Thursday, July 10, 2014


Hi's everything?

Nadine is just about to go for her driving test now..finally! Her friends are all driving allready I'm sure. I'm not in a rush to let her drive..neither is she . So far if she needs to go anywhere (and this lady is BUSY) and we can't send her, we'd ask her to use Myteksi. I tell you, I feel so much better letting her get in  a cab with this app. You know who will pick her up, you can track the journey even. Yah ya i know she's almost 19. Hard to let go lar.. Kalau boleh remain 2 years old can tak?  Anyway Good luck Nadine in your driving test!

Also good luck to Johan who is giving a tazkirah this morning to the assembly. A couple of days ago he said he had approached the Ustaz requesting to give a talk to the assembly and he shared how he was frustrated that people are not taking him seriously because of his size (he's a small 13 year old like his dad- who remained 5 feet until 17 plus, and then shot up about 8 inches - so take heart, Jojo) . Anyway I told him, just do it lah, you can do it and don't bother about your h eight. You have the right to speak, and when you act like you have the right to stand in front, everyone will treat you that way. And if you worry about those who are not paying attention or who are making fun of you, then you are not being fair to the other group who may be listening to you. 

So today , armed with this, he is going to give this talk - on death, of all things. Sheikh Yunus Kathrada had given us this lecture on husnul khotimah last week- about how people who have good endings ie God took them while they were praying etc, rather than say, cursing others, well usually they would have one or more good things that distinguished them and made them deserving of such a good exit. Eg this one man who died in a mosque while praying jemaah , had actually been a very good son to his mom, taking care of her every need, to the point of asking her if her shampoo had run out. And after that lecture my kids started asking me whether I had enough shampoo! Haha! -

Good luck Johan, don't be nervous! And if you are reading this afterwards, hope it went well. And if it didn't , consider it practice for the future, and you have certainly done better than others who have not given a talk hehehehe! 

How's your terawih? We had a minor altercation at our mini surau the other day. The mini surau is actually a house right, and the house next door has this chinese family, and in the first week this man came out railing about how we made so much noise with our fork and spoons. (I wasn't actually there at this time) - the funny thing was , they were using plastic cutleries haha ...Then 2 days ago, this man actually came out as we were eating outside , and shouted and shouted. And I am slightly ashamed to say, a couple of the men (very prominent members of my neighbourhood as well as society) were shouting back. I went home very very quickly , with Sara and Jojo both shaking their heads and muttering - dont lah argue back..just apologise lah for waking him up, or disturbing his sleep or whatever his complaints were. See, my peaceloving kids. hehehe Or rather, you have inherited your mom's wimpiness hahaha..Anyway I heard yesterday that after a while the chinese neighbour went home. 

My thoughts?? I think we could have handled it differently. Perhaps we should have discussed with him that this house next door will now be receiving people every night till 10.30 at night for teraweeh and the ustaz or imam will be using a mic. And after wards we will be eating moreh ...but we will try to keep it down, but sorry if we were noisy. But on the other hand, could you express how you feel by NOT shouting, oh neighbour?? So rude!! 

Ok better carry on work lar..take care you lovelies...

Saturday, July 05, 2014

My 3rd day!

Hi ...

So my first day macam nak pengsan..I was soo sleepy and tired. I was too tired to put on lipstick so in addition to feeling tired, I looked like death. Second day I had a massive headache that continued till today, the 3rd day. Strange, I'm not missing food and drink at all, but just have this headache. Fasting is more than food anyway right, it's more about reconnecting with the Holy 1,500 year  old (still think it's amayzzzing that it's so old) book that Allah gave direct to us- and watching loads of Bayinnah tv  for tafsir of the ayah. It's so interesting - the Quran, when you read out of interest and not as a duty.

So what's been happening. Dahlia and Johan had their halaqah yesterday,along with the others in tahfiz group. From 9 to about 3. Dahlia and Johan recited their selected surah almost perfectly and I am just amazed that they can remember. Allah is so great to give them such good memory kan.  I ni surah lazim  je kot..But at least it's one grade up better than just remembering the 4 qul je kan?? Alah..dah 45 takkan surah lazim je kot I'm trying to better myself and learn more.

Sad news today Kak Pah (Sharifah Aini) passed away....she was only 61, and she was diagnosed wiht pulmonary fibriosis 2 years ago. I looked it up- it's NASTY...slowly slowly your lungs stop working kan?? Scarring of the lungs ..aiyoo..sedehnyer - semoga Jannah for her , insyaAllah. Read that her son is in the middle east learning the deen- alhamdulillah she raised such a good son who hopefully will pray for her. Reminder to all of us that we all will return to Him and we will all go.

What else- had iftar with mom and dad the other day with brother no 3 and 4 and their wives. Mom only one cooking. How? Should be with my sisters in law kan..but on the other hand maybe mom has her own way of doing things that no one dares to masuk dapur..hehehe. I know my mom. She is super fussy and super clean. Her kitchen is DRY every night ok. And this is the WET kitchen. As you are sitting , you have just finished eating but still sitting at the table, she will be whizzing around cleaning from under you. I never know when to start clearing up. She clears up immediately.  Maybe this perfect domesticity will click one day.

Oh yea I went to EUROATLANTIC the other day. From zoo negara to KL you'd pass Beverly Heights, kan-- and just behind Petron, on the side of the road,  (or is it Esso?) there is this big green and yellow building with Euroatlantic emblazoned on it. You know,I heard you can buy fruits and veg and other imported frozen food. I tried going once and it was close- it only opens 11 to 3 pm Monday to Friday and until 1 on Saturday. So I went in, and I was a bit blur as never been. I was directed to the Sales office, and from there, directed to a room, with a list of stuff, which you tick, and then give to the worker, who will pack for y ou. I went a bit mad...and spent hundreds on blackberry and blueberries and cherries and peaches and etc. etc. I sedekah kan sedikit cherries to the local "sub surau". (Sub surau means one of the many suraus in my area, in someone's house. Not the official surau.)

I went on the taman facebook the other day, thanking my non muslim neighbours for tolerating increased traffic during this month. Their reply was that it's normal lah, and only for Ramadhan. We have to treat each other with respect. But the flagrant disregard for the rules by our brothers in Islam ni bring shame to others. A few houses have guests from outside of the neighbourhood, and they have to register with the guard. And a couple of nights ago, apparently guards kena tengking dengan the host's son for insisting on getting the registration. Refused to register. Apa salahnya register?? Are you so special that your guests do not have to comply with the same "rules" as everyone else? Sigh...

Anyway see what happens when I get going with this blog- I keep yakking and yakking..i better go..Arabic class at 4 and I have missed 2 months !! So kena lah revise... (by the way I'm learning from Bayna Yaddaik..I found the book online HERE, and I found the videos to teach HERE!!)

Bye bye ma assalamah!

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Of food !

So it's day 4 of you doin??

I realise sadly that we are still continuing to gossip about artists/people/neighbours, but the beauty of Ramadhan is, the syaitan has left , so your conscience can tell you - eh don't talk about others , you are fasting..! Which anyway will sometimes invite the other person who hears this , to say: eh we are not gossiping- we are just shaaaring..hehehe

Anyway my first day is probably tomorrow- yeah I dah siap siap raya dah..which is not so great if you are so shy to go buy any food for lunch that you end up fasting anyway.  A friend told me she went to JJ with  her other half during the day and ordered a take away cafe latte for herself and the budak asked her husband "abang nak air apa?" (what drink do you want, sir?) which is hilarious as he is clearly supposed to be fasting. heheheh. He must have been so embarrassed.

So far we have successfully avoided the food bazaar or pasar ramadhan.  I always waste a lot of money there. I can't help it! you go in thinking you're "just" having a look, sekali tengok ada nasi kerabu lah, nasi dagang lah, etc and you find yourself thinking - maybe I can try this one, or that one..and in the end I'd be bringing like 5 plastic bags of stuff that we'd not finish..kan dah buang duit dah...heheh avoid je  lah is the best way ! Plus on one or two occasions the food I bought were actually BAD! Hoohoo, nak nangis rasanyer..the anticipation, then the discovery that the food's gone bad..whyyyyy??? I guess the vendors didn't think their food would go bad but still..frust tonggeng

The food in our house so far has been just normal..trying not to make Ramadhan about food and what to eat- (although this post is 90% food!) so we've had normal everyday food like sambal, curry etc. (Actually my house jarang masak kari). I actually cooked ! Gasp! hahah yeah I am spoiled nowadays. Maid je masak. Teruk kan?? But one morning I came down and nothing was done, no food on the table I went into crazy masak mode - in 10 minutes masak 3 simple lauk (sayur, sadin and dadar jeeee) .Don't think that the maid liked me in the kitchen - the next day food was ready by half four in the morning heheh.

Yesterday break fast was, I must say, a bit special, I bought whole roast lamb from Jaya grocers. I was in the area for a legal clinic, (where I had to sit and people come and ask questions) and made the mistake of going into the shop for a bottle of jam. Still figuring out how a bottle of jam, turned to a whole roast lamb. heheh but the joy on everyone's face masa breaking fast , with the roast lamb and the brussel sprouts (in England dulu yechhh tak suka, sekali sekala beli macam sedap lak) ..worth it!

Anyway im rambling better wake the kids up for sahur . Have a great fasting day guys!

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