Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Where did the year go?

Really, I'm sure if I go back to all the old posts around this year I'd find myself asking the same thing that I am now: Where the heck did the year go?? What ever happened to january, february etc etc?? 

I must say though I'd be glad to see the back of this year. Personally it has been not a bad year for us, with the kids all doing ok, and everyone remaining more or less healthy. Parents are still well, alhamdulillah. We even managed to acquire one kitten a couple of weeks back. He's doing ok now, getting bigger behaving like a real toddler, except with claws. So when he wants attention and he's meowing at your feet , if you ignore him he can climb on you. And always coming to us whenever we pray. and just now wanted me to watch him eat. How I know? I was praying, he was meowing. I finished, and looked for his food. He ran to his dish, which was already full of food. So he knew where food was. he then ate, but kept turning back to look at whether I was waiting for him or not. So it looked like he wanted me to wait with him while he ate. 

Or maybe not, maybe he was just meowing. heheheheh!

Where was I? Oh yes, Personally, yes a good year. But for Malaysia- it has been a year of terrible tragedy. Serious tragedy punyer..bukan main main. After decades of peace, tranquility, with nary a tremor, and me smugly thinking wah Malaysia escapes all those tornado, typhoon etc..Well, after decades of all that, we are now seeing floods the like of  which have never been seen before, we are seing twisters, we are experiencing tremors or earth quakes..

and 3 of our planes, have gone missing, got shot down, and crashed. ALL in one year. 

What is happening?

What is the message? I cannot help thinking we are being reminded that for all our superiority complex  thinking we can conquer the elements, with our sky scrapers etc, we are still His subjects, puny in His hands, and servants, actually. 

It's hard not to think we are being punished, too. I know, who are we to fathom divine intention,  but boy it sure feels like it. Maybe all those greed and corruption by all and sundry at all levels of society got us into this fix. Whatever it is, we must accept with open heart, and keep helping in whatever way we can. 

Aiyoo this blog dah berceramah pulak. I better stop before I get too boring meself - off to send Sara to work. She's now got a job with 3 of her friends at one of the friends' mom's place. They basically do basic clerical stuff. I actually do not like her to do this, and I think after 2 days of being there the gloss of working with friends, is fast vanishing. But biarlah dia try...

Ok byeee

Friday, December 26, 2014

Why I cannot watch Kdrama

..because once it's on, I can't do anything  but watch. 

This morning I was out at work when the kids called to tell me a monkey is in my room what should they do?? Monkeys memang residents kat my area, and can be seen playing outside in the trees most days. Usually harmless but this is the first time they dared to come in. 

Anyway when I came home , i wanted to carry on working in my room . Tapi takut dengan monyet...bright idea, perhaps I should turn the telly on, maybe the noise can scare any potential trespassers of the monkey kind. 

And thinking that I wanted to do work, I turned on something that can make noise but not something I would want to follow, I turned on a Kdrama. It's called I hear your voice.... I'm stuck. and my kids have joined me and are now in the room transfixed on the telly. 


Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Ya Allah, I'm so annoyed with the kids, specifically the schoolgoing kids. The book list has come out like a week ago, Sara has  on my request asked her friends who man the bookshop, to please reserve ALL the books on the booklist, while waiting for the rest to return from their camping. The idea was once they are back, they can find out how many of the books in the book list they actually needed. I mean, what is the point of having a sibling in the year above you, if not to pass down the books, right?? That is, if the school doesn't decide to change the entire book list lah kan!

Until today I am still yelling at the kids to please sort out the books. Sophia has to find Sara's books. Daya has to take Sophia's books. Johan takes Daya's books. Johan is done, to be fair to him, and he only has about 6 books to get. (from a list of about 20) . At least this way we can save sikit. It's scary looking at their booklists! 

(sophia has to decide what exam she will take- the O levels, or the SPM- before she can decide what books to take!) 

It's not  just text books, there are work books, and writing books (exercise books). By the way, I am NOT going to buy all those exercise books. Use up the old ones, tear up pages that have been used, and use the blank pages. Bukan kedekut (not being mean) but the house is FULL of exercise books, some barely used! 

Another thing I am refusing to buy is eraser ruler dan sewaktu dengan nya. I rasa they already have so many- kejap kejap beli kan. That mamak shop and the grocery shop next to the school are a bad idea- who ever allowed them to operate next to cashcarrying kids?? So now the kids will have to search the house for the old usable ones. I dont care if it's stubbed. We bought loads usually at the beginning of the year- you all makan ke?? he he!

Bukan apa..every year , this time of year, parents (us) will be heading to Tesco/Popular etc to get all their stuff. Uniforms,yes have to get new ones as they grow out of them, or get paint on them or even tear them. Tudung- PLEASE buy new ones as some have holes and cuts (how??) . Shoes, I understand. But a lot of stuff they still have from the year before , which can still be used. I got them new stuff every year. But not this year ok?? Bukan hari raya kan, kena tukar baru semuanya. 

(you think mummy can hold on to her resolve?) 

And kids, for heaven's sake, can you find your books already?!!! 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

how to shoot kids' street cred to pieces.

Last week the younger 3 went off to Kem Bina Semangat, Wheretheheck, Selangor. heheh no lah it's actually at Kuala Kubu Baru. The kids had been practising daily before that, marching in school and doing something called "base"(?daze? Dais? Bayze? Beige? no idea)

So off they went, armed with cookies and handphones and tshirt KRS and the like, The house fell silent, with only Sara and me and daddy (actually Sara and me, most of the time). And Tom the kitten with the voracious appetite and the white socks.

First night,  Jojo called. then the girls called.  then, their phones must have died because we received no calls. Then, Jojo called again- My toothbrush fell in the toilet (!!) , and I forgot to pack enough shirts. With visions of my son going around all yellow teeth and also wearing old dirty tshirts,  I packed what he needed, and by the way Sophia said can pls bring fruits and cookies too? Wanted to go the next morning but work interfered so planned at night with hubs. Hubs came home past 11 pm so that plan was shot. Parents came for dinner and heard I was planning to send food and stuff to the kids and dad , a former colonel , was simply HORRIFIED. Let them be! he said. Let my cucu suffer! Camping is not supposed to be fun!!

Yeah but no toothbrush dad, that's a pretty big deal..!

Ok but don't go alone, do you want us to go? Dad asked- at dad. no way.

The next day I don't know what happened but hubs agreed to come with me to send the stuff. I fetched Nadine from college and then fetched him. I think he was supposed to welcome some foreign docs who came to visit the Uni. But he passed that to his other colleagues for the sake of his kids whom he hasn't seen in a while. I actually think he just felt like NOT going to the uni heheheh...after several days of heavy call at both places of work. I seriously don't know how he is managing to juggle these 2 places..

Anyway off we went to this place. Mak kau JAUH NYA!! So far into the boondocks! Husband, clearly feeling the effect of all those late night calls, actually stopped to sleep at the R&R. I would take over but I pun ngantuk- since the kitten came we have been up feeding him every 3 hours. Kalah my own kids.

We eventually drove on. Passed a neighbourhood with abandoned and incomplete shoplots, and seriously bad roads, riddled with potholes. Felt like we were really far far from urban KL. Stopped to buy lots of kueh at a stall. Finally we spotted the's near MRSM rupanya..A big open space area, and from afar I could see rows upon rows of tents erected. We drove on to the entrance.

And as we approached the gates I suddenly felt the overwhelming urge to hide. Malunyaa!!!. There the kids were, in their green uniforms, the boys were in the middle of constructing some tower with bamboo. No adults to be seen , what more parents. And here we were, in our MPV, with tinted windows , coming with clothes and toothbrush and cookies. ER, this was NOT a good idea. Our children's street cred is NO MORE.

Spotted Johan with his group first. Trying to do what, I don't know, but they had a lot of fat green bamboos with them. They fiddled with them, and it was obvious they did not have the faintest idea what to do with the bamboo! In the end Johan went to send the bamboo rods back to to the pile in the middle of the field. Failed for the team- hehehe but to be fair they were not taught how to make clocktower or watch tower from bamboo- only lots of marching. And that base thing.

We parked RIGHT in front of the kids, and everyone stared, at least I think everyone stared, I can't tell, as I was hiding in the car. I peeked though, to see if  Johan noticed us. We wound down the window . He was actually looking around - his face when he spotted us!! Priceless- hehehe eyes were ROUND and mouth actually fell, and then he walked to us beaming- street cred be damned!

Then I called Adni's teacher in charge's hp, and the teacher came over -  I passed her the kueh to give to the girls. She happily updated me and Nadine on what had been happening- Adni kids were not too experienced, and it was good exposure for them to see how the others were. There were kids from Indonesia, and Thailand cadets too! We walked to the back of the field to where the girls were, the other side of the building. (the camp is divided into two parts- in the centre there is this single story building - office ? don't know) Sophia was in her tent, and Daya went off to have a shower. Boy were they surprised! hehehehe! I saw their friends first, the Adni girls were grouped into about 4 tents, and in the middle there was this mat on which the girls were lounging around- everyone of them were like my own kids, and they're always coming home with our kids. It was really nice, to be able to hug them in the middle of their camping - they were NOT expecting us to pop by in the middle of the day- but I suspect they were thankful  that we came the day the activities were all done, at least no marks to deduct, for having moms and dads come over!

After about an hour, we left..Johan muka sedeh...wanted us to go see his tent- apparently because they arrived late they were given the most outside area- nearest to the entrance! We saw the tent when we drove away...with him waving at us sadly..(pathetic tol kan citer ni, walhal the next day dah nak balik) 

The moral of this story is: NEVER VISIT your children at camp! Buat maluu je hehehehe!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

kidless in kl

Not such a glorious day today, because the kids are all at (yet another) camp. This time it's a PRINT competition - youth cadets. They've set up tents I supposed by now. Johan has called me twice, telling me his phone is dying and he can't charge it because he's in a tent, so he might as well burn it by calling me. Awww..hope he stays my baby foreVAH. I offered to give him  the tee shirt I slept in , in case he misses my smell. He struggled to find a way to refuse without offending me ha ha. Dahlia just refused. I said ya it's stinky but at least it's mommy stinky! Heehee!

Talking about babies (yes we were) We have a baby cat in da house. I never remember if i've blogged about things, so if you have heard it before, ignore je lar ok. Daya found this kitten, so brought it home and now we are taking care of him . Boy it's a full time job! With the 3 gone, tinggal sara alone to take care of the guy. BUT! She's taken a job with the library, selling books! How? maid is ignoring the kitten. The kitten needs food every 2 hours. I came home at 5. I asked maid what time kitten ate, she said something. I said eh! Feed the cat lar...Not having ever taken care of an orphan kitten, we're following vet's instruction to the letter- feed every 2 hours. Kids have been playing mommy. Johan pun will feed the kitten. When the 3 mommies went off to camp, leaving Sara, and then when Sara went, tinggal lah Maid to help. BUT does she help? Na-ah! Example, did not feed the kitten. 

Maid ni ada clever sikit, she said she didn't feed the kitten because she could not find the food- I opened the fridge and there it was. She told sara she's busy. She has no intention of caring for a kitten.  I told her she has no choice, the 3 kids are not around, and I'm asking a favour. This lady needs to be yelled at I think, she is soo not suitable for a passive aggressive employer like me. She thinks she is the boss. If I tell her X she will often tell me no, cannot must do Y. I ignore the Y and repeat the request for X. But it gets tiring  not to  yell. When  you soooo want to. Because although she is nice, and she is good, she is also insolent. Huwaaaa....I want my old Bibik backkkkkkk!!!!

Foooh!! Enough about maids- repeat the mantra- at least someone sends out rubbish and does the laundry......Yes I am truly grateful for that...

Moving on! The other day Dr Fauziah the fantastic dentist who does makeover (go to the link to see her gallery of miraculous makeovers) . Anyway she shared about setting goals. She outlined 8 areas of your life where you can improve - set one goal for 2015 for each of them- such as Want to have 24 dinners with the family (under FAMILY). 

I  was googling and I found this on goal setting. 

Goals have to be measurable. and goals have to be reasonable. No more "lose 20 kg" goals. More like "Lose 1 kg a month" . Hey let's just forget about the losing kgs. how about "cut out carbo at night" or other stuff that will hopefully lead to the losing weight. I say this because, everytime I set the weight goal, people will be sending food over, or I would have some makan makan do, and that goal is BUSTED. 

Goals have to be measurable, she mentioned, like , you need to say I want to read 12 books this year, (under say, mental goal). I want to NOT be mental. Is one of my goals hehehehe....

I want to go for haj eg, before 50. Have finally registered and can now go  at the ripe old age of 100. Why have I not registered before? Because I  have been told that you can register anytime...and submit your appeal once you have the moolah. I was NOT told that the moolah here means the superdooper expensive packages. Inshaa Allah lah doakan lah ada rezeki I will go before 50. Without selling my house. or kidneys. 

I want to on time at least 2 prayers a day  how about that for a start. Selalu pray tengah tengah or dah dekat nak masuk the other waktu..which is BAD BAD BAD!!! Whyyyy is this difficult. Hope you don't judge me ok by the way he he.  I have started my sunat solats (voluntary prayers)..which is great..once you do voluntary prayers , the compulsory prayers seem so few an offering to your maker. It takes 2 weeks to form a habit they say. After 2 weeks you should be taking it for granted. OK let's put that to the test

 Not that easy, you know, setting goals - forces you to THINK about what you are doing, rather than just stumble into things. I don't think I've ever actually set goals. If you don't set goals, they become just dreams. 

Which is ok cause you need to always dream. But nicer if you can say I set out to do X and I achieved it yay!! 

Ok lah tara...

Sekian terimakasih....

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday diary

Hi there all! What a glorious day it is! Ie, the sun is out. hahah ala ala mat salleh. Everytime the sun is shining it's a glorious day. You can sustain long minutes of conversation just babbling about how nice a day it is, and do you think it might rain later? Nowadays, force of habit, in Malaysia when the skies are blue and the sun is shining I think-what a glorious day! Walhal panas nak mati.hehehe..if only the temp is a cool 26 degrees ke...baru lah best....hehehe

(on the other hand, if the temperature DOES drop down , we'd equally freak out- the weather on the east coast got really cold earlier this year and I remember thinking- END OF THE WORLD!) 

Yes I'm babbling. Actually I'm waiting for the kids to get ready. We're going to fetch Nadine and then Ampang Point. Nadine and Jojo have gone to the Al Ansar school. Every Saturday she volunteers to teach Rohingyan kids English (I thought she was teaching Syrian kids) For the Syrian refugees she helps the single moms sell their biscotti- they make GORGEOUS biscotti - some with cranberries, and others with huge hazelnuts. Nadine bought 18 jars the other day for purpose of sale. I am ashamed to say we did not sell them- we ate every single biscotti. She came back from college the other day, opened the cupboard and wailed "MOOOMMM What happened to the Biscotti?? Now there's only 3 jars!!"(er, 1)

By the way I am no longer Mummy, I am MOM now. Kids growing up I guess. I do miss their "mummy". The other day I asked Sophia "can you say "I want your tummy" like you used to tell me everytime you wanted to go to sleep?" (She'd just rub my very nice and wobbly belly then until she falls asleep) . Sophia: MOOOMMM!!! (Frowned and cringed)

Anyway yes, we need to go and get Kaklong from this school . She has dragged brought Johan, who I hope is enjoying himself or at least not suffering too much. Johan could not think of a good reason to refuse teaching these refugees, especially when I said they have so much less than you. Nadine wants me to stay too, maybe I can do it after - after- after I stop procrastinating. I have so many good ideas, and good intention,  but so malas to do anything. I have to CHANGE this. Last week I went in to their meeting (Nadine said pot luck, and everyone is invited mom, went in tengok ada meeting), and I ended up suggesting so many things- eg why don't they open up to Malaysian teachers who want to experience teaching in an international set up - the fellow volunteers are all from Australia, Canada, Afghanistan, Maldives.'d be getting precious experience! Anyone here minat to get that exposure?? hehehe

After getting Nadine I'm thinking of taking them out for lunch. Which will make the maid mad,  I know, since she already started to cook. This maid is very fierce, she'd tell me off for not coming back to eat when the food has been cooked. I told her there are still my kids, even if I eat out. Eh ehhhhhhh!! Lebih kuah dari sudu lak. She  has this whiny whiny voice- but I am sure she is a good person, and I am more than grateful for her presence. 

Am going to have a facial- have not been for 4 months, and I'm sure my face is now hitting the ground ,  it's that droopy. Facial place is near where Nadine is, (see, mummy smaaart) , so my plan is to go for facial while I let my kids loose in the mall nearby. Well, they are teenagers after all. See how much I have changed?? Dulu SORRY lah. 

And after that- husband's family is having a bbq in PD at sis in law's corporate bungalow. He's so chuffed to go that he woke up so early to go to market to buy all the lauk. He said he'll be back at 2 pm.  I remain neutral and "we shall see" as in, "We shall see what time you come back , dear". Saturday is supersebok day as everyone wants an appointment on Saturday.I am SOO sure he won't be back at 2pm, I have booked the facial FOR 2 pm. hehehehe

Ok i better go, the kids are finally ready. Byee. have a great day all. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

My night with Anuar Zain (whooooot!)

The title is pretty tantalising hehehehe...

Last weekend, my husband had his 2 nights 3 days hols with his mates- his  30 years reunion back at the School there I was thinking I will be bored- hohum twiddle thumbs- wondering what to do..

Tup tup Friday tu, hours to his departure,  my cousin called me and asked if I was busy. She said she had a spare ticket to go to a charity dinner to support something or other and Anuar Zain will be singing - would I like to go? Hmmmmm....

Now the unlikely event that you have not heard of Anuar Zain, [ which is only possible if you (a) live abroad (b) have no female malaysian friends and (c) are a man who have no female malaysian friends ] , he is a 40 something year old crooner who first  burst into the music scene with a Hariraya song that is still top of the charts today- kain pelikat. He now sings mellow songs and he has such a powerful voice and is kinda cute - he is a popular choice for secretaries week, I hear. And all the ladies love him. I've never seen him live. 

So should I go? What do you think?? It was (a) a free seat (b) Anuar Zain was there and (c) dinner also served - what's to think about! I went home, got dressed in a slightly dressier outfit , and bade a hasty and cheerful byebye to the husband who left the house with his mates at the same time (I normally would find it hard to let him leave without at least 2 big hugs- I have a problem, I know). I took all the kids with me, and promised them they could stay in a room upstairs (it was held at a hotel). I checked them in, and said byeeee and went off to the ballroom. 

When I arrived I saw loads of very glittery ladies in full make up- there were a few though who were 'biasa-biasa" like me. Quite a lot of men. Found out that this was to support the paediatric unit at IJN- I was thrilled when the TwoTuns came - Tun Dr Hasmah was the patron. I'm so amazed at their strength- at 80 plus , leaning to 90 years old, they walked straight, unsupported, and I'm going to think of them the next time I feel the urge to moan about my pains.

Anyway the reason I got the ticket free was my cousin's client who invited her and her husband, also invited Ms X who fell ill (Thank you heheh). My cousin's client was with one of the main sponsors of the dinner (Phytoscience). If I hadn't heard anything about Phytoscience before the dinner, boy after one night with her I know all  you need to know! They (a) are an MLM company and (b) sell health product. I wanted to tell her that (a) my husband will kill me and views with suspicion all  MLM especially that claiming health benefits but (b) if she persevere with me, I will buy anything she sells because I am that type of moron person.

Very well organised- and good presentations - slides to show how kids suffering from heart problems can now get treatment there. A few dancing dancing by kids dressed in hip hop- tweens and teens in make up and dancing away on stage--soooo cute but thank goodness my kids are not like that I thought! hahaha when did I become so boring. 

Adibah Noor was the MC and she was good- she also sang which was good, she walked around for photo op- I tell you who said we Asians are shy? Everyone crowded her for pix

But whatever happened to Adibah Noor was nothing compared to what happened when Anuar Zain came on!  He sang a few songs, and then he went down to the audience - and the girls! The girls! (ok , hardly girls, some of them, makcik rather) all go and rushed forward for a pic. hehehe! I texted a friend and she said- you've never seen his concert? This happens all the time. 

I must say I was suprised to find that I don't like him when he is NOT singing! His banter was so creepy and flirty at times, I cringed. I kept thinking- erTun Mahathir is in front of you lar. When he sings- wow. It just blows you away. but when he does his routine. er..

Of course my cousin was in heaven lah kan. There is a pic of her gazing dreamily at the stage with her husband staring at her perplexedly hahaha. 

He had to leave cause he had work, as soon as he left she shot to the stage, when Anuar Zain called those who wanted a selfie with him. She asked me- should I ? I said in between cringing- SURE! GO FOR IT! The ladies were seriously begging for pix and gushing away at Anuar (who I suspect swing for the other side but that may be his mannerism)

Hehehehe the night ended soon enough with almost RM900k raised (hurray!). I thanked my cousin and went into the lift to head to the bedroom. I was mentally shaking my head and found all this commotion just because of Anuar, very amusing. I had this superior attitude lah, since I was the cool one . I didn't take any pics, i only appreciated Anuar on a cerebral level.  Hehehe..

Then something happened -  I forgot which room I had booked . In the lift , the other passenger asked which floor and I said "That's what I want to know too!" 

I went out again on the 2nd floor, and called the hotel from my hp. They laughed (??!) when I said I was lost, and after grilling me about my father's name and mother's name (no lah they didn't ) they told me I was actually on the top floor. Yes in my rush to drop my kids and go to the show, I had booked the grand suite. Not such a free seat, after all eh. 

So off I went up..lift door opened and lo and behold who walked towards me? 

Anuar Zain. 

And what did I, this supercool, not affected highly superior woman, do? 

I gushed.

I said, IMMEDIATELY as soon as I saw him- NOW I can take a selfie with you!!

And I fiddled with the phone camera. Which I suddenly forgot how to use. And he was ok with it. I think I said something like I was soo shy before . (Control macho is what I said)

And I floated to the rooms...(not before I posted it up on FB lar)

And I spent the next 2 days cringing at myself at how embarrassingly fangirl I was hahahaha- do you think he thought I was stalking him? 

But at least now I can say..I met Anuar Zain! Ahem- Ko ado?? hehehehe

Tu lah ceritanyer.......

Sunday, December 07, 2014

so to babble on....

Wow...It has been almost 3 months since my last post...

why haven't I been posting?

Firstly, the kids can now read my posts! and comment! and ask me to edit! Aiyoo lecehlah you...hehehe. I can no longer just blithely talk about their exploits!

And anyway their exploits are just getting too many for me to write about!  They have been so busy!

They go on camps- cadet camps, leadership camps, prefect camps, this camp that camp. From not being happy to let them go away for even one night, I'm now  having to let them go to Pahang, etc for  as long as (gasp!!) 3 nights . They come back sweaty and tired , zonking out on their beds immediately! I then hear of tales of nightwalks, of Jojo eating a leaf, of Jojo hitting his head on a tree. Invariably they'd bring home awards: best participant (Johan at latest camp) , best group , best speaker (Dahlia?) Best this and best that. They seem to thrive under this school. Either they are super brilliant, or this school is super into appreciation! Hahahah! I think it's a good concept- to appreciate and recognise the kids . All kids. The kids under this school seem to bloom , some bloom more than others.

Talking about blooming..remember that girl who refused to go to school when she was in lower primary, kept saying she had a tummy ache. who came in 38th in a class exam? I moved her to this school with far less students in one class - and the tummy pains thankfully stopped. Then one year,  her siblings (younger and older) were all made prefects, except for her, and she was sad...and I had a quiet word to the teachers to please give her a position - they didn't realise she wanted one! he he - she was then made the cleanliness monitor. Well, this girl bloomed into a prefect, then head prefect, then house captain, and with a the occassional tears and hugs and regular personal tuition in subjects she found hard(but actually not if explained by good teachers!) - at the recent graduation/performance ceremony I am beyond happy to brag, that she was given the school's top award ! Yay ! Give it up for (drum rollllllllll) Saaraaa!(ra! ra! ra! (echo) heheheeh)  We are mucho proud and by the way you must carry that" top award" in your heart with you all the time, in your lifetime, perform in studies, work, relationship, as if you are that Muttaqien - a top person  . When (if) people put you down tell yourself- well THEY didn't get the top award, did they??? hehehehe

Shout out also for Dahlia ..she finally beat her best friend who was forever getting top , to come out the best student for her Year! yay daya!!! It's nice to be top isn't it? But make sure you also deserve it lah(and Im sure you do) - kalau setakat beat your friend but your marks are low, then must make sure you understand more and learn more effectively horait??

One kid who I feel will need the spot light on him next year is Johan.  He has not gone to any extracurricular activities, having quit debating on account of it being too confrontational and people too aggressive (Im with you there) - he didn't get around to joining another club. I have asked his friend to be his CCA buddy  - ie make sure he joins an activity and goes to the practice! His studies pun average. On the plus side he is admired by his teachers for his akhlak and his maturity! I told him he is actually waiting for his body to catch up to the mental age he is at - which is 25 at least. hahahaha. Until of course he plays his games- then he regresses to 10. *Grin!!*

Sophia is now the eldest in the school- with Sara gone! A prefect, and hopefully carrying on the tradition of being the head-prefect next year. Sophia has just told me she's not carrying on her taekwondo next year- she's red tip. She makes decisions as if she alone has the right to her life.  Which I take offence to, having long considered that I have the right to meddle. for ever. Will someone tell her?

Nadine's pretty settled in her college- her sponsors and her college both better not mess her life up, is what I say. While we are grateful for the funding, she has had her A level programme which she had been taking for one year, suddenly stopped after the apparent dismal performance of her UK going seniors- and she found herself and her group transferred to the American Credit Transfer programme instead, a year into Alevels! - Which is ok, if you want to transfer your credits, but a no-no if you want to aim for the Ivyleagues (and she got heart to dream lar) -

First we questioned her sponsors on the wisdom of doing A levels and not the American degree foundation , they told us yeah it's ok.

then , now that you have stopped the A levels programme and I have TOLD you that the Ivyleagues won't accept transfer students (as per their websites) , many many emails have been sent by me , I even called Princeton , but you still insist that she can apply, just don't transfer the credits, and if she has any problem, you will "xplain to the university and appeal" (Boleh??) well- you had better be there if she gets rejected by any of the university, oh sponsors and college. I remain eternally grateful while I resist the urge to bang your heads together for  lack of foresight and common sense, oh dearest sponsor and dearest college (you i hold even more responsible, as you give the sponsors advice). Now we shrug our shoulders and pray!

Ok that's the kids done so far..the hubs now

Well, he is super bz . Super super super bz. From the looks of it a very popular surgeon and very popular lecturer (alhamdulillah). So busy that I have resorted to abandoning going to the office most days in favour of tagging along for a ride whenever he goes to the university to teach/attend meetings/etc etc. The routine is now work- work at uni- come home- sleep- work. What a life!

I don't mind (or can't mind) sitting in the car waiting for him, and for the sake of time together I have to work on the go. Which is not so good, but doable. I am now feeling my age as all this travelling around and begging for his time, is tiring.

I have to be clever in getting time together also- had a last minute booking at grand hyatt the other day, midweek. Seriously not worth it as only there for a short time  but what to do?? Betol tak.

He's back to his college this weekend, to celebrate 30 years annivesary, having miraculously found the time, and I must tell you it's a relief not having to think of when he is coming back or whether he is back for dinner. I have not had many calls from him at the college,  (other than the one yesterday) and amazingly I have resisted the urge to call him (not wishing to embarrass him in front of his boyz). I worry about his health, as his dad has heart , diabetes, gout, and hypertension and it can pass down to him too. He eats late at night, having missed his meals in the day. I saw him in action while waiting for him in clinic..doesn't stop! With the women he's pretty friendly (but then  he has always been , even way back when) and I don't generally worry except I told him I do not like the way this one nurse who "takes care" of his clinic and his patients , talk to me about him the other day- she was soo admiring of him and said he was soo nice and it was clear that they chat a lot as she tells me things he told her. I hate her. Married or not. I don'tcare. You do not get too chummy with a woman you see more than your wife. I know, I have a good friendly relationship with my partner as well but I don't care if it's double standard, I absolutely do not like it. And he's not allowed to talk to the maid, I insist. Cause I know he's friendly. And will be asking about what they eat in Indonesia lah...this lah that lah. So, I don't worry, I just set rules. Teruk kan I.

nadine asked if I have anything I want to pursue on my own other than being supportive to the kids and daddy. Loads nadine but the obstacle is not your dad, It's my laziness and inertia. I want to be fluent in Japanese and Arabic and french and Turkish, for one. I hate not being able to understand any gossip.. (and reading quran is better if you realise what you are reading is not just sounds but powerful message and lessons to take and use in daily life years and years after it was first given to man) , I want to study history of man, and wonder who the heck is Khatib koyan (he was a penghulu).I want to lose 20 kg. I am now over 70kg. a mere 10 years ago, I was 20 kg lighter. Wow . 2kg a year.

I am still working. with KG's partner. who I hear from the hubby, is also superduper bz. We should share notes, both her hubs and me, being spouses to superduper bz people. The difference between us though is, being me, I can whine and nag and it'll be cute. hahahahahahha!

Parents are fine- in laws are here more and more as they get older- DIL was admitted for a week that day for ubat poisonng- overdosing on gout pills and took 10 days to flush out of his system! Now he's driving around like normal much to the joy of my MIL!

My parents are ok, moaning that we don't see them enough. My brother no 3 and family have moved out, my brother no 4 and wife are in the UK doing his phD- so they are pretty lonely.

Ok lah guys, Nuff for now. I hope I can continue to blog. I hope I lose this "I cant be bothered to do anything " thing that is caging me now. And I hope I can get a nice long holiday after this!

Friday, September 05, 2014


I'm taking my parents to Cameron Highlands today yay yay!! We are staying here . Copthorne Hotel - 3 bedroom apartment and 2 bedroom apartment. Actually my dad yang suka na nak pi Cameron ...if I could choose I'd go to Perhentian ek??? Takpa lah make them happy..hehehe

Lately it's been family time - on 10th August we had a huge gathering for my mom's grandfather's side...Lal Mohd. He came from Pakistan and apparently was a pendakwah (missionary) until he became a bread merchant- had factories etc in Tg Malim (coming down from Penang)- he married Hjh Safero my great grandmom (his 3rd? wife) . Hjh Safero pulak also married another mamak Hj Abdul Hai after Atok Lal passed on. And had 2 kids my Opah Chu and my Atok mamak. Opah Chu ada lagi. Of the children under Atok Lal and Hjh Safero, ada 3 lagi Opah left (Opah being "grandmom") .
(rumah my opah)

Not to mention kids from Atok Lal's other wives residing in Perak. Aiyoo big family ah. We had such a good time because ada lucky draw and family tree....I am now trying to maintain momentum of the family get together - may be I can distribute gambar? We tried charging 10 per person to cover cost - but in the end sponsored a lot myself sigh hahahahha..

Then last weekend pulak we had a huge gathering for my DAD's side pulak. My dad's grandfather came from Pagaruyung Indonesia (padanlah maid tak respek, kita pun Indon rupanya) and brought his son Ismail from there. Some 4 other kids and wife were left .(Ceh) . And when he came over, my dad's grandad married a couple more Malay ladies and had my grandfather, Sudin. So Sudin and Ismail ni brothers lah. Anyway the Ismail clan traced the Sudin clan and get together every year for the last 2 or 3 years. This year Sudin clan hosted.

(rumah kampung my dad)

Ok lah not as interesting or kecoh as my mom's side but then with the Undang Rembau there how kecoh can it get right. What was interesting was meeting my brother's ex gf and discovering she is the my anaksedara! Yang amat kelakar was how she pretended not to remember us !hhehehehehe..I tell you I swear she pretended cause she came over to the house , she went home on the same flight with me - they met when he was a student still. My brother broke it off after a while. My brother brought his gf to see me , even the one he eventually married hehehe . My other bro pun introduced his gf to me when we went to Japan. The only sis in law I didn't get to meet was my 2nd brother's wife. And I tell you everytime mom makes any comment about how she didn't clear up breakfast ke or left the dirty diapers in the toilet ke  I would say tu lah! Tak introduce lagi hahahaha...anyway we love you Mas , mom in laws can be fussy !!

Last Sunday lak my mom's birthday...had dinner kat La RIsata..ok and harga berpatutan..

Family becomes more important the older you are I know why my dad was so anxious about visiting all the obscure family members that only he recognises....I am the same now!!!!

Happy Friday you all!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

rant this morning shall be on.....

Kengkadang I penat baca the FB posts of some super efficient moms . You know the type - who discuss the various milk/medication/school etc in minute detail . I jealous sebenarnya.  I get so aware of how super lazy I have been as a mom, and so inadequate kot.  I must be because I never bothered to do my investigations as to what kind of milk to give my kid, between the many many vitamins infused milk there are in the market. I only gave breast milk, and when they were off breast milk,  I bought whatever is on sale- usually everyday milk. Or when in the UK, fresh milk he he (cheap and easily available) Vitamin infused milk were expensive for government doctor's salary wei! Even breastmilk pun I never felt the need to press and store in bottles . On the occasions I tried, I eked out a meagre 1 oz I think. Much easier to put the kid on the breast . On immunisation pun I just trusted the doctors and went on with it. I mean, the diseases have been eradicated kan, so what more evidence do i need ? 

He he sorry the rant- my personal opinion je ni. The parents are very concerned about their child- but who isn't . Jangan over concern dah ler..until  you see the world as full of harm to your kid. and you don't enjoy the journey of them growing up.  Don't lah overstress ..enjoy the ride, as much as you can. enjoy the kids, as much as you can. Immunise them for heaven's sake. Give them breastmilk or not. Send them to a school they enjoy and not just cause it's good for them . Let them learn at their own pace. Don't make it into a world of  rules and regulations that at 8 years old you are forcing them to go to extra classes. I didn't want to force the kids to do anything they didn't want to do. they only did music when they told me they wanted to learn. They dropped out of activities when they got bored. Why waste time doing something  you don't enjoy, right. Between their mom whose philosophy is life is short, and their dad whose  philosophy is just do  it lah,I am amazed that my kids are not lazy bums who fail in school. 

Ok rant over. Sorry yer...hehehe

Thursday, August 14, 2014

And how are you ?

Hi there lalings

It's raya month.. Happy Hari Raya! How did you spend your Raya? We went home to Kluang for almost a week, this time around we went before Eid ,which filled me with trepidation actually because it would mean that we would be in charge of preparing the house . And the maid had to be left because the cat would die if no one feeds it hahahaha. I wanted to bring the maid, but seriously my cat is the type that waits by the tap for someone to turn it on, before she drinks from it~ !! We'd be doing our stuff, turn around and find her by the tap. patiently waiting. Pas tu have to make sure the water is not too fast! Ngada or not

Anyway yes the entire family descended by the 3rd Raya, and we took a family photo

haa tu dia..that's the entire clan as of this year! All of the siblings were together finally - one is in HK doing her dentistry, one cousin sibling (cousin raised by parents in law) works in Qatar now.

Some sadness- visited husband's cousin uncle (mom's cousin) who had been diagnosed with liver cancer. He was not aware of how dire it is, and was very happy when we went. He asked though, halfway what his prognosis and whether he was living on borrowed time. Hubbs terdiam sekejap. couldn't say anything. But he got the message. Stage 4 you.

Another big thing was the Hajah Safero gathering that we did. Basically mom's aunties and uncles from the same grandmother and all their relatives were gathered . Oiii pening wooh because ada ramai..and we wanted to collect monies for it. but yours truly here was in charge of setting a i said RM10. per working adult. So in the end..yours truly and the others in AJK had to top up ler hahaha - but it was really fun and nice.  Haa, this was the wedding of one aunt ages ago. Standing from left: Opah tam (no 4) OPah Mok (no 5), Opah Ngah (no 2) and Opah teh (er no 3)-- sitting is Opah Chu bedah (to be distinguished from Opah Chu Selayang (same mom but 2 dads) - only Opah Chu Bedah , Opah Teh and Opah Chu Selayang is around. Opah Chu Bedah has a bigger brother, who also passed away.

Ok then gotto go back to work...Thinking of this:

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Hi's everything?

Nadine is just about to go for her driving test now..finally! Her friends are all driving allready I'm sure. I'm not in a rush to let her drive..neither is she . So far if she needs to go anywhere (and this lady is BUSY) and we can't send her, we'd ask her to use Myteksi. I tell you, I feel so much better letting her get in  a cab with this app. You know who will pick her up, you can track the journey even. Yah ya i know she's almost 19. Hard to let go lar.. Kalau boleh remain 2 years old can tak?  Anyway Good luck Nadine in your driving test!

Also good luck to Johan who is giving a tazkirah this morning to the assembly. A couple of days ago he said he had approached the Ustaz requesting to give a talk to the assembly and he shared how he was frustrated that people are not taking him seriously because of his size (he's a small 13 year old like his dad- who remained 5 feet until 17 plus, and then shot up about 8 inches - so take heart, Jojo) . Anyway I told him, just do it lah, you can do it and don't bother about your h eight. You have the right to speak, and when you act like you have the right to stand in front, everyone will treat you that way. And if you worry about those who are not paying attention or who are making fun of you, then you are not being fair to the other group who may be listening to you. 

So today , armed with this, he is going to give this talk - on death, of all things. Sheikh Yunus Kathrada had given us this lecture on husnul khotimah last week- about how people who have good endings ie God took them while they were praying etc, rather than say, cursing others, well usually they would have one or more good things that distinguished them and made them deserving of such a good exit. Eg this one man who died in a mosque while praying jemaah , had actually been a very good son to his mom, taking care of her every need, to the point of asking her if her shampoo had run out. And after that lecture my kids started asking me whether I had enough shampoo! Haha! -

Good luck Johan, don't be nervous! And if you are reading this afterwards, hope it went well. And if it didn't , consider it practice for the future, and you have certainly done better than others who have not given a talk hehehehe! 

How's your terawih? We had a minor altercation at our mini surau the other day. The mini surau is actually a house right, and the house next door has this chinese family, and in the first week this man came out railing about how we made so much noise with our fork and spoons. (I wasn't actually there at this time) - the funny thing was , they were using plastic cutleries haha ...Then 2 days ago, this man actually came out as we were eating outside , and shouted and shouted. And I am slightly ashamed to say, a couple of the men (very prominent members of my neighbourhood as well as society) were shouting back. I went home very very quickly , with Sara and Jojo both shaking their heads and muttering - dont lah argue back..just apologise lah for waking him up, or disturbing his sleep or whatever his complaints were. See, my peaceloving kids. hehehe Or rather, you have inherited your mom's wimpiness hahaha..Anyway I heard yesterday that after a while the chinese neighbour went home. 

My thoughts?? I think we could have handled it differently. Perhaps we should have discussed with him that this house next door will now be receiving people every night till 10.30 at night for teraweeh and the ustaz or imam will be using a mic. And after wards we will be eating moreh ...but we will try to keep it down, but sorry if we were noisy. But on the other hand, could you express how you feel by NOT shouting, oh neighbour?? So rude!! 

Ok better carry on work lar..take care you lovelies...

Saturday, July 05, 2014

My 3rd day!

Hi ...

So my first day macam nak pengsan..I was soo sleepy and tired. I was too tired to put on lipstick so in addition to feeling tired, I looked like death. Second day I had a massive headache that continued till today, the 3rd day. Strange, I'm not missing food and drink at all, but just have this headache. Fasting is more than food anyway right, it's more about reconnecting with the Holy 1,500 year  old (still think it's amayzzzing that it's so old) book that Allah gave direct to us- and watching loads of Bayinnah tv  for tafsir of the ayah. It's so interesting - the Quran, when you read out of interest and not as a duty.

So what's been happening. Dahlia and Johan had their halaqah yesterday,along with the others in tahfiz group. From 9 to about 3. Dahlia and Johan recited their selected surah almost perfectly and I am just amazed that they can remember. Allah is so great to give them such good memory kan.  I ni surah lazim  je kot..But at least it's one grade up better than just remembering the 4 qul je kan?? Alah..dah 45 takkan surah lazim je kot I'm trying to better myself and learn more.

Sad news today Kak Pah (Sharifah Aini) passed away....she was only 61, and she was diagnosed wiht pulmonary fibriosis 2 years ago. I looked it up- it's NASTY...slowly slowly your lungs stop working kan?? Scarring of the lungs ..aiyoo..sedehnyer - semoga Jannah for her , insyaAllah. Read that her son is in the middle east learning the deen- alhamdulillah she raised such a good son who hopefully will pray for her. Reminder to all of us that we all will return to Him and we will all go.

What else- had iftar with mom and dad the other day with brother no 3 and 4 and their wives. Mom only one cooking. How? Should be with my sisters in law kan..but on the other hand maybe mom has her own way of doing things that no one dares to masuk dapur..hehehe. I know my mom. She is super fussy and super clean. Her kitchen is DRY every night ok. And this is the WET kitchen. As you are sitting , you have just finished eating but still sitting at the table, she will be whizzing around cleaning from under you. I never know when to start clearing up. She clears up immediately.  Maybe this perfect domesticity will click one day.

Oh yea I went to EUROATLANTIC the other day. From zoo negara to KL you'd pass Beverly Heights, kan-- and just behind Petron, on the side of the road,  (or is it Esso?) there is this big green and yellow building with Euroatlantic emblazoned on it. You know,I heard you can buy fruits and veg and other imported frozen food. I tried going once and it was close- it only opens 11 to 3 pm Monday to Friday and until 1 on Saturday. So I went in, and I was a bit blur as never been. I was directed to the Sales office, and from there, directed to a room, with a list of stuff, which you tick, and then give to the worker, who will pack for y ou. I went a bit mad...and spent hundreds on blackberry and blueberries and cherries and peaches and etc. etc. I sedekah kan sedikit cherries to the local "sub surau". (Sub surau means one of the many suraus in my area, in someone's house. Not the official surau.)

I went on the taman facebook the other day, thanking my non muslim neighbours for tolerating increased traffic during this month. Their reply was that it's normal lah, and only for Ramadhan. We have to treat each other with respect. But the flagrant disregard for the rules by our brothers in Islam ni bring shame to others. A few houses have guests from outside of the neighbourhood, and they have to register with the guard. And a couple of nights ago, apparently guards kena tengking dengan the host's son for insisting on getting the registration. Refused to register. Apa salahnya register?? Are you so special that your guests do not have to comply with the same "rules" as everyone else? Sigh...

Anyway see what happens when I get going with this blog- I keep yakking and yakking..i better go..Arabic class at 4 and I have missed 2 months !! So kena lah revise... (by the way I'm learning from Bayna Yaddaik..I found the book online HERE, and I found the videos to teach HERE!!)

Bye bye ma assalamah!

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Of food !

So it's day 4 of you doin??

I realise sadly that we are still continuing to gossip about artists/people/neighbours, but the beauty of Ramadhan is, the syaitan has left , so your conscience can tell you - eh don't talk about others , you are fasting..! Which anyway will sometimes invite the other person who hears this , to say: eh we are not gossiping- we are just shaaaring..hehehe

Anyway my first day is probably tomorrow- yeah I dah siap siap raya dah..which is not so great if you are so shy to go buy any food for lunch that you end up fasting anyway.  A friend told me she went to JJ with  her other half during the day and ordered a take away cafe latte for herself and the budak asked her husband "abang nak air apa?" (what drink do you want, sir?) which is hilarious as he is clearly supposed to be fasting. heheheh. He must have been so embarrassed.

So far we have successfully avoided the food bazaar or pasar ramadhan.  I always waste a lot of money there. I can't help it! you go in thinking you're "just" having a look, sekali tengok ada nasi kerabu lah, nasi dagang lah, etc and you find yourself thinking - maybe I can try this one, or that one..and in the end I'd be bringing like 5 plastic bags of stuff that we'd not finish..kan dah buang duit dah...heheh avoid je  lah is the best way ! Plus on one or two occasions the food I bought were actually BAD! Hoohoo, nak nangis rasanyer..the anticipation, then the discovery that the food's gone bad..whyyyyy??? I guess the vendors didn't think their food would go bad but still..frust tonggeng

The food in our house so far has been just normal..trying not to make Ramadhan about food and what to eat- (although this post is 90% food!) so we've had normal everyday food like sambal, curry etc. (Actually my house jarang masak kari). I actually cooked ! Gasp! hahah yeah I am spoiled nowadays. Maid je masak. Teruk kan?? But one morning I came down and nothing was done, no food on the table I went into crazy masak mode - in 10 minutes masak 3 simple lauk (sayur, sadin and dadar jeeee) .Don't think that the maid liked me in the kitchen - the next day food was ready by half four in the morning heheh.

Yesterday break fast was, I must say, a bit special, I bought whole roast lamb from Jaya grocers. I was in the area for a legal clinic, (where I had to sit and people come and ask questions) and made the mistake of going into the shop for a bottle of jam. Still figuring out how a bottle of jam, turned to a whole roast lamb. heheh but the joy on everyone's face masa breaking fast , with the roast lamb and the brussel sprouts (in England dulu yechhh tak suka, sekali sekala beli macam sedap lak) ..worth it!

Anyway im rambling better wake the kids up for sahur . Have a great fasting day guys!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ramadhan mubarak and update!

Hi every one!

It's fasting month finally!! Cannot believe it! Where did the months go? 
I had a message from a foreign friend saying it's sad that it's fasting month.. i guess I can see where she's coming from! It's hard to explain how joyous this month is to someone who does not believe in god in general. why would you starve yourself, refrain from (gasp!!) drinking if you don't really need to right? I guess in having the belief system that this world is only temporary , makes it easier to connect to your spiritual side and try to get as many good points for your permanent life later! How do you justify just living for the present? 

Islam is getting such a bad rep nowadays..and really it's not the religion, it's us. I must say, are we, as muslims, the best advertisement for it?? When you think about it, being muslims , we should have the highest level of discipline, after all, our prayer times start at  odd  times like 4.21 or 6.26- so imagine if we really practise praying to the very minute that the praying time starts, every day- imagine what kind of discipline we'd have!! And imagine if we fulfil every promise and treat everyone ethically and take no commission- people would say - you can deal with him, he's a Muslim.  Wow..imagine a world where they have the highest respect for you, and not because you cover your hair and don't eat pork. and don't drink. But that you are a fantastic human being, and you are that way because your Lord tells you to do so. 

Hmm now I know why I don't blog- I tend to preach ! Ok ok let's get on to the mundane..what we have been up to!

It's been really lovely having my Nadine here with us , on her semester break. She has been hard at wasting time hahahaha , although she has started to learn how to sew and also took up driving again. Mid july she'll be back at school . She still has no idea what she wants to do with her life, all my attempts at getting her to do medicine have so far met with total resistance, she is interested in education she said. or psychology . Which is good too. 

Sara is going to be leaving us too! (not for another 2 years, I hope!) - She has had her first sitting for her exams. the 2nd one is in this November - hope she will do well! Really really proud of how far she has come..from the time she was a shy wall flower and now,  head prefect and bossing every one about. 

How about my darling sophia the grumps? I can see her pouting if she reads this hahaha but it's really fun to tease her cause she can get really hummffffy and grumpy. She's nagging me to get her a BM tutor ...ok ok lah  She has no doubts on what she wants to do- she wants to do business. Like her auntie kitchenguardian. She loves baking. Can she do medicine and then bake?? 

heheheh- maybe my no 4 daya can be  a doctor? not likely, cause she prefers numbers I think! She has had a growth spurt and is as tall as sara now. My youngest baby a lady

and how about the boy??He's gone all big too very serious in debate...have settled into his identity of not being a football geek but rather  an intellectual guy .

But no 4 and 5 still my 3 has to be reminded that mummy loves hugging her too. No 2 and 1 also ! 
We are so settled down, it's scary. Now I am actually looking for things to do! Ive got a good job, but googling- short term stays in New York. Apa hal ni?? My rationale is that I was raised as an army I can't stand that I am no longer moving here and there! hahahah! I'm forever asking the other half to take a sabbatical! And the guy is happy where he is! If only I'm the type that can leave my family for a short masters course I'd do what my friend did! She got an LLM from Cambridge purely because she'd always wanted to graduate from a top UK uni! for me, I malas nak belajar! haha!

Ok catch you guys later..I shall be content, and bersyukur, and concentrate to train the kids and I to be better muslims....

Ramadhan mubarak to all. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The need for blogging

Record 2 months absence maynnnn....whatsappening to me...

Reflecting on the beginning of this blog- I started this blog about 8 years ago ,as a mother of young children, with jojo being a baby, and a husband on the edge of going into private practice, pushed by the need to give our children better education , Islamic education was then private still- it was ever so important that they go to Adni..felt that this will give them good grounding in moral values, anchor everything they do to their faith- yes and of course going private and getting more pay will go a long way  to fund mommy's hobby of travelling hehehehe. In all those years since then, we moved house 3 times .from small one to a rented bungalow (sanggup rent tu)- my quirky sense of right and wrong decided that there was nothing wrong in renting if it meant giving my young growing kids a big compound..for years I tahan people asking me to buy a house (we couldn't afford one!) rather than rent...but I think we made the right decision. At least the kids could have a big bouncy castle birthday. I'd get into debt to give them happy memories to hold on to when they are bigger.

Now, 8 years on - we finally feel settled. Got our own house for once, happy enough in it to want to renovate . (and like everyone,hate the process! It never ends!!! and the dusts! never again arghh! ) Children are no longer small children ...Nadine going to be 20 this year (!!)- ok it's 19 this year, not 20 .but wont be long!  , Sara finishing school this year, and the others fast on their heels. Husband  has firmly settled in his balancing act between government service and private practice, both of which he says he does full time. I'm still with my friend at the firm, although I contemplate leaving every other day..thinking of alternative career of child caring- I am naturally maternal cheh wah..miss lah small kids. Thought about adopting but then it's such a big commitment!

Weight has ballooned, so much so that what would be soo uncomfortable 5 years ago is normal now. Husband also has big tummy..cant imagine , if you know how thin he used to be..!

Kids have grown to be stable, sensible, obedient kids with their own characters. Not small anymore.

And this blog? Left unattended to for ages at a time, as there's not much for me to write .........

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Eh hi there you

155 million views????? wow..

Let it go let it go...god this song is in my mind..could it be because my daughters keep singing it at the top of their voices?? or that Yaya loves to watch the multi language version? or that Sophia loves to play it on the piano? or that they like to watch the rewind version? the song is quite nice...I DONT CARE -WHAT THEY'RE GOING TO SAY...cheh wah feel good to sing that aloud

They are all  at home now, including Nadine. Today apparently is homework day. Finally! It's been tv and xbox so far.

No holiday plans kot this week. Although last Saturday we went to Kuantan- husband's school friend time dia kat UK tu came over from Portugal  for work, and we kidnapped him for the night. Original plan was to go to Perlis for a wedding of a relative on dad's side but because of this guy, tak jadi and jadi pi kuantan lak. A "short" 3 hour drive away to my favourite hotel - Hyatt. Took rooms in the ahem- Regency club yang sangat bestnya. Dapat free flowing coffee and juice etc etc and makan petang lagi. We all sampai kol 2 pagi cause we left really late that day, but to make up for it we stayed the next day till 6 kot. It was really fun although the other half did lose his specs in the sea (strong wave!) - again. I sat by the beach and mengelamun a lot.

Today macam takda mood lak nak kerja...why ah..maybe cause of the MH370...although people know lah...but to hear the PM put it into words - terkejut seems so final. What the heck did he say anyway- what the heck is "ended in the Indian ocean" ?? Crash ka. landing ka....

Of course the Chinese families are now going beserk...accusing us of murdering their relatives. My heart is breaking to see such grief. I hope the other families can console them.. depa pun sedeh gak takda teriak teriak macam banshee..ishh tak senonoh..pull yourself together ! Typically now we get "demands" to release info. So far we have hidden info, kata dia...Allooo kalau ada dah bagi dah lahaiiiiii...

When Najib's announcement came on, the husband was snoozing . I woke him up to tell him and he sat quietly , and he was sad...and I was surprised. He is rarely sad ...but it hit him hard. Rupanya husband I ni jiwang. told him today that I have yet to watch Titanic in full, and he has watched it twice.! He is still affected by the news .

Ok time to give up my job as a MAS analyst, ahaks! and get back to work.


Thursday, March 13, 2014


The plane's missing for how many days now- our hearts goes out to the family and friends of the passengers. Who expected the plane to go missing. I pray that they are still alive. I hope it is terrorism , and they are alive. 

Heart swells in pride at how our national leaders handle the piranhas . The first day questions were elementary. Then the foreign reporters come in and boy they might as well say YOU ARE A TERRORIST COUNTRY. MUSLIMS WILL BRING DOWN PLANES . YOU CANNOT RUN YOUR OWN COUNTRY. Such pointed questions. 

Just don't like that everyone who is everyone seems to be holding press conference- the head of army, navy, police, immigration. Of course I cannot comment lah. I am however officially in lurve with the MAS CEO, the DCA and goodness Hishamuddin. For their cool heads. I do wish though we can humban/hurl the shaman at the airport- into the sea. I'm sure they can find it faster . 

Anyway everyone is an expert these days.I dah malas nak baca FB

But I do pray that the passsengers and crew are safe...

Monday, March 03, 2014

Time after time...

Yesterday Nadine did not come home...she had a weekend course in Lenggeng to go to. We are slowly getting used to her not coming home due to her schedule. I am slowly getting used to the idea that my daughter is 19. erks. We miss you nadine!

Yesterday we visited my husband's aunt and uncle, grandparents for the third time - a very much awaited baby girl- The parents had waited for 7 years for this baby. I love the mommie, so nice and humble and self effacing. My kids were so excited to hold the baby and conversation came around to whether or  not we should have another one. The auntie said of course you can, since you are still young. (Young??) Then the uncle asked hubs how old are you and the hubs said 47. Silence for a heartbeat. I think anything that has 7 in it sounds so old kan. Like 27 is so close to 30- and 47 is so close to 50! I don't think, much though I'd like to have another baby, we should. Assuming baby will be born with no problems or challenges, by the time he or she is 10 we'll be in our 50s.  Can we still do the school run? heheh..

Oh well, I get these pangs everytime ada baby around-- biar betul!! 5 is more than enough..and we are jangan dok gatai...kalau bored get a new hobby...

Anyway yes semalam we went for dinner - early celebration of my brother's birthday. He's 37 - SEE?? So old. We tried chefzubir's wangsagrill at's not bad at all!! The chef's signature dish, baby lambshank- was good! My dad bising sebab they didn't serve the fish with a fish knife. hahah the look on the guy's face!

Nice to have everyone sitting for dinner. I was sitting smack in between my brothers, and all the sisters in law were huddled in one corner- why ah???

Sigh...felt sad as dad and mom now in their 70s...we talked about them moving to a safer neighbourhood and mom said for how long are we going to stay much longer have we got...I dont think I can terima them going ...and I pun got how many more years on this earth...

Sigh sigh sigh...melancholic! Now let's make a baby lah, distracting sikit hahahahahha

Monday, February 17, 2014

Busy busy busy

Hi there !

Dup dap dup dap half of February is gone. Can you believe it???

Kids are busy with their sports day. Jojo is in futsal team, much to his delight. Daya got no 2 in badminton, and was upset. (very competitive, daya). Sophia is in netball. Sara is not in telematch and is house captain. The good thing about being in a small school like theirs is that they get to do what they cannot had they been in a bigger school! I'm sure they'd have to compete with a lot more kids! yeah, I know, they'd be in for a rude awakening when they go out, but I'm hoping that this year I can change that. Ie I'm going to ease them into society. I'm gonna (for the 20th time) make them join stuff. Like, WWF, or others. Ok ok this year I AM going to do it. Futsal- maybe Jo can train. Heart goes out to him, he wants to be good, but he is hampered by his height (or lack thereof). Never mind..his dad was a five footer all the way to 17 years old! Hang in there Jojo!

Nadine - is fine- she appears to have settled down ok, did not come back last weekend. I am worried that she is getting too involved in her college activities, but how involved is too involved? Not sure. And she is going to be 19 this year you know, so how do I handle it when she wants to go off shopping with her friends. Hmmm, how was I treated? I was allowed to go , if I went with Zuriati, my friend since age 13. Her friends are such darlings. And no, not because they may read this blog ha ha but they really are. (OK , maybe a little bit because they read this blog hahahah)

Parents are ok-  dad turned 71 last week. We had a party on Saturday, at their house. Actually nak keluar but they dont want ..too hot ..ya lah, manyak panas, and manyak nyamuk.

Ok then I better go. work time..groannnn..wanna stop work..wanna get my partner to stop work too...hahahaha can ???

Sunday, February 09, 2014


About time I finished this report-- nasib baik lah tak jadi journalist...pengsan nak buat report...

anyway right after Chamonix we rushed back to the hotel Ferme du Lac kat Thyez to collect our stuff right...and by the time we reached Annecy, it was dark. Wasn'tthat easy finding the hotel ..and soon we figured out why. Annecy is  walled town..and to get to our hotel we had to park, and walk across the pebbled pedestrian streets ..peeking into each alleyway..until we found our hotel! it's behind the main shops, and next to the canal..! Good reviews..value for money. had to take 2 rooms- one fits 4 and one fits 3. My room had only a shower. Toilet outside. Kids' room had both shower, and toilet (separate rooms) . We dumped our bags and then looked for food. Thank goodness found a supermarket selling halal cold cuts, etc! Beli je lah, and ate in the rooms. The weather was too cold for us to walk around at night and I'd like to say we drove around, but no, we just konked out...and slept. 

View from Hotel Central, Annecy-- overlooking the canal 

the receptionist...the hotel reception was on the 1st floor..had to go up a spiral staircase, and then knock..and only allowed in between 5 to 8 pm I think...and we were thank goodness, on time. 

Hotel felt like an apartment- was decorated quite ecclectically- with souvenirs from the proprietress's travels. We stayed a night, and the next morning left after breakfast-- which was REALLY nice..eating (lard free) croissant in France- nothing beats it! 

We had checked out and crammed our many many bags in the car by now..we spent a lovely day just walking...We walked out of the old town area- to the lake and it was really pretty! air was very crisp and freezing! 

This is Daya posing in front of the town hall

it must be market day that day! We walked back from the lake back to the old part of town - ( wayy prettier than the other side of the lake which were more modern..) There were many stalls around town selling unique produces like scarves, ,and here's one selling all types of cheese. If only I could tell if the rennet was vegetarian...

The road back to the old part of town 

by the canal..waiting for the resident photographer husband to finish taking pictures of every tree and every rock ahahahahaha! 

That building yonder is the very old, very iconic, very Annecy attraction- I believe it's a prison

I actually wanted to show how clear the water is behind us...ahhh if only Sg Klang is like this. 

I could  not stop taking pictures...and you can tell the kids (one of them anyway) were getting bored...


Sooo tempted to buy the kain...

We left after lunch...can't for the life of me remembered what we ate..but we left for Geneva..our next (and last) hotel was the Ibis: from the website macam dekat dengan airport but it was a good 9 km was next to CERN, which , physicsphobic that I am pun, I know .thanks to Prof Brian Cox and the BBC series on the Universe.

ibis Saint Genis Pouilly Genève hotel

We did drive around in Geneva, but only at night, and only to get food- we passed the United Nations office, and I actually saw the UNHCR (refugee centre) ...felt very momentous, you know. Like the way being in a place of such significance would be. (Pic below from internet since we didn't take good pics)

That night in geneva was actually New Year's eve..but you'd never know it from how quiet the town was. We found a lebanese place and happy to eat daging again and rice! ahh age is catching up on me...

Next morning- Ibis sent us to the went to return the himself lost because he went to the geneva section instead of the french section..or something like that...I was happy to go home..I left my sejadah to the hotel..hope someone uses it...

Another 12 hours in Qatar...and this time we went out to visit husband's cousin- and then on the way home

All in all - very satisfying, very tiring ..and next time can do again!! :)

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

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