Thursday, March 13, 2014


The plane's missing for how many days now- our hearts goes out to the family and friends of the passengers. Who expected the plane to go missing. I pray that they are still alive. I hope it is terrorism , and they are alive. 

Heart swells in pride at how our national leaders handle the piranhas . The first day questions were elementary. Then the foreign reporters come in and boy they might as well say YOU ARE A TERRORIST COUNTRY. MUSLIMS WILL BRING DOWN PLANES . YOU CANNOT RUN YOUR OWN COUNTRY. Such pointed questions. 

Just don't like that everyone who is everyone seems to be holding press conference- the head of army, navy, police, immigration. Of course I cannot comment lah. I am however officially in lurve with the MAS CEO, the DCA and goodness Hishamuddin. For their cool heads. I do wish though we can humban/hurl the shaman at the airport- into the sea. I'm sure they can find it faster . 

Anyway everyone is an expert these days.I dah malas nak baca FB

But I do pray that the passsengers and crew are safe...

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