Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ramadhan mubarak and update!

Hi every one!

It's fasting month finally!! Cannot believe it! Where did the months go? 
I had a message from a foreign friend saying it's sad that it's fasting month.. i guess I can see where she's coming from! It's hard to explain how joyous this month is to someone who does not believe in god in general. why would you starve yourself, refrain from (gasp!!) drinking if you don't really need to right? I guess in having the belief system that this world is only temporary , makes it easier to connect to your spiritual side and try to get as many good points for your permanent life later! How do you justify just living for the present? 

Islam is getting such a bad rep nowadays..and really it's not the religion, it's us. I must say, are we, as muslims, the best advertisement for it?? When you think about it, being muslims , we should have the highest level of discipline, after all, our prayer times start at  odd  times like 4.21 or 6.26- so imagine if we really practise praying to the very minute that the praying time starts, every day- imagine what kind of discipline we'd have!! And imagine if we fulfil every promise and treat everyone ethically and take no commission- people would say - you can deal with him, he's a Muslim.  Wow..imagine a world where they have the highest respect for you, and not because you cover your hair and don't eat pork. and don't drink. But that you are a fantastic human being, and you are that way because your Lord tells you to do so. 

Hmm now I know why I don't blog- I tend to preach ! Ok ok let's get on to the mundane..what we have been up to!

It's been really lovely having my Nadine here with us , on her semester break. She has been hard at wasting time hahahaha , although she has started to learn how to sew and also took up driving again. Mid july she'll be back at school . She still has no idea what she wants to do with her life, all my attempts at getting her to do medicine have so far met with total resistance, she is interested in education she said. or psychology . Which is good too. 

Sara is going to be leaving us too! (not for another 2 years, I hope!) - She has had her first sitting for her exams. the 2nd one is in this November - hope she will do well! Really really proud of how far she has come..from the time she was a shy wall flower and now,  head prefect and bossing every one about. 

How about my darling sophia the grumps? I can see her pouting if she reads this hahaha but it's really fun to tease her cause she can get really hummffffy and grumpy. She's nagging me to get her a BM tutor ...ok ok lah  She has no doubts on what she wants to do- she wants to do business. Like her auntie kitchenguardian. She loves baking. Can she do medicine and then bake?? 

heheheh- maybe my no 4 daya can be  a doctor? not likely, cause she prefers numbers I think! She has had a growth spurt and is as tall as sara now. My youngest baby a lady

and how about the boy??He's gone all big too very serious in debate...have settled into his identity of not being a football geek but rather  an intellectual guy .

But no 4 and 5 still my 3 has to be reminded that mummy loves hugging her too. No 2 and 1 also ! 
We are so settled down, it's scary. Now I am actually looking for things to do! Ive got a good job, but googling- short term stays in New York. Apa hal ni?? My rationale is that I was raised as an army I can't stand that I am no longer moving here and there! hahahah! I'm forever asking the other half to take a sabbatical! And the guy is happy where he is! If only I'm the type that can leave my family for a short masters course I'd do what my friend did! She got an LLM from Cambridge purely because she'd always wanted to graduate from a top UK uni! for me, I malas nak belajar! haha!

Ok catch you guys later..I shall be content, and bersyukur, and concentrate to train the kids and I to be better muslims....

Ramadhan mubarak to all. 

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