Thursday, July 03, 2014

Of food !

So it's day 4 of you doin??

I realise sadly that we are still continuing to gossip about artists/people/neighbours, but the beauty of Ramadhan is, the syaitan has left , so your conscience can tell you - eh don't talk about others , you are fasting..! Which anyway will sometimes invite the other person who hears this , to say: eh we are not gossiping- we are just shaaaring..hehehe

Anyway my first day is probably tomorrow- yeah I dah siap siap raya dah..which is not so great if you are so shy to go buy any food for lunch that you end up fasting anyway.  A friend told me she went to JJ with  her other half during the day and ordered a take away cafe latte for herself and the budak asked her husband "abang nak air apa?" (what drink do you want, sir?) which is hilarious as he is clearly supposed to be fasting. heheheh. He must have been so embarrassed.

So far we have successfully avoided the food bazaar or pasar ramadhan.  I always waste a lot of money there. I can't help it! you go in thinking you're "just" having a look, sekali tengok ada nasi kerabu lah, nasi dagang lah, etc and you find yourself thinking - maybe I can try this one, or that one..and in the end I'd be bringing like 5 plastic bags of stuff that we'd not finish..kan dah buang duit dah...heheh avoid je  lah is the best way ! Plus on one or two occasions the food I bought were actually BAD! Hoohoo, nak nangis rasanyer..the anticipation, then the discovery that the food's gone bad..whyyyyy??? I guess the vendors didn't think their food would go bad but still..frust tonggeng

The food in our house so far has been just normal..trying not to make Ramadhan about food and what to eat- (although this post is 90% food!) so we've had normal everyday food like sambal, curry etc. (Actually my house jarang masak kari). I actually cooked ! Gasp! hahah yeah I am spoiled nowadays. Maid je masak. Teruk kan?? But one morning I came down and nothing was done, no food on the table I went into crazy masak mode - in 10 minutes masak 3 simple lauk (sayur, sadin and dadar jeeee) .Don't think that the maid liked me in the kitchen - the next day food was ready by half four in the morning heheh.

Yesterday break fast was, I must say, a bit special, I bought whole roast lamb from Jaya grocers. I was in the area for a legal clinic, (where I had to sit and people come and ask questions) and made the mistake of going into the shop for a bottle of jam. Still figuring out how a bottle of jam, turned to a whole roast lamb. heheh but the joy on everyone's face masa breaking fast , with the roast lamb and the brussel sprouts (in England dulu yechhh tak suka, sekali sekala beli macam sedap lak) ..worth it!

Anyway im rambling better wake the kids up for sahur . Have a great fasting day guys!


hani noordin said...

roast lamb??? yummyyy!

Superwomanwannabe said...

memang sedaaappppppp ...tiga hari last lak tu..sandwich lah shawarma lah hehe

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