Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Eh hi there you

155 million views????? wow..

Let it go let it go...god this song is in my mind..could it be because my daughters keep singing it at the top of their voices?? or that Yaya loves to watch the multi language version? or that Sophia loves to play it on the piano? or that they like to watch the rewind version? the song is quite nice...I DONT CARE -WHAT THEY'RE GOING TO SAY...cheh wah feel good to sing that aloud

They are all  at home now, including Nadine. Today apparently is homework day. Finally! It's been tv and xbox so far.

No holiday plans kot this week. Although last Saturday we went to Kuantan- husband's school friend time dia kat UK tu came over from Portugal  for work, and we kidnapped him for the night. Original plan was to go to Perlis for a wedding of a relative on dad's side but because of this guy, tak jadi and jadi pi kuantan lak. A "short" 3 hour drive away to my favourite hotel - Hyatt. Took rooms in the ahem- Regency club yang sangat bestnya. Dapat free flowing coffee and juice etc etc and makan petang lagi. We all sampai kol 2 pagi cause we left really late that day, but to make up for it we stayed the next day till 6 kot. It was really fun although the other half did lose his specs in the sea (strong wave!) - again. I sat by the beach and mengelamun a lot.

Today macam takda mood lak nak kerja...why ah..maybe cause of the MH370...although people know lah...but to hear the PM put it into words - terkejut gak...it seems so final. What the heck did he say anyway- what the heck is "ended in the Indian ocean" ?? Crash ka. landing ka....

Of course the Chinese families are now going beserk...accusing us of murdering their relatives. My heart is breaking to see such grief. I hope the other families can console them.. depa pun sedeh gak takda teriak teriak macam banshee..ishh tak senonoh..pull yourself together ! Typically now we get "demands" to release info. So far we have hidden info, kata dia...Allooo kalau ada dah bagi dah lahaiiiiii...

When Najib's announcement came on, the husband was snoozing . I woke him up to tell him and he sat quietly , and he was sad...and I was surprised. He is rarely sad ...but it hit him hard. Rupanya husband I ni jiwang. told him today that I have yet to watch Titanic in full, and he has watched it twice.! He is still affected by the news .

Ok time to give up my job as a MAS analyst, ahaks! and get back to work.


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