Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The need for blogging

Record 2 months absence maynnnn....whatsappening to me...

Reflecting on the beginning of this blog- I started this blog about 8 years ago ,as a mother of young children, with jojo being a baby, and a husband on the edge of going into private practice, pushed by the need to give our children better education , Islamic education was then private still- it was ever so important that they go to Adni..felt that this will give them good grounding in moral values, anchor everything they do to their faith- yes and of course going private and getting more pay will go a long way  to fund mommy's hobby of travelling hehehehe. In all those years since then, we moved house 3 times .from small one to a rented bungalow (sanggup rent tu)- my quirky sense of right and wrong decided that there was nothing wrong in renting if it meant giving my young growing kids a big compound..for years I tahan people asking me to buy a house (we couldn't afford one!) rather than rent...but I think we made the right decision. At least the kids could have a big bouncy castle birthday. I'd get into debt to give them happy memories to hold on to when they are bigger.

Now, 8 years on - we finally feel settled. Got our own house for once, happy enough in it to want to renovate . (and like everyone,hate the process! It never ends!!! and the dusts! never again arghh! ) Children are no longer small children ...Nadine going to be 20 this year (!!)- ok it's 19 this year, not 20 .but wont be long!  , Sara finishing school this year, and the others fast on their heels. Husband  has firmly settled in his balancing act between government service and private practice, both of which he says he does full time. I'm still with my friend at the firm, although I contemplate leaving every other day..thinking of alternative career of child caring- I am naturally maternal cheh wah..miss lah small kids. Thought about adopting but then it's such a big commitment!

Weight has ballooned, so much so that what would be soo uncomfortable 5 years ago is normal now. Husband also has big tummy..cant imagine , if you know how thin he used to be..!

Kids have grown to be stable, sensible, obedient kids with their own characters. Not small anymore.

And this blog? Left unattended to for ages at a time, as there's not much for me to write .........

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