Friday, December 06, 2013

On the homefront

So how have you been?

We are all fine..we just got our family back haha! By that I mean we are now back to the 7 of us, plus mom and dad in law of course. For the past week or so we've had our nieces and nephews stay with us and it's been fun but loud! we had my brother in law's 3 daughters and my brother's 2 sons! (and his daughter too!) - we loved the noise and the chaos but I must say it's nice to have peace and quiet too!

Mom and dad in law are here , dad's left thigh is cast in plaster, doc said it was an alternative to surgery . Surgery would be better (he had torn tendon) but since he had 3 stents in his heart placed in 2007, it would be risky for him to have anaesthesia. I was there with him, and the doc was dithering aloud whether or not to put him under the knife or not..the lawyer (or rather, the old woman ) in me interrupted and said:  so, - unsafe? Is there an alternative? There is? Ok let's do that then.

So that was how Abah got his plaster- doc praying that in about 3 or  4 weeks time, his torn tendon will decide to reunite the meantime, it's been hmm about 10 days, and he has progressed from sitting down and not moving much, to going here and there on his stick. with his cast.

My mom in law lah I kesian..she is such an active person kan..suddenly enforced rest like this...she even said she was going to drive back with him at the back! My sis in law from HK pulak coming  home this 21st. I don't know what to advise also. Absolutely he needs to stay still. But kesian pulak sebab hati nak balik kan.

Trying my best to be good daughter in law. But they are so independent, and are always refusing my offer of coffee etc as they'd get themselves coffee...Wondering whether have hurt their feelings in some way ..intentionally or not! Different personalities, kan. Anyway this is 20 years into our marriage. and you marry the in laws too actually kan. (tau tak Lana Nordin hahahaha)

We had a family gathering 2 nights ago- sara's birthday! She turned 16! She wanted to have a private dinner at home and we made roast chicken, and rice with all the dishes as well! The 5 roast chicken were my effort with the girls! Everyone was in the kitchen (some had to be called many times) Sophia made the cake - yumm! I hope Sara had a good time! All my brothers were there and my sis in law said I lost weight! Woohooo! My aunties on mom's side and my husband's aunties on mom's side also were there. Riuh gak..everyone left about 12.

Ok ta...yang  bercuti, have a good break! We 're staying put this year..because of abah ..but will try to take the kids out somewhere ..they want theme park je!

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