Monday, February 17, 2014

Busy busy busy

Hi there !

Dup dap dup dap half of February is gone. Can you believe it???

Kids are busy with their sports day. Jojo is in futsal team, much to his delight. Daya got no 2 in badminton, and was upset. (very competitive, daya). Sophia is in netball. Sara is not in telematch and is house captain. The good thing about being in a small school like theirs is that they get to do what they cannot had they been in a bigger school! I'm sure they'd have to compete with a lot more kids! yeah, I know, they'd be in for a rude awakening when they go out, but I'm hoping that this year I can change that. Ie I'm going to ease them into society. I'm gonna (for the 20th time) make them join stuff. Like, WWF, or others. Ok ok this year I AM going to do it. Futsal- maybe Jo can train. Heart goes out to him, he wants to be good, but he is hampered by his height (or lack thereof). Never mind..his dad was a five footer all the way to 17 years old! Hang in there Jojo!

Nadine - is fine- she appears to have settled down ok, did not come back last weekend. I am worried that she is getting too involved in her college activities, but how involved is too involved? Not sure. And she is going to be 19 this year you know, so how do I handle it when she wants to go off shopping with her friends. Hmmm, how was I treated? I was allowed to go , if I went with Zuriati, my friend since age 13. Her friends are such darlings. And no, not because they may read this blog ha ha but they really are. (OK , maybe a little bit because they read this blog hahahah)

Parents are ok-  dad turned 71 last week. We had a party on Saturday, at their house. Actually nak keluar but they dont want ..too hot ..ya lah, manyak panas, and manyak nyamuk.

Ok then I better go. work time..groannnn..wanna stop work..wanna get my partner to stop work too...hahahaha can ???

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