About time I finished this report-- nasib baik lah tak jadi journalist...pengsan nak buat report...

anyway right after Chamonix we rushed back to the hotel Ferme du Lac kat Thyez to collect our stuff right...and by the time we reached Annecy, it was dark. Wasn'tthat easy finding the hotel ..and soon we figured out why. Annecy is  walled town..and to get to our hotel we had to park, and walk across the pebbled pedestrian streets ..peeking into each alleyway..until we found our hotel! it's behind the main shops, and next to the canal..! Good reviews..value for money. had to take 2 rooms- one fits 4 and one fits 3. My room had only a shower. Toilet outside. Kids' room had both shower, and toilet (separate rooms) . We dumped our bags and then looked for food. Thank goodness found a supermarket selling halal cold cuts, etc! Beli je lah, and ate in the rooms. The weather was too cold for us to walk around at night and I'd like to say we drove around, but no, we just konked out...and slept. 

View from Hotel Central, Annecy-- overlooking the canal 

the receptionist...the hotel reception was on the 1st floor..had to go up a spiral staircase, and then knock..and only allowed in between 5 to 8 pm I think...and we were thank goodness, on time. 

Hotel felt like an apartment- was decorated quite ecclectically- with souvenirs from the proprietress's travels. We stayed a night, and the next morning left after breakfast-- which was REALLY nice..eating (lard free) croissant in France- nothing beats it! 

We had checked out and crammed our many many bags in the car by now..we spent a lovely day just walking...We walked out of the old town area- to the lake and it was really pretty! air was very crisp and freezing! 

This is Daya posing in front of the town hall

it must be market day that day! We walked back from the lake back to the old part of town - ( wayy prettier than the other side of the lake which were more modern..) There were many stalls around town selling unique produces like scarves, ,and here's one selling all types of cheese. If only I could tell if the rennet was vegetarian...

The road back to the old part of town 

by the canal..waiting for the resident photographer husband to finish taking pictures of every tree and every rock ahahahahaha! 

That building yonder is the very old, very iconic, very Annecy attraction- I believe it's a prison

I actually wanted to show how clear the water is behind us...ahhh if only Sg Klang is like this. 

I could  not stop taking pictures...and you can tell the kids (one of them anyway) were getting bored...


Sooo tempted to buy the kain...

We left after lunch...can't for the life of me remembered what we ate..but we left for Geneva..our next (and last) hotel was the Ibis: from the website macam dekat dengan airport but it was a good 9 km was next to CERN, which , physicsphobic that I am pun, I know .thanks to Prof Brian Cox and the BBC series on the Universe.

ibis Saint Genis Pouilly Genève hotel

We did drive around in Geneva, but only at night, and only to get food- we passed the United Nations office, and I actually saw the UNHCR (refugee centre) ...felt very momentous, you know. Like the way being in a place of such significance would be. (Pic below from internet since we didn't take good pics)

That night in geneva was actually New Year's eve..but you'd never know it from how quiet the town was. We found a lebanese place and happy to eat daging again and rice! ahh age is catching up on me...

Next morning- Ibis sent us to the went to return the himself lost because he went to the geneva section instead of the french section..or something like that...I was happy to go home..I left my sejadah to the hotel..hope someone uses it...

Another 12 hours in Qatar...and this time we went out to visit husband's cousin- and then on the way home

All in all - very satisfying, very tiring ..and next time can do again!! :)


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