Thursday, July 10, 2014


Hi's everything?

Nadine is just about to go for her driving test now..finally! Her friends are all driving allready I'm sure. I'm not in a rush to let her drive..neither is she . So far if she needs to go anywhere (and this lady is BUSY) and we can't send her, we'd ask her to use Myteksi. I tell you, I feel so much better letting her get in  a cab with this app. You know who will pick her up, you can track the journey even. Yah ya i know she's almost 19. Hard to let go lar.. Kalau boleh remain 2 years old can tak?  Anyway Good luck Nadine in your driving test!

Also good luck to Johan who is giving a tazkirah this morning to the assembly. A couple of days ago he said he had approached the Ustaz requesting to give a talk to the assembly and he shared how he was frustrated that people are not taking him seriously because of his size (he's a small 13 year old like his dad- who remained 5 feet until 17 plus, and then shot up about 8 inches - so take heart, Jojo) . Anyway I told him, just do it lah, you can do it and don't bother about your h eight. You have the right to speak, and when you act like you have the right to stand in front, everyone will treat you that way. And if you worry about those who are not paying attention or who are making fun of you, then you are not being fair to the other group who may be listening to you. 

So today , armed with this, he is going to give this talk - on death, of all things. Sheikh Yunus Kathrada had given us this lecture on husnul khotimah last week- about how people who have good endings ie God took them while they were praying etc, rather than say, cursing others, well usually they would have one or more good things that distinguished them and made them deserving of such a good exit. Eg this one man who died in a mosque while praying jemaah , had actually been a very good son to his mom, taking care of her every need, to the point of asking her if her shampoo had run out. And after that lecture my kids started asking me whether I had enough shampoo! Haha! -

Good luck Johan, don't be nervous! And if you are reading this afterwards, hope it went well. And if it didn't , consider it practice for the future, and you have certainly done better than others who have not given a talk hehehehe! 

How's your terawih? We had a minor altercation at our mini surau the other day. The mini surau is actually a house right, and the house next door has this chinese family, and in the first week this man came out railing about how we made so much noise with our fork and spoons. (I wasn't actually there at this time) - the funny thing was , they were using plastic cutleries haha ...Then 2 days ago, this man actually came out as we were eating outside , and shouted and shouted. And I am slightly ashamed to say, a couple of the men (very prominent members of my neighbourhood as well as society) were shouting back. I went home very very quickly , with Sara and Jojo both shaking their heads and muttering - dont lah argue back..just apologise lah for waking him up, or disturbing his sleep or whatever his complaints were. See, my peaceloving kids. hehehe Or rather, you have inherited your mom's wimpiness hahaha..Anyway I heard yesterday that after a while the chinese neighbour went home. 

My thoughts?? I think we could have handled it differently. Perhaps we should have discussed with him that this house next door will now be receiving people every night till 10.30 at night for teraweeh and the ustaz or imam will be using a mic. And after wards we will be eating moreh ...but we will try to keep it down, but sorry if we were noisy. But on the other hand, could you express how you feel by NOT shouting, oh neighbour?? So rude!! 

Ok better carry on work lar..take care you lovelies...


che nor said...

Salam Ramadahan, I read somewhere that a masjid in Calgary Australia gave the people of their neighbourhood gifts prior to Ramadahan as a thankful gesture for bearing with whatever noise, commotion etc etc neighbours have to go thru during Ramdahan. well, that's a good gesture, dont't u think so? :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Chenor- that's a great idea..I dah suggest dah..beli cheklat ke..bunga ke...ajak makan ka...actually i pikir we should invite him over every night to eat...bowl him over with kindness. Mula mula masuk rumah lepas tu masuk islam? hehehe ulterior motive lah pulaaaak

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