Friday, January 24, 2014

[Continued]- our day in Chamonix

So...where was I?

do we have to go in??
Oh yeah. Ok it was the 2nd day. Bright and early we all got up, and the plan was to go to Chamonix. It's a ski resort. What do I know about ski resorts right, all I wanted was to take the kids to see snow. It was quite a hassle trying to check out because we had 3 rooms, all on 3 different floors. We had to drag bags down .. Daughter no 1 and son shared a room on ground floor, which was great for jojo as the room opened to the back yard which had snow ! The kids all took their bags down to Jojo's room- the hotel very kindly allowed us to keep our bags there, so we didn't have to lug them to the mountains and then lug them back.

So, after what seemed forever of sorting out bags, making breakfast (out of the bread and kebabs and cakes etc!) and yelling at the kids to come in from the back yard- off we finally went!!

The trip there was gorgeous. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, and we finally figured out how to use the toll system in France without getting honked- life was perfect! Never mind that the other half broke a cup in the morning, lost the car keys  for a while the night before and did a host of stuff that was unlike him!
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Finally reached Chamonix. - Bandar rupanyer-! with people walking around with skis and wearing snazzy snow suits and fancy sun shades. People waiting for buses, people eating at cafes, having drinks. Busy! We drove through the town, wondering where to stop. Finally stopped by a lake (again!) - mainly because it was close to a row of hotels , had fresh field of snow nearby - and i wanted the toilet! I don't fancy the cold when the kids tumbled out the car onto the white snow , I stayed in the car, with the warm comfortable heater heheheh. Ok ok..acahje.....who can resist playing in the snow right....!

Later on, we did MY favourite activity- eating! well..drinking lah. We had hot chocolate at the nearest inn- which was run by a Welsh woman, so she spoke English! What a relief! Not being understood can be quite tiring! As well as having to scrutinise the menu for what we can eat.. unlike when we were students, now I cannot even touch anything if the place serves pork - why ah?? Porkophobia. Nadine said some people think nothing of missing prayers but have extreme severe dogphobia or porcinephobia!

Anyway I digress- after that drove to yet another parking place, where we can get into a cable car, to go to the top of the  mountain. Unfortunately (a) everyone in the town wanted to go up as well, judging from the queue and (b) it was extremely expensive for all of us to go up- RM2000  (RM1000 for 4) - even in the original Euro it sounded expensive. I was secretly relieved ! I know husband wanted to show the kids the "real fresh snow" as he says, way up on top, but hey, it was cold, my wooly scarf kept getting untied, (didn't know how to fashionably tie it) and I was tired. Kept slipping on the icy ground. This snow malarky was no fun I tell ya. hehehe...!


 So, cannot go up with cable car,  we walked around the town of Chamonix, me swallowing my ungrateful moans as I trailed behind the other half. Dalam otak pikir..nak makan apa ah ? In the end tak makan..mana tak nya, (a) everything had "jambon" or ham and (b) everyone else was stuffed from the kebab and the bread and the cakes ! (seriously banyak left overs)

The town by the way, was really nice. It was dead fashionable I tell you, and I found out that tourists flock  here from everywhere esp the UK. And it was a day before new year kan, lagi lah ramai orang datang...more came!

Dah about 2 pm, we moved on- bye bye..have to rush to the next place sebab the reception opens only between 5 to 8 pm! And we had to go back to Thyez to get our bags! Which we did, and we managed to pray and rest and even took a shower in the room before saying bye to this place----

Next destination: the prettiest town in France. !

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kak shiela, was it u yang dok sibuk membelit scarft tuh? hehehehhe

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