who can do that. Ala. selama ni I bukan dapat service free pun from AAM, kalau bab tow tow nih kan... so macam biasa lar.

The only thing was, it was Deepavali. Most mechanics were closed. We waited and waited, finally one guy called- he was called by AAM . Huzzah!! he asked for directions. he called adalah 3 kali..aiyoo...sesat lah pulak. In the meantime my cousin called me- he spotted us standing on the roadside. Could he pick us up, he said? I said oi kena jaga kereta lar....

Anyway yeah I was worried that cars might hit us, so mula mula I stood jauh from the car. ..There was a motorbike lane, so I stood kat belakang situ. But dah kena gigit nyamuk bagai, I jumped back into the car. Ada aircond kan..Yeah scary gak, cause the car trembled everytime a big truck or lorry passed by.

Finally lah this INDIAN(!) guy came with a huge tow truck. Off we go...and from the positive aspect...nasib baik gak lah ada tow truck as my husband was too sleepy to drive..the moment he got it it was SNORE CITY.

Dropped the car to the mechanic near my house. (NOT in glenmarie ok, nanti bila lak nak ambik)

The car is ok now. My pocket is not though. Sigh..cubaaan

So that was (some ) of our weekend. Kaifa kanatal Utlak for you? (how was your weekend?)


Anonymous said...


saya rasa akak ni kena tukar kereta dah...:)

Mrs ARK said...


My husband is a mechanic and owns a workshop. Ada tow truck etc.

Area - Subang Bestari.

Deepavali tu bengkel buka :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Mrs Ark
Please leave me his number, your number etc etc (f you dont want to share his contact here lar) thanks very much!

yeah, i asked the Indian boy are you hindu? how come you work on depavali and he said work is work mah...heheheh

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